Best Songs From Kanye West's Graduation

Best songs from Graduation album by Kanye West, include the bonus tracks.
The Top Ten
1 Flashing Lights

This song's production alone is what separates Kanye West from other hip hop artists for me.

A nice song to cruise to

2 Stronger

Really good but most overrated kanye song, can't tell me nothing is better

What not 1st place

It sounds like the future. One of the best songs of all time.

Easily the best song in this album, top 3 all time

3 Can't Tell Me Nothing

The best beat, best Melody, best everything. It shows Kanye's whole personality. You can't tell him nothing.

Stronger is overrated, this is his best song

This is so good

4 Homecoming

Next to Lupe Fiasco's "Unforgivable Youth, Immortal Technique's "Dance With the Devil" and Eminem's "Stan" the hip hop song with the most gripping lyrics. It's a song where the last line of the second verse acually make you reconsider the entire song... also: The beat, the chorus. Unfortunately it is relatively underrated both by Kanye fans and hip hop fans in general.

Are you kidding me. Homecoming is one of the best kanye's songs

5 Good Morning

best song

6 I Wonder

Great production and use of the sample from "My Song." Although he doesn't rap much (if not, at all), you still know he poured heartfelt lyrics into this one.

Should be number 2, inspirational and beautiful overall

Beautiful song

7 Champion
8 Everything I Am

This is top 4 minimum in my opinion and it's at 8. But slowly it's changing. Hopefully. This is incredibly soulful and introspective

How is this number 9? Should be in the top 5

This is at least the 3rd best song on the album.

This should be #3.

9 The Glory
10 Good Life

How the heck is this so low?
Such a feel-good song, I really love this song
This, Homecoming, Good Morning, Champion and The Glory are Top 5 for me

The Contenders
11 Barry Bonds
12 Big Brother

This is a great song and is definitely top 5 in this album

13 Good Night
14 Drunk and Hot Girls
15 Bittersweet Poetry

Bonus track that should have made it on the official tracklist over Barry Bonds.

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