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1 Loser

Loser may not be the best song by Beck in some people's eyes, but to me it always will be. In fact, when I wrote my own list of the top 200 songs of all time, loser was number 22. NUMBER 22! That's really really good compared to all the other songs ever made!

One specific thing I remember about Loser was in the summer of 2015. My friends were really into rap music and would always ''drop eacother beats" or whatever, and rap popular Eminem songs of that era. One day, someone dropped me a so called beat, and because I didn't really know any rap songs, I decided to do loser. And they called me loser for the rest of the year. But I didn't mind. Because really, aren't we all losers?

Soy un perdedor.

I am writing this to make it look like I know a lot about Beck but to be honest, I hate Beck. I have listened to this one song maybe twice in my whole life, but I am not even talking about Beck in this paragraph. I am writing to act like I Know a lot, but in retrospect, I am just doing this so you will look at this paragraph and say to yourself, "Well this guy wrote a lot," but then when you read this, you will think I am a jerk for wasting your time, but you are wasting your time anyway by listening to Beck

Beck, I'm Sorry can You please Forgive me For the Last time? Beck, can You please Do your Exercises! beck, Can you Please read A Book at The same Time. beck, Can you Please go Find something To do With your Life: beck, Can you Please stop Talking so Much in Order for You not To overcome Your shyness" Beck, can You please Stop complaining So much? Beck, can You please Overcome anxiety Fear anger Depression morning Phase! beck, I know You hate Disabilities so Do I. Beck, I Hope you Will be Free someday And so Will I:

Beck I'm Sorry can You please Forgive me For the Last time.

2 Lost Cause

This is definitely the best Beck song there is, and one of the best ever written. "They know your secrets, and you know theirs; this town is crazy, nobody cares". Nothing hits me as much as this line.

This song made me cry... Need I say more?

So tender. Beautiful melody.

Number 2? This is a lost cause,

3 Where It's At

There's a destination a little up the road, from the habitations and the towns we know. The place we saw the lights turn low, the jigsaw jazz and the get fresh flow. Pullin' out jives and jamboree handouts, Two turntables and a microphone. Bottles and cans, just clap your hands, clap your hands. -Where It's At.

This is definitely his best rap song, and probably the best of his.

Great little intro, and really catchy rapping and lyrics.

Great track one of those that sticks in the back of your mind forever

4 Devil's Haircut

Damn this song is amazing. Pure banger.

5 The New Pollution
6 E-Pro

This song flipping rules. It's my favorite.

7 Blue Moon

The lyrics and rhythm are incredible.

Pitch perfect from start to finish.

This album is beautiful

8 Dreams

Listen to it right now!

9 Girl

With that video game like intro you know this songs gonna be good... And it is

10 Sexx Laws

Great song cool title

This song is one of many from the album that should be near the top

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11 Gamma Ray
12 Qué Onda Guero
13 Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime
14 Dear Life
15 Rowboat
16 A**hole
17 Pay No Mind (Snoozer)
18 Little One

A very beautiful song with a lovely acoustic guitar introduction, and a fantastic chorus. Please listen to this, you may like it

19 Debra
20 I Get Lonesome

Such a great song.

21 Soul Suckin' Jerk
22 Go It Alone

Beck Hansen and Jack White in the same song?! Why isn't this higher on the list? Love this one!

Yeah, why isn't this song higher? That sexy groove!

23 Think I'm in Love

This most certainly deserves to be higher. It's a very different kind of a Beck track with a jazzy RNB feel to it

24 F****' With My Head
25 Tropicalia

Of all the songs why was this one left off the list, listen to it, its amazing!

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