Top Ten Worst Things About Movie Theatres

I love going out to see movies (duh), and that means movie theatres. And unfortunately, movie theatres don't always go out of their way to make your movie-going experience a pleasant one. This list compiles the ten things we hate most about movie theatres (especially big chains).
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1 Concession stand prices

In Canada at least, it is very expensive to get even the smallest bag of popcorn and a small pop. Of course, most people want medium and large sizes, as well as candy, nachos, or those special "collectible" cup tops with the latest blockbuster movie character on them. Trust me, if you're buying tickets and snacks and paying for more than just yourself, you'll be spending over $50 easy. Oh, and now they charge an extra dollar for butter. It's evil.

The cinema in my city gives free refills on pop and charges 50 cents on popcorn refills. I usually use this to my advantage and eat a TON of popcorn just because it's so yummy...

2 Ticket prices

Concession prices are worse, but the movie tickets, themselves, are still a pain to pay for. The big chains are complaining that fewer young people are coming to see movies these days and yet they're oblivious to why that is. I almost only ever go to theatres on Tuesdays since they're cheaper (currently around $6 for a regular ticket on Tuesdays while around $10 on a normal day). You know, theatres, you're only sending more potential customers to Netflix by being so dang expensive! Wake up!

Ticket prices are outrageous!

3 The staff

This is not always the case. The theatre that I frequent does a pretty decent job of having relatively friendly, understanding, and efficient staff members. But not every theatre does the same great job. It's not too uncommon to run into an employee who simply doesn't care that he/she just saw you walk into the theatre two minutes before you decided you had to use the washroom. They'll still demand for your ticket. There are dozens of other common issues that you can run into with workers at any establishment, but I'm not going to write a three-page comment.

4 Sticky theatre floors

They always take forever to "clean" the theatre in between showings, don't they? And for what? There's always leftover pieces of popcorn, candy wrappers, and STICKY FLOORS! Yuck. Of course, this issue is magnified a thousand times in theatres playing the latest kids movie.

5 Crowded washrooms

You'd think with a thousand people in the building on any given weekend you'd expect for them to have appropriately-sized washrooms. Nope. Guys don't even take that long and yet I'm still waiting all the time for a urinal. I can only imagine how bad it must be for women. Actually, I don't even want to think about it.

6 Line ups

Why is it that on the busiest of nights there's only one register open when there should be four? It always happens. It doesn't matter if it's the ticket booth, the concession counter, or the whatever else counter, you'll just have to wait for twenty minutes.

The problem besides only one register being open are the people who can't make up their minds what they want from the concession stand until the reach the checkstand.

7 The manager

Don't even bother asking to speak with the manager because I guarantee you that they won't give a crap about whatever problem you have. Their just going to try to end it as quickly and painlessly as possible, whether or not it really benefits anyone. So, I guess they DO technically help, but you won't feel any more respected afterwards.

8 Crying kids

Oh my god, they are so annoying. I got back from watching Avengers Endgame, and during the movie, a baby started to cry during it and kept on saying "mama" every single minute. They better ban little babies and toddlers into PG 13 movies! God, this world can be a handfull sometimes

Honestly, there should be a law or policy that bans kids under 10 from going to movie theaters.

Parents, don't bring your 1 year old to a movie theater. Wait until they're AT LEAST 5 or 6, or until they learn to be quiet

9 The very front row

This isn't something that can really be improved or is something that we should resent a theatre for having, but those front seats that are usually separate from the bulk of the seats are REALLY TERRIBLE. Thankfully, I have never been forced to sit in them since I'm always at the theatre with enough time to get decent-great seats (a fact that I am proud to admit) but those poor slobs that are stuck with sitting in the VERY front section of seats have my pity (especially during a 3D movie).

I don't see why people like sitting so close to the movie, I prefer sitting close to the back but not too far back. That way I can see the whole picture without having to movie my head around.

10 High cell phone tolerance

When I was about 21 or 22 I use to work at a movie theatre in San Diego, so this had to be in like 2001 or 2002. And this one Samoan lady came in, sat by the back exit and began talking loudly and obnoxiously on her phone. In the first 10 minutes of her being their 5 or 6 different people already came complained to me about her. So I ended up having to approach her and asking her politely to please take her phone calls some places and to be more considerable of the people around her. The lady ended up firing up into complete rage and telling me I was a horrible employee and that I wasn't doing my job correctly. I was really upset and embarrassed because in my year and a half of working their I have never felt so hurt and in pain. My manager then came out from hearing all of the noise and then told the lady to get the hell out and to never come back. As the lady was storming out of the theatre, she took some old man's popcorn out of his hand and proceeded to throw the whole bucket at me. She then left and I never saw her again. I shortly quit my job after that.

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11 The movie can't pause during restroom break

It's your fault that you had to go to the bathroom...

12 Talkers

I was watching Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them and right near me were these kids who wouldn't shut up! God, please have some consideration for others!

Unfortunately one of my close friends is one of these. In the MIDDLE of Jurassic World he asked me to explain the difference between a brontosaurus and a brachiosaurus!

My sister at home and at the theatre. I always tend to sit next to my mother instead so I'm not missing anything by getting an earful of stupid stuff.

13 Popcorn taste nasty
14 They take away food that isn't from the cinema

I haven't seen that happen where I live yet. But it's not like the staff cares enough anyways to try and take outside food away from consumers.

My dad and I sneak in candy from Rite-Aid to the theater. The good news is that they never even notice, because my dad hides them in his coat

I sneak food and water into the theater all the time. The never notice it cause I hide it in my pocket/jacket.

15 Lots of ads before the movie

I agree. I find it completely irritating when the movie runs late due to excessive ads before the movie even starts.

I don't mind the ads that much but that might be because I'm always late whenever I go to the movies.

16 Movie does not start on time

I might as well come 10 minutes after the start time. I did that once and did not have to sit through the ads.

17 The speakers are loud

I remember when I went to the movie theater in aug and dec 2017 the speakers were really loud

18 No intermission
19 People who spoil the movie.
20 Someone who gets angry at you for no reason
21 Large people sit in front of you
22 Clapping at the end

It's stupid! At movies that were great like Coco and Moana, nobody clapped! At terrible movies like Diary Of A Whimpy Kid and The Emoji Movie with such annoying character voices, everyone cheered! Probably people do it for bad movies because they're pretending to like it. My mom and sister always clap if other people are, and don't if other people don't. I really do not get it the actors and dierctors are not there. My dad never claps even if other people are like me. When I was young, people never clapped at the end in the same theater near us they clap at now. It's usually a 50 50 chance of there being no clapping, these days.

23 Loud eaters

This is obviously astronauts can here you eating and also drinking that last drop of soda very much won't work dude there is nothing left.

24 Can't record the movie
25 Lame rules

No, I think the problem is not enough rules, like banning phone use

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