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1 Rolling in the Deep

This entire Top 10 list is quite accurate. I'm glad to see some less popular Adele songs like "Cold Shoulder" and "Don't You Remember" make it, because I love them. I love all of Adele's songs. Even though I know "Rolling in the Deep" is most people's favorite Adele song, for me it really hit a note and it means so much to me and it's relatable and it inspired me to chase after my dreams. Adele's passion in her music gave me the strength to pursue what I wanted out of life - music. This song helped me to find it. I just love it so much. Her vocals and the composition of the song and everything about it is PHENOMENAL. This is my favorite song EVER. I love you, Adele!

I wander how Adele could weld all these elements in such an awe-inspiring song as this. Her voice, her ability to hit high notes, the lyrics, the melody have all contributed in making a masterpiece from "Rolling in the deep". I am sure that this song will be etched in everybody's memory because it is made for being unforgettable.

I mean, does this song even have to compete? This song over the course of a few months went from being a song by Adele to being Adele. It completely defines her career as an artist thus far. Not to mention, it's lyrically and musically genius. This might be too much, but I only wish I could have a breakup end with such a bang!

Ok great song my fave but if I get 10 positive on this comment I will sing this at my school and at my local store and Adele is so inspiring did anyone see her on the Jonathon Ross Show? I did! I think I talk too much...

2 Someone Like You

I was unsure whether to vote for this or "set fire to the rain" or "rolling in the deep" and still am as to which is better than the other 2. However, if forced to compare, I would list "someone like you," "set fire to the rain," and "rolling in the deep" in descending order.

First of all, she has a great, really powerful voice. On top of that she sings this song really emotionally. You can feel it in her voice, like she is actually undergoing all of that while signing this. Combine that with the lyrics, and you have this wonderful piece.

It's a really heart-touching and attention-grabbing song and it is by FAR the best song by Adele! But who knows, maybe one day Adele well make one even more better than this! I really liked this song, hopefully you well too!
And, in my opinion the second best song by Adele is 'Set Fire to the rain' that tells a similar story to this one and is also a fantastic song! Please vote for this song!

I was going through heartbreak and came to the top tens just to put my mind off it. I started looking at lists with heartbreak songs on them and found this one. Since then, I heard it every single night before going to bed, when the heart hurt worse. Now I only hear it every so often when I'm feeling sad, bcs the hurt is nearly gone. But either way I love this song. It matched my mood and helped me with its beauty.

I think this must be in the number one because I really love this song. This song is was the best Adele song's I think. Cause anyone that heard this song can feeling what Adele feel like. And I have some fact, when Adele record this song she is crying when she sang lyrics "Never mind, I'll find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you
Don't forget me, I beg
I'll remember you said,
"Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead" in the third chorus

3 Set Fire to the Rain

You all know Mal from Descendants? I happened to have a doll of her, and I found a piece of fire from my brother's Lego collection, and I recorded a video on this thing called I SET FIRE TO THE GROUND! It was so funny that my brother and I watched it a million times. I still have it and really, it never does or will get old. Plus, this song is amazing, too. My music teacher has a piano book for this album, and we sing it every Monday. It is my first choice that should be on here, not stupid Rolling In The Deep. THAT is one incredibly stupid song, almost like I SET FIRE TO THE GROUND.

Funny how I noticed it only months after I downloaded it.. But when I did, I couldn't just stop listening. Best adele song if you ask me. I can totally relate and the words brush by my heart, making me feel like I am singing instead. It lets out some deep words that I haven't spoken. Well for me, it's a nice songs that describe all I have to say.

Yes! Adele is my favorite singer because she's real, gets stage fright, and not every performance is perfect. But she's really sweet and funny and adorable. Anyway, a few years ago, I didn't know who Adele was, as I was only about eight, but I loved this song, and still do. It shows off a very emotional story and wide vocal range.

For the longest time, my favorite song was "Rolling In the Deep. " But when this first came out, it took a long time for me to say it, but this became my favorite Adele song. I knew it was destined to hit number one. I even called it when it was still at 97 on the Hot 100. Truly an amazing song, by a truly amazing artist.

4 Skyfall

Every time I listen to this song, it gets me very obssessed with it. I think this song gets a complete different feeling from the rest of the songs since this is a James Bond theme song and I like how she says in the song "Where you go I go, where you see I see... " This song expresses great emotion. I was really glad when Adele also got the oscar for best original song. Keep up the good work Adele!

It is the most beautifully written song. It is just so inspiring and sensational. It should be the best adele song. The song is so wonderfully sung and her voice is so strong yet sweet. This song touches the heart and soul. It is a perfect beauty. It is so filled with emotions and feeling. It is so thoughtfully magical. nothing can be better. Go adele!

This song was well-written and wonderful. I didn't really hear it in the James Bond movie though, since I don't watch that franchise.

SKYFALL is the best song featured in the James Bond movies. SKYFALL is very lyrical and mysterious, making it an amazing and astonishing addition to the movie. Compared to Sam Smith's "Writings on the wall" for Spectre, SKYFALL is entertaining and I feel that I have more of a pull towards it rather than othe James Bond theme songs.

5 Hello

All of Adele's songs are absolutely amazing, but Hello is my favourite because her vocals are incredibly powerful in this song. As soon as I watched the video, I was blown away. Adele doesn't use autotune, she doesn't flaunt her body like Ariana or Miley do, and she has such a unique voice that compliments every song. Hello is perfect in every way- in 3 months, it's gotten almost 1 BILLION views! That's the power of Adele!

This is the best song that Adele has ever sang in my opinion. I love all of Adele's songs but this one is truly beautiful. The way she hits all of those high notes is really amazing. This is Adele's best comeback song ever and I cannot believe that it is number 12. I love her so much, but this song should defiantly be in the top 3. AWESOME SONG! Love it!

I am a huge country music fan but when I heard Hello for the first time I actually cried (and I'm a guy). Way to go Adelle. I got the "Hello" album, now I'm considering purchasing the album you did before. By the way, I recorded the concert you did in New York back in November and I watch it almost everyday...because you are a beautiful woman.

This song is going straight to the top ten, there's no other option.
Here are some notable accomplishments:
-24th song to debut at number one on the Billboard Hot 100
-Largest one-week digital sales in history
-It's just amazing, admit it.
It also has quite a meaning; she's not Taylor Swift, singing about exes and pretending to be the victim.

6 Rumour Has It

But rumour has it, she 'ain't got your love anymore...
Not only are her lyrics and voice amazing, the beat is my favourite part. That bass played well into the song.

I'd say it gets pretty annoying after a while. You'll try going to sleep, but then "Rumour has it" is burned into your head.

I kind of like this song. It's not my favorite, but it's not my least favorite.

This should be the number 1. Well sung and awesome lyrics..

7 Turning Tables

This is Adele's masterpiece. It showcases her beautiful voice at its best: she doesn't force it too high or low. The piano is reminiscent of Hometown Glory, with its simple yet beautiful pattern, and the lyrics are tear jerking.

This song's got the tune I wanted to listen and the piano that is played catches the heart of a lonesome heart. Well for me its no. 1! The best song of all time for me. I listen to this everyday. It's magical.

"He just keeps turning tables on me! " that's how Delly got the name for this song which I thought was clever even though this song is slower and not as upbeat.

Amazing! I think this song was well written and fantastically sung I think Adele is a genius!
she is beautiful and so is this song! I personally think this song is her best it has a fab tune!

8 Chasing Pavements

Rolling In the Deep, Someone Like You, and Set Fire to the Rain are all great songs but they pale in comparison to her first big hit. Chasing Pavements is a powerful, moving song that will be sung by people for years to come.

Haven't hear all her songs, but chasing pavements has got to be the best, nothing at all against a truly great singer that she is, just chasing pavements has got to be the best, simply can't get any better, me thinks.

I love all her songs but this is the only one that I find my self humming all the time, and I get goosebumps every time I hear the chorus. Adele is one of the most breath takingly awesome singers around.

This song is amazing, I love it! But why 'someone like you' and 'set fire to the rain' are not in the list? :o These songs are yet so beautiful!

9 When We Were Young

I Love it! My class sang this for exhibition and won! The entire audience got up and sang with us! I just am happy that people voted this song but it should be higher. a lot hough this list is tough because it is full of great songs by Adele. I know more people like this song so show some love. You will look back in the future and say when we were young I loved this song.

This song has meaning. When you hear it you can't help but instantly falling in love. It's my personal favorite with Someone Like You right after it. Definitely powerful and great lyrics. It's song beautifully.

This is the saddest and best song of's is heartbreaking, nostalgic, and engaging, the best to come out this 2015, her voice is awesome and I would like to hear this in graduation or something...

It's amazing. The lyrics really get me hard. It's beautiful and Adele's voice is amazing making it sound even more amazing. BEAUTIFUL!...

10 Don't You Remember

I love this song because it thinks about my grandma and my great grandma. And its calming and relaxing it reminds me about my dad and grandma so they can make money and e will become a wealthy family. So I love the song. This song is beautiful. So Adele will be awesome. Its wonderful.

This song has given me countless sleepness nights pondering on the thought as to how lovers turn into strangers and how memories remain for eternity stacked in one's deep corner of one's mind but the "forever" bond breaks! The song is a different feeling all by its own and the surreal voice of adele manages to shatter your mind into all the unasked questions that you wished you'd ask your past lover. Adele, you are magical and I love you.

I love this song like all of Adele's songs. She has an amazing voice and her lyrics are meaningful. Almost anyone can relate to this song.

The song is beautiful, it reminds me of ma past and gives me strength for ma future..

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11 Make You Feel My Love

It has this special thing no other Adele song has. Don't get me wrong; every song of hers is a masterpiece, but this one is even more mesmerizing.

This was originally by Bob Marley, she said she hates covering others songs but this really just explained a part of her.

LOVE this song! Definitely one of the best adele songs... Her voice is just breathtaking.

We are singing this 4 our talent show! Sounds Great!
It is a really superb song and really tugs at the heartstrings. I love adele

12 Hometown Glory

As much as I love Turning Tables, I fully believe this is the best Adele song. There is so much raw emotion about this track that brings me to tears every time I listen. It makes you stop and take a moment to truly appreciate where you came from, the place that built you up. It reminds me to slow down and savor these moments while I'm still living in my own hometown. Truly a beautiful song, lyrically and melodically.

Her best lyrics ever usually she talks about a break up or how much she loves someone but you can really see how good of a song writer she is with hometown glory. When I listen to this all my hometown memories and thoughts come to my mind.

The best song on her albums, this song is so underrated and show be the first on this list. She sings it with such emotion and when I saw her in concert the slideshow was beautiful and Adele started crying.

I believe this is her best song. This and "someone like you" are on top, and "rolling in the deep" comes thereafter. "Make you feel my love is good".

13 One and Only

Absolutely her best song! The raw emotion behind a lover's plea for a chance to prove their love is one of a kind. I just saw her perform this over the weekend and as incredible as it sounds it was even better live. The best vocal performance I have ever witnessed.

Adele's voice is amazing in this song, her pitches's are amazing. This song has powerful raw emotions that reach deep in your soul. I'm an elderly person and Adele's song "run" through my soul.

I haven't found any of her songs that I didn't really enjoy. She has such a unique range and sound that I love. Plus she has the most beautiful face I've ever seen. No I am not a lesbian.

By far the most beautiful song by Adele. I watched a video of her singing this song live and I could feel every bit of emotion she was feeling. I had goosebumps all over my body.

14 All I Ask

This is the one and only song that reached out to me the moment I heard it. I am very grateful for Adele and Bruno Mars (who co-wrote the song) for this masterpiece!

In my opinion, this song is #3 behind Rolling In the Deep and Someone Like You. It is a really emotional and beautiful song.

Amazing song and as usual astounding voice and emotions. On repeat in my playlist. Has to be in top 10

Is there anyone that asnt ever had a crush on one of their friends? You just can't help it but understand the lyrics.

15 Water Under the Bridge

Best song on this album! The whole album is great, but when I purchased this album when it came out,Water Under The Bridge really stood out for me!

So beautiful if you haven't heard it, listen to it now. I'm playing it over and over again.

I wonder if this song will be release as next single from 25?

It touches to my heart. My favourite Adele song.

16 Lovesong

I love this song so much. This song must be in the top 10 List. Adele is such a fantastic singer and she sang it so well I can't explain in words. Please vote for this song.

Thanks to God of Music that Adele produced a great cover of Lovesong after geniuses Cure came up with it and 311 brought it to the next level. Awesome song!

Deep and epic. Just listen it in a quiet environment and get addicted.

Absolutely amazing song. Flows magically. Vote for it...

17 He Won't Go

This music may not have those high level instruments such as rolling in the deep or ill be waiting, but its her damn good voice which makes up for everything and more!

Production and top favorite vocal performance from Adele.

I love that song

The instruments and her performance make this one of the best

18 Send My Love (To Your New Lover)

I love all of your songs. Your voice is amazing keep making music no matter who the haters is out there in the world. Just let them known that Jesus will always have your back in your fan's

This is perfection, her voice is rich with emotion, her lyrics are powerful, honestly, this casts a shadow over Hello which will never be shaken.

The first one I heard was Hello, then Send My Love and then Rolling In The Deep- they are all good; I think this one should be in the top ten.

Amazing! An awesome mix of the Adele that we love and pop that's played all over the radio today! Loving this song!

19 Easy on Me

Yesterday, I was at this list and searched up Adele during that, and I found something new about her. She is releasing a new song, and the new album 30! It was such an unexpected surprise, and I watched the music video premiere. It was awesome. Can't wait...

... Hello should be #1 and Easy on me at least in the 5 first ...

20 Take It All

In my opinion the most beautiful song Adele has written and that is saying something. This song is by far my favorite by her and I feel like it deserves a bit more attention. The idea that even though things went wrong, everything she did was out of his love for him. Beautifully sung and hits you right in the heart.

Best Adele's song. The feeling and the lyrics are just perfect. A Master Piece created by Adele.

I don't know why do I cry each and every time I hear this song.. Tears come automatically...

Each and every song is amazing in both of her album...

Adele's feeling over love makes me overwhelm...

,... Take it all with my love...
... Don't look back at this crumbling fool...

The song touches your heart, very mellow & soothing. I have listened to numereous adele songs but this one truly stands out. MUST listen to it!

21 I'll Be Waiting

Aamazing! Honestly, so relatable and her truly best song... Sometimes I think she wrote it for me, like, seriously!

Adele was born on 5 May 1988. And was named the number-one predicted breakthrough act of 2008 in an annual BBC

22 Cold Shoulder

This song is indicative of her dynamism, vigour, strength and sincerity. Her ability to convey emotion in an epic upbeat sound which would otherwise overwhelm other artists. Loves You Adele!

In this song she really gives it that 'umph' that I love! Its sadder but I love the tune!

23 To Be Loved
24 Melt My Heart to Stone

Such an incredibly powerful song. I've been privileged enough to have heard her sing this song live in a very small venue; it was everything and more. It was my favorite song then and still is now. 19 is still her best album in my opinion. So raw and beautiful. This song just proves that.

Adele was so emotional singing this, she cried so much while trying to sing it in the studio. She really did this well and I love this song too!

This song should in top 10. Listen to the live version. The lyrics and melody is heartwrenching-ly beautiful.

25 Right as Rain

This is one of her earlier songs so it isn't as well known but I think it is one of her best. It's pretty upbeat compared to most of her songs so it's a little different in that sense. This is a great song by Adele and should definitely be voted up.

This song is so fun!

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