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The Iranian-Swedish singer, dancer, entertainer, and producer Arash has been making waves in the music industry for over two decades. With his catchy beats and energetic performances, Arash has become one of the most popular pop stars in Iran and beyond.

Born in Tehran in 1977, Arash moved to Sweden with his family when he was just 10 years old. Growing up, he was drawn to music and began writing his own songs as a teenager. In 2004, he released his debut album, simply titled "Arash," which included the hit single "Boro Boro." The song was a massive success and helped to launch Arash's career on an international level.

Since then, Arash has released multiple albums and collaborated with numerous artists, including T-Pain, Sean Paul, and Snoop Dogg. His music blends elements of pop, hip hop, and Iranian folk music, creating a unique sound that appeals to fans all over the world.
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1 Arash

Every Arash song is saved in my heart.

Most popular for all generations!

2 Temptation
3 Tike Tike Kardi
4 Pure Love

Both the audio and video of this song are tremendous. What's pure love? I don't even know, but anyone can feel it by hearing it. The ending of the video was beyond imagination. A dead lover saved his lover's life. What a fantastic ending! Hats off, Arash. Keep it up.

Awesome song! It makes you mad anytime you hear this, and tears come out of my eyes.

Awesome song. It's the heartbeat of every true lover indeed. A masterpiece of Arash.

5 Chori Chori

Nice song. Great music. A good fusion of Persian and Punjabi music.

6 Boro Boro

What a song by Arash! It is there in the Bollywood movie "Bluff Master." Like it very much. Has good music too. Perfect voice. Perfect music. Perfect composition.

The haunting chords are too mesmerizing. This is the best of Arash.

7 Broken Angel

This is the best one I have ever heard. I cried a lot because I am facing the same. I know it's common, but still… I really wish God blesses you.

There are no words to describe it. Once you listen to this song, you will be addicted to this song and video.

I love this one like hell. The video cinematography is awesome. It really reaches out to my heart always.

8 Donya
9 Iran Iran
10 Suddenly
The Contenders
11 One Day

Amazing song! I listen to it almost every day. Really good!

This is a very nice song. It makes me happy.

12 She Makes Me Go

It deserves No. 1. I think it's the best song of Arash.

13 Dasa Bala

It's like awesome, man. Every time I listen to it, it makes me feel so fresh. Its music is perfect. The rap is too good. And Arash, he rocks. Simply fantastic.

14 Bego Ey Yaar Bego
15 Melody
16 Sex Love Rock N Roll
17 Always
18 Behnaz

I like it. Actually, this song is for his wife, whose name is Behnaz Ansari.

19 Kandi
20 Tekoon Bede
21 Omg (Oh My God)
22 Esmet ChiChie
23 Tanham
24 Laf, Laf
25 Miduni Midunam
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