Top 10 Best Albums of 1994

In the whirlwind of grunge, hip-hop, R&B, pop, and alternative rock, 1994 was a year of genre-blending, envelope-pushing, and star-making. It was a year when new artists made their grand entrances and established artists reached new heights. It was a year when music felt raw, real, and incredibly exciting.

So, what's your pick for the best album of 1994? Maybe it's an album that defined the sound of the '90s for you. Perhaps it's a record that you have a personal connection with, one that became the soundtrack to your life that year. Or maybe it's an album that you discovered years later, but has since become an integral part of your music library.

Whatever your pick, this is the place to make your voice heard. This is a celebration of the music of 1994, a chance to reminisce about the sounds that defined the year, and a platform to discover albums that might have slipped under your radar.

From iconic releases to hidden gems, this list aims to cover the breadth and depth of 1994's music scene. And remember, you're not just browsing this list, you're shaping it. So, vote for your favorite albums of '94, and see how your choices stack up against the opinions of others.
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1 Weezer - The Blue Album

Easily best album of '94 not one flaw in it. Tells the story of four nerdy boys from LA and songs like Buddy Holly and Undone make this album great. The true gems are The world has turned and left me here and In the Garage.

Guys, really? Without Weezer there's no Madonna

OK, that's an exaggeration, but really, all the rock albums belong on top of the pop albums because without rock, there's no pop music.

Weezer is the best band since 1992! Why is their best album on number 8? Weezer is much better than Madonna!

This album should be #1 because it is full of great hits and catchy songs!

2 Oasis - Definitely Maybe

Great vocals, great songs, great album. We didn't know how good it was until 1997 when the quality of Oasis just started going downhill until 2008 when it was practically a lost cause. If it weren't for this and Morning Glory, oasis wouldn't be half as good as they are

Beautiful, never forget it. Each song is a classic and unique in their own way. If you haven't already, pick this one out and give it a listen!

Oasis best band of the 90's. Madonna can't be compared to Oasis. Oasis songs are an anthem for a whole generation of youth.

This album sucks. Oasis are Beatles knock-offs, and I don't even like the Beatles.

3 Green Day - Dookie

Number 53? Seriously? This album killed grunge, started a whole new generation of punk, and the songs from this album still get played on the radio.

WHAT? Number 40? What is this? This is real talent. Real Music. Green Day write their OWN music, unlike some of the albums above.

Green Day literally revolutionised the whole punk rock scene with this album, it deserves to be number one.

Basket Case and Emenius Sleepus are both hilarious, Coming Clean was groundbreaking, Welcome To Paradise and When I Come Around have some of the best riffs I've ever heard, Longview showcases every band member's talent so well, and F.O.D. was just stunning. How is this behind Oasis?

4 Offspring - Smash

Never mind the bullock's is my favourite punk, and this come next. Grunge influences also, riffs that will keep on your mind. Really awesome, if you are a teenager.

The album hold the record for being "the greatest selling album on an independent record label of all time".

Great mixture of grunge and punk rock. If you like heavy riffs really cool, to you never forget, you should listen

5 Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral

Best album of '94. It brought Industrial Music into the mainstream and solidified Trent Reznor's place among the musical greats.

6 Madonna - Bedtime Stories

I prefer "Erotica" but this one has some jams too. "Take a Bow", "Secret" and "Bedtime Story" are superb singles

Take a Bow is one of the greatest songs ever!

This is a disgrace to mankind.

7 Superunknown - Soundgarden
8 Korn - Korn

First nu metal album ever.

9 Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies
10 Purple - Stone Temple Pilots
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11 Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
12 Nas - Illmatic

When Nas released this album he was a hip hop prodigy becoming one of the greatest Hip Hop artists of all time. This album was a stepping stone of the genre and should be in the number one spot.

The most classy album of the year and it should be in the top ten that's for sure. Every song is lyrically amazing

Why is this so low? Oh that's right, just remembered that a lot of people hate rap...

13 Red Hot Chili Peppers - Out In L.A.
14 Portishead - Dummy

From beginning to finish, a fantastic listen. I can't think of a more layered, nuanced, and cerebral record than Dummy.

15 Jeff Buckley - Grace
16 Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York
17 Aerosmith - Big Ones
18 Ill Communication - Beastie Boys
19 Hourglass - America
20 Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
21 Beck - Mellow Gold

"Alcohol on my hands, I got plans, to ditch myself and get outside. Dancing, throwing plates, decapitating their laughing dates, swirling chickens caught in flight, out of focus, much too bright, coming down, shiny teeth, game shows suckers trying to bleed, but I got the bug and I got a drug and I got something better than love..."

Beck left anti-folk defined and mixed experimental lo-fi folk with hip-hop ideas.

22 Rubberneck - Toadies
23 R.E.M. - Monster
24 Stranger Than Fiction
25 Megadeth - Youthanasia
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