Movie Review - Nutcracker and the Four Realms

MegaSoulhero Merry Christmas, everyone! I love this holiday so much. And I saw we celebrate by tearing apart an absolutely awful Christmas movie. Disney’s new Nutcracker movie came out last month and I did not like it at all.

It’s about a girl named Clara who, at a Christmas party, comes across a magical place where she meets the Nutcracker and the keepers of the four realms. As you can tell, I don’t remember much from this movie, but I really didn’t like it. It’s a very boring, poorly acted, poorly written mess. Of all the movies I’ve seen this year, this is easily one of the worst. First of all, I wanna talk about how misleading the title is. The title implies that the movie would be about the Nutcracker, but he’s not even the main character. He’s more of a side character while the movie focuses on Clara. Who isn’t even that interesting of a character. Most of the characters aren’t interesting. The Nutcracker himself I almost forgot was even in the movie. He doesn’t really stand out. As for the Four Realms, we don’t really see them. They only appear on screen for a few seconds. It would’ve been cool to see more in these realms because they really do look like cool places. This is just straight up false advertising. I was very disappointed. Since this movie was inspired by the Nutcracker play, we can expect there would be some ballet dancing involved. And there is. For one scene. The dancing is nice, but ends up getting ruined by having the characters talk over it. They’re just telling us information that we don’t need to know. That whole performance they’re watching already does a good job of visually storytelling. Why did they need to add narration?

I wanna say this movie looks visually beautiful, but it really doesn’t. Nothing in this movie looked real. Even the stuff that was practical looked absolutely fake. There were a bunch of moments that relied on CGI and green screen. The CGI becomes ESPECIALLY noticeable when they interact with the actors. Like the mouse. By the way, I absolutely hated that mouse. The green screen effects were almost as bad as the effects in the Star Wars prequels. There was this one scene where Clara is standing on a roof and the background looked extremely fake. It was a really bad shot. Morgan Freeman is in the movie and he appeared on a lot of the advertising. Unfortunately, he only appears in two scenes. He was the only actor I wanted to see and he’s not even in it that much. What a waste. Keira Knightley plays the Sugarplum fairy and her performance is WAY too over the top! She constantly talks in a high voice and acts like a cartoon character. It was so annoying. At least there’s one character in the movie I really enjoyed. Helen Mirren’s character is really great. I thought she was absolutely entertaining. Helen was the only one in this movie who actually gave a good performance. Everyone else in the movie is either bland or too over the top. Also, they had the nerve to throw in a twist villain! Why does Disney keep doing that?

Nutcracker and the Four Realms was painful to sit through. I wanted to walk out of theater within the first 20 minutes. It’s just so bad! I doubt anyone out there can enjoy this. With the exception of Helen Mirren, there is nothing to enjoy here. It is one of the worst Disney movies ever made and one of the worst movies to come out this year. And in my next review, I will talk about a movie I saw recently that was even worse than this one.

Score: 2/10


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