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1 Ill Mind of Hopsin 5

If you have not listened to this song. You are truly not a Hopsin fan. By far this is his most well produced rap in both production and the rap itself, his truth in his rap is as lit as the rhymes themselves. Not to mention this is one of the most viewed song he's put up on the internet. If you haven't listened to this, first drink some bleach, and then check it out.

I don't know how to explain it, but all I can say is it's the realest anybody's ever rapped about today's problems in my opinion. It's fire and I must also say this song alone is worth more than that one song called Lifestyle.

2 Nocturnal Rainbows

Brilliant. Reaches out with great lyrics and has a mysterious, eerie beat, which I love. It may not be as fast as other songs, but the flow is the best I've ever seen for Hopsin.

Has a weird melody to it that goes really well with Hopsin's rap style in the song. Amazing song that gets better every time you hear it!

Meaningful lyrics and the chorus is so catchy and holds so much meaning. Best Hopsin song for sure.

3 Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

Hopsin does what many rappers have not. Not many MCs are willing to explore a topic as touchy as religion and I think Hopsin is brave for speaking from his heart. This song is incredibly deep by describing his struggle with God and what to believe L. Although a lot of people might not agree with his beliefs, I think everyone can relate to it through some struggle they've had.

Hopsin takes risks and shows his ability to rap about his thoughts like many rappers out there don't do. He doesn't usually rap about sex, money, T.V. , fast cars etc. He speaks his thoughts and they are so real. It just hits home for me and makes me question myself if maybe there isn't a god.

4 Hop is Back

EASILY the most swag song he's produced, bringing out his new album after he's been gone with this song. It was a masterpiece

First song I heard of Hop and my favourite.

5 I Need Help

I can't believe this is down here what?!
It is lyrically deep and its comparable to something like Eminems "3 am".
I think the reason people don't like this song is because it doesn't bring a positive message like "fly" or a controversial message like "ill mind of hopsin 7" does, but it is just so damn good. People tend to forget how hopsin has two personalities and this is the evil one. To see both listen to the music video "hop is back".

I think the sample for this song doesn't do it justice. I reccommend people actually listen to the entire thing and then come back to vote. Also keep in mind that this is his latest song so it's not going to shoot to the top all of a sudden.

6 Ill Mind of Hopsin IV

Love the flow and the beat is so catchy, one of his best!

This song is amazing... Hopsin is so real in this song.

This should be number 1, it's clearly his best song!

7 Sag My Pants

One of Hopsins most memorable songs. Both because it's one of his first hits and also cause it's one of the first I listened to. It's straight fire and deserves some good love

I greatly dislike Drake, and when I heard Hopsin talk about him, I just about flipped!

This song is awesome because it sounds cool and I absolutely loved the part where he dissed Lil Wayne and Soulja Boy.-DarkBoi-X

8 Ill Mind of Hopsin 8

This is easily one of his lost amusing songs he's ever produced. Given with his betrayal he received from FV and his need to get his 'buzz up'. He produced a funny and stylish song.

It's honestly spitting some real. And the way he all connects it with his flow smoothly is crazy, amazing honestly.

This song brings me back to No Vaseline by Ice Cube. This dis is insane and it's on a awesome beat. My favorite Hopsin song hands down.

9 Ill Mind Six: Old Friend

This song, in my opinion, is the best Hopsin track to date. He shows his true side and it has such a strong and positive message behind it, the music video's absolutely amazing and the hook is great as well.

In my opinion this is the best Hopsin song, he is so real and his voice makes you feel his emotions, the hook is one of the best, that's just Hop at his best.

The ill mind six shows issues stimulating in Marcus Hopson's life mixed with a lonely tone and without a doubt the most catchy hook of any Hopsin song to date.

10 Rip Your Heart Out

Hopsin's pretty cool... but Tech N9ne murdered this track!

This is by far my favorite Hopsin song. The flow is unreal by both rappers

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11 Fly

A true meaning of what music should be right now. There is so much going on in the World right now that this song covers perfectly. Has one of the most truthful messages that you can hear today and that we need to do something to save this World.

My favorite song the meaning behind it so so powerful. Even my friends ho don't listen to hop love this song

This song is so underrated... whats it doing on second page? should be top 5 at least.. It's so real

12 Lunch Time Cypher

Great song if you're into lyrics. The point of the song is to put you back into highschool in the cafeteria with the beat being somewhat of a beatbox you would find in such a situation and the cyphers seem moreso freestyles.

The combination of the beatboxing and innovative beat with absolutely astounsing rapping makes this song his best.

This song is just flawless. Never gets old.

13 Chris Dolmeth

Amazing beat and amazing storytelling, I get that it's a ''less refined'' version of Ill Mind VI but I find the more haunting beat and less aggressive form of storytelling to be much more effective, on top of that the chorus is just chilling. A true masterpiece and an example of Hop at his best.

This song is so real. Tells a great story that has a meaningful lesson and shows what Hopsin is capable of. The great beat doesn't hurt either.

14 I'm Not Crazy

This should definitely be in top 10, Nocturnal Rainbows takes first for sure, but I really like this song. The wordplay in it is great and I like the message. Should in top ten, Please bring more attention to this song! Its Great!

This song is absolutely perfect! Guys come on it belongs within the top 5!

This song is already number 15 on first page why is it repeated here at 31?

15 My Love
16 You are My Enemy
17 Ill Mind of Hopsin III
18 False Advertisement
19 Gazing at the Moonlight
20 Lucifer Effect

Great song about the rap game though.

21 The Purge

Give this a play and you will move it up the list. The story, the flow, word play. Gives me chills still.

I don't even like this thing but The purge is actually a good song.

22 Heather Nicole

The way he shows emotion and the top tier lyricism on this track, the fantastic flow, and the amazing production make for an absolute classic

Dude I can't stop playing this song, he killed chorus and the message is deep

23 Tears to Snow

If you don't understand how amazing this track is, you just haven't heard it. Simple as that. Hop is one of the best lyricists of this generation.

How is Happy Ending above this?

24 Leave Me Alone
25 Ill Mind of Hopsin 9

Reaches out to some people on a different level. One of his best.

No no no no...
this is his WORST song and the WORST rap song of 2017 hands down.

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