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1 A Fine Day to Die

No way no way! This should be first! The song keeps you up and never makes you tired. The half viking songs of Bathory are also great.

This is the anthem of all black metal music. If bathory hadn't come around, bands like mayhem, Burzum, satyricon, and Darkthrone would not be the same

The arrangement & structure of this song is phenomenal. The riffs is a masterpiece. The transition is sleek!

A masterpiece that every Bathory fan should know. Actually, a masterpiece everyone who've listened to Black Metal should know.

2 Enter the Eternal Fire

If Tony Iommi wrote this riff, it would be considered the greatest riff in heavy metal. It's also proof black metal doesn't need to be fast to be brilliant. Also could be considered an influence on Burzum as it just rides that awesome riff through 80% of the song.

Holy crap, this song kicks ass. Why did I not listen to it before? That riff is epic as hell.

3 One Rode to Asa Bay

This song is one of the best of Bathory. As the instrumental parts of the song are great, and the lyrics are extraordinary. The song tells a story, about the Christianization of Scandinavia, and the awesome vocals of Quorthon, create a fantastic atmosphere.

Greatest Viking Metal song in history, it's a masterpiece that tells the story of the Christianization of the Vikings fantasticaly, possibly one of the greatest songs in history, its perfect.

Bathory is excellent at what they do, which happens to be both black and Viking metal. This song is basically their crowning honor

When you listen to bathory, it's like you're having a dream. and you don't fully notice it till the song ends and you wake up and say : Oh My God, I wish I never woke up. this song does that to me. masterpiece song. love it so much

4 Blood Fire Death

I love how is this perfectly between black and heavy metal. The vocals aren't growl but they doesn't seam normal either. And I love these choir aahs on the background. I would call it "atmospheric blackened heavy metal"

5 Equimanthorn
6 Dies Irae

The riff reminds me of Fight Fire with Fire.

Extreme to the max

7 Shores in Flames

My favorite Bathory song. Wonder why it doesn't have a higher rating

8 Call from the Grave

This, to me, is the first black metal song --- bone-chilling vocal work, sinistrous atmosphere, and pulverizing riffs, their best track in my opinion.

Great song about a terrible imprisonment. I wonder who the caller is. Maybe an undead zombie?

9 The Golden Walls of Heaven

This could totally be a Slayer song.

10 Holocaust
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11 The Lake

The chorus of this song is so incredibly epic. It gives me chills every time. Quorthon was a true genius. Every one of his songs shows it perfectly.

Second bathory song I heard and it got me hooked. The song is beautiful, nothing extreme, simple and so atmospheric it gives you goosebumps.

12 The Wheel of Sun

After a truly unique career and multiple albums of amazing music Quorthon gave himself possibly the greatest send off in the history of metal with this song.

This is the greatest song in Bathory's entire discography. A proggy, doom/Viking epic that marches on with pain for twelve minutes straight. And Quorthon's vocals are as stron as ever.

13 Woman of Dark Desires

How is this only 14? I think it should be number 1 due to how great the drumming is,

A song about Elizabeth Bathory.

14 Hades

Bathory's entire first album is a good listen for fast speedy Black Metal

15 Valhalla
16 Hammerheart
17 Home of Once Brave
18 Born for Burning

Got so much mesmerized

19 Baptise in Fire and Ice
20 Raise the Dead

Quorthon in his rawest musical form. Outstanding, traditional black metal.

21 Necromancy

This song needs to be higher man...if you listen carefully to this song and War by Burzum you will find out that Burzum was influenced by this song to make War. The riffs are very similar

This song is judt brutal. Really like the heavy bass in it. Would definitely be a perfect match for the scene in GoT where the White walkers charge the wall!

22 Ring of Gold

Lord of the Rings

23 For All Those Who Died
24 Twillight of the Gods

At around 9:40 you get a short but awesome bass solo before launching into the most epic guitars you will ever hear, made even better after going through the epic journey that is this song.

Their best for sure

25 Total Destruction
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