Top Ten Most Annoying Disney Character Cliches

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1 Dumb Blonde

Liv Rooney was not a dumb blonde, she just comes off really, really basic. But yes, I don't like this stereotype. Particularly because they're typically shown to be more popular than their more intellectual counterparts.

Edward Elric beats that cliche! He's blonde AND SMART. He knows equivalent exchange and doesn't even need a transmutation circle for alchemy. Disney should really follow that example.

With characters such as Ariel, Giselle, Anna, and Willie the Giant, there is also the equally annoying "dumb redhead" cliche.

2 Friends Who Treat Each Other Badly

Watching (Austin and Ally), I loved Ally Dawson. I just kept thinking nobody else in the show was good enough for her because of this cliche.

I would like to see Rocket Raccoon makes friends with Rocky and verbally bullies her to see how she likes it!

I would rather watch Fairy Tail (which emphasizes friendship) than put up with this cliche.

3 Arrogant Main Characters

The Black Cauldron probably has the worst example of this with Tarzan.

4 Younger Sibling is Better Than the Older Sibling

As an eldest sibling, I hate when the youngest sibling is the nicest while the oldest is the meanest. Not all older siblings are bossy and mean!

I'm a big brother and I have a younger sister. We're both smart, so no sibling should be portrayed as better than the other. It's mean.

It always seems the older sibling is just an idiot: in good luck Charlie, Teddy is better than PJ, in ant farm China is better than cameron, in dog with a blog Avery is better than Tyler, Ravi is smarter than Emma, etc

5 Nerdy Freak

I am a nerd/geek and this kind of offends me the most.
I am also offended by the diabetics are faking it stereotype.
If they are combined into one character that portrays those stereotypes, I will get a mob to burn down Disney studios.

As a nerd, I am offended by the lack of smart, cool people. They're either dumb and the hero, or smart and an outcast. This is why I really liked Big Hero 6. Really the only Disney movie with multiple smart people.

This pisses me off 'because I'm fed up with nerds bein' given crap for who they are. And so, I relate to them. Without nerds, this world would be stuck in the past.

6 Idiot Parents

This was actually mentioned in a video about why Disney Channel is dying and this was one of the main reasons. Unrealistic and stereotypical dumb parents

Parents, teachers, aunts, uncles, etc. Are very intelligent and deserve respect!

Why is every single parent an idiot who lets their kid do whatever they want?

7 Flirty Boy Who Makes a Lot of Sexual Jokes

This gives the male gender a bad name. Luke is just Lubbock from Akame ga Kill! combined with Justin Beiber. Ugh.

Luke is a huge example, he keeps making jokes about touching Jessy's boobs, or looking at her in a sexual way, etc

8 Mean Cheerleaders

One of my dearest friends is a cheerleader. She's a great person, too. These people are exceptionally talented and posses the psychical and energetic ability to train hard and practice to do their best. It's wrong to judge a person based only on this stereotype!

Not all cheerleaders are rude petty arrogant snobs. Not all of them are mean girls who humiliate and embarrass others just because it's fun

This is such stereotype! Cheerleaders aren't all mean. I know why people do this streotype this dumb movies are convincing people
Too much!

9 Teenagers Pretending They Have Talent When They Don't

All the singers are idiots who look attractive but have an average voice covered with autotune

10 Annoying Brother

I'm a brother, and although I sometimes get on my sister's nerve, she doesn't say I'm that annoying. Sheesh, brothers such as Sasuke and Itachi are not even annoying to the audience as much as Disney Channel annoying brothers.

I have a brother and he is my absolute best friend I probably would go nuts if my brother wasn't around, I love him dearly

Matt McGuire is another example.

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11 Twist Villain

King Candy: Woah! What a trick he pulled off!
Hans: Okay, what a surprise.
Yokai: Okay, this is getting old.
Bellwether: STOP!
Te Ka being Te Fiti: NO MORE!

Alright, who wants to bet that Yesss is going to be the villain of "Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-it Ralph 2"? Come on people, place your bets!

Incredibles 2 had the absolute worst one not counting Good Dinosaur.

12 The Show-Off Who's Only Famous for Looks
13 Sibling Yin Yang

No wonder unrelated, sibling-less (brother-less/sister-less) only children fit them (siblings/brothers/sisters who're vastly exact/polar opposites) better.

Mufasa and Scar are a noticeable example of this, and considering how they're color-coded, this trope is honestly kind of racist.

Disguised sibling-less (brother-less/sister-less) only children

14 Parents are Dead

Hercules is the only character who's parents are still alive. They actually CAN'T DIE cause they're immortal!

This felt especially tired once The Good Dinosaur rolled around.

15 Unfit Siblings

Any siblings (brothers/sisters) who're vastly opposites, are more fit to be unrelated, sibling-less (brother-less/sister-less) only children.

I just wish Disney knew better than to create undeserved canon siblings (brothers/sisters).

16 Obnoxious Fat Girl

By far the worst message Disney enjoys sending out. I admit even Gravity Falls does this to an extent. Even though I find Grenda lovable.

Disney has had a thing lately about making the fat one obnoxious and rude, such as Willow (live and maddie), Tris (Austin and Ally)

17 Classic Fairytale Characterization Ruined

Very true. This is especially the case in Kaa. In the original Jungle Book novel, he was one of Mowgli's friends and mentors, but in the Disney film adaption, he is a comic-relief villain. Wait, WHAT?!

If Disney dares to adapt any Nintendo game into a film, worse case scenario being Fire Emblem, they will just ruin characterization much more. (One of the things that makes FE a great game series besides the anime-inspired art is the characterization, and it would suck if Disney gets their grubby Mickey Mouse gloves on the series.)

18 Evil Stepmothers

In actual Greek mythology, Hera's Hercule's evil stepmother. In the Disney movie, she's his nice biological mom.

Not only is Cinderella guilty of this, so are Snow White, Tangled, and probably also The Rescuers.

19 Mary Sues and Gary Stus

We're looking at you, Rey Palpatine!

Rey should have not lied about her last name her real last name is Palpatine Not Skywalker

20 Overprotective Dad

Marlin annoys me, especially with his overt racism towards sharks (even friendly vegetarian ones)!

As much of a brat Ariel may have been, I think her father Triton probably took this trope way too far.

21 Love-Hate Relationships
22 The Princess

I would try to have the princess do something other then sit around and wait to be rescued

23 Someone Starting Highschool and Wanting to Date a Jock

Why? Like in some Disney movies, the girls just start school and they already want to date jocks? And why jocks? There the most arrogant people in the movies. And there's always a 'popular' girl that says "hands off" or "he's mine" etc. Like WHY? It's just messed up to be honest.

Date a nerd! We are kind, accepting, smart, and we'll help you with your homework. Or better, you don't need to date anyone at all. No more forced relationships, Disney! It should be natural or nonexistent.

Does Will Stronghold falling in love with Gwen Grayson towards the beginning of Sky High count?

24 Older Sibling is Better Than the Younger Sibling

One of the few things that I don't like about The Lion King.

25 Making Autistic Characters as Comic Relief

That's so narrow-minded of those Disney executives! No autistic characters should be used as comic relief 'because it's prejudiced and damaging! Hell, those workers should sued for it.

I'd feel especially offended if it was revealed that Gus Gus was supposed to be autistic this whole time.

True. As someone who is autistic myself, I hate this.

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