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1 In Utero

Nevermind is an amazing album, probably a strong 9. However, In Utero takes all the things that made Nevermind great and does it with more captivating lyrics and rawer production. This album is one of my top 10 favorites of all time.

Nevermind is a brilliant album, an absolutely brilliant album. When I was about to listen to In Utero, I thought to myself that this cannot beat Nevermind. Nevermind is a classic, one of the best-selling albums of all time and one of of the greatest albums of all time. But when I listened to the entirety of In Utero, it made me want more from Nirvana, it made all of us want more from Nirvana. I couldn't explain it, but In Utero gave me a feeling I've never had, a feeling that cannot be explained. Nevermind just didn't give me this feeling. With songs like Heart-Shaped Box all the way to All Apologies, It's safe to say that In Utero is an excellent closing to Nirvana's legacy that will never be forgotten.

2 Nevermind

No controversy here! However alternative you consider yourself within alternative rock, this is one you'll return to endlessly. Maybe it's because the singles are overplayed, I like the second half of the album even more.

In Utero is a good album but this is far better and should be #1.

Fantastic album again, cannot be knock pure gold!

3 Bleach

It's great, but not always so. So many of these songs are unlistenable, and while songs like Paper Cuts and Floyd the Barber are certainly underrated, Bleach could have been perfected and maybe earned this spot in EP form. #5 would be more accurate, right after Incesticide. But since I've dissed it enough already, Bleach is, again, a great album. Blew is undoubtedly the best banger, but About a Girl and of course School come close after. (also can I say that negative creep is overrated?)

Whilst this isn't Nirvana's most interesting album in terms of lyrics and instrumentals, and they do kind of wear their influences on their sleeves, Its simply the most energetic and entertaining from their discography. It provides a pure thrill ride of raw, distorted anger which they never quite presented in the same way after.

This is absolutely the best Nirvana album made. This isn't just pure grunge but when Kurt Cobain was at his best. All these songs are awesome.

4 MTV Unplugged in New York

Shows a calmer more talented Nirvana, behind the screams you find real emotional depth, plus a outstanding cover of Bowie's 'Man Who Sold The World' in my opinion better than the original, can also be heard on the best of.

Should be number 1. A perfect masterpiece.

5 Incesticide

The lows are UNDENIABLY low, but the highs (Aneurysm, Sliver Dive, Son of a Gun, Molly's Lips and Been a Son) are amazing. #5 is not right, because this album should be above Bleach just for that freaking closer. #4 would be more like it.

My personal favorite. This album is everything grunge was meant to be: Raw, nihilistic, and just a good album overall. I understand that Nevermind is seen as the best by many, but if you want less commercial strip-downs, this is where it's at.

For a rarities album you won't be disappointed, obviously weaker then the studio releases but still worth a listen.

6 Live at Reading

Live at reading has a bunch of great tracks of of bleach one off of in utero and a bunch or good songs off nevermind. It also has so much energy that it blows the listener away. Definitely pick up this record

Although not highly rated it does contain a lot of hits performed live plus rare tracks I have found nowhere else.

I should have voted this 'cause I didn't read this far down so I've already voted for "bleach"

7 Nirvana

Could contain more from Bleach, but the content is amazing, no bad songs, but really should be longer, more rarities and a second disc would be more satisfying.

8 With The Lights Out
9 From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

If you love Nirvana buy, if there average to you don't, contains a few rare tracks but it's nothing special.

I close my eyes and imagine I'm at their concert when I listen to this

10 Sliver: The Best of the Box
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11 Live On Air

More tracks you won't have heard, in fact you probably don't know this one exists but for a hardcore fan it's essential.

12 Live in Buenos Aires

Personally not fussed about this it's an album for money in my opinion.

13 Into the Blue
14 Hormoaning

I know this isn't necessarily an album, but it's great.

15 Heart Shaped Box
16 Live at the Paramount
17 Blew
18 Icon
19 Live and Loud
20 Outcesticide
21 Outcesticde 3
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