Top 10 Best Billy Talent Songs

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1 Fallen Leaves

It's a good song. WAY better than the others. Sure I like Red Flag and all those other songs. Like devil on my shoulder. But this deserves better. But one thing always comes in the songs:they barley have any verses. They just have the title in it and that's it. And some of the songs I just don't get.

Like the whole album, this is my favorite song, epic music video also! This song is the best!

The song is just simply amazing, the energy and riffs makes me shiver. And Ben's voice is gorgeous.

The song that introduced me to Billy Talent. Still my favourite song, awesome!

2 Viking Death March

Seriously a great addition to the new album, a great first single for Dead Silence that totally lets you realize that Billy Talent has gotten back to really strong music.
Billy Talent I was great don't get me wrong, but it has a different feel to it than the other albums, and Dead Silence, while it has a fresh sound, is more similar to the older stuff, and Viking Death March is the first of some really strong examples of this.

This song is amazing and deserves to be in the top ten as soon as possible.
I can honestly not get enough of this song. This song tells me when their new album is released it will be phenomenal. Billy talent is gonna make the leads festival so unforgettable.

Should be number one. This is my favourite Billy Talent song, besides Red Flag and Kingdom of Zod. It's message hit me hard form the get go and pretty much everything else about it. Needs more air time and should definitely be number one.

This is the absolute greatest rock song. Maybe an exaggeration, but it's so much better than Red Flag and Fallen Leaves, which are great songs but do not match up to the awesomeness of Viking Death March.

3 Red Flag

One of my favorite songs of all time. Whenever there's a feud in my school saying which is better: Billy Talent and Green Day. Here's the favorite songs of both bands by my friends.
Green Day:21 Guns
Billy Talent:RED FLAG!
It's a really enjoyable song.

Amazing rebellion song, but should be number two with Viking Death March at number one, but its still got the crazy energetic punch to it.

The best. Hands down. Their talent does nothing but shine in this masterpiece.

Once I heard it, I kept on listening to it for the rest of the day!

4 Try Honesty

This is their best song apart from Devil in a Midnight Mass. I agree with the comment below, this song always pumps me up. But I can't believe that St. Vronika is below Rusted from the Rain. Rusted from the Rain is a mainstream song that frankly isn't that good.

This song always gets me pumped up, it epitomizes why I love Billy Talent, it's some of their early and best work. Great tune.

This song is a mix of calm and furious feelings and it does it so much. This song makes me dream every time I listen to it.

Billy Talent have many good songs but this was their first hit and its sound very great!

5 River Below

My cell phone ringer song! Whenever I hear them, I think of their sweet concerts and handsome Benjamin!

6 This is How It Goes

The first song from their first album, and from here on they never looked back. This kind of upbeat music is what makes Billy Talent the band they are today. From the vicious and emotional chorus to the harmonic tones of the bridge, This Is How It Goes truly takes control whether you like it or not.

Such a powerful song! I love it, the lyrics are awesome... "you can steal my body, but you can't steal my soul.. " amazing! Great song live!
You can just scream out all your feelings when you're listening to this song! Should be higher on this list!

How is this at the bottom of the list? I agree that Fallen Leaves or Red Flag should be 1 or 2 but this should be 3. Awesome lyrics, has an amazing guitar rift, great drum beat, an overall catchy and powerful song!

Great song, it reminds how important it is to carry on and don't give up in life. It shows, that Billy Talent isn't about the money but about friendship and the fun. great job guys, carry on!

7 Rusted from the Rain

I'm not a big fan of Billy Talent but this song is awesome. The voice is amazing, the lyrics are excellent and the guitar is just perfect! I don't understand why this song is not number one... Maybe only beacause it's too commercial for real Billy talent fan... Maybe!

Really god song. I stumble through the wreckage rusted from the rain! There's nothing left to salvage, no one left to blame. Among the broken mirrors, I don't look the same..

I love this song!
Actually the guitar solo is my ringtone and it rang one day in math and people were like AWESOME RINGTONE!

Best solo I've ever heard. Nice text and awesome riff.

8 Surrender

Surrender is easily my favourite song from Billy Talent. Just like a lot of the songs on Billy Talent 2 they manage to keep them up beat interesting and meaningful. The emotion In the song, the meaning and lyrics in this song truly shows what Billy Talent is capable of

How is this not number 1? This and white sparrows are my two favourite songs and they just barely cracked the top ten, both these songs never seem to get old. Definitely should be #1.

The dynamics in this song are incredible - this song has so much versatility! Kowalewicz's voice is really on show here and it rages and soars throughout this truthful track. I love it. Number #1 for sure.

This song is just so good; it perfectly captures their ability to write catchy songs that still have meaningful lyrics. It is an extremely emotional song and is one of my favourites.

9 Devil in a Midnight Mass

The meaning of the song makes it even more awesome! It does not attack christianity as some believe, it tells a story of a priest who molested over 100 kids.

Decent song, not sure why it's not added to the list.

This song is really amazing!

Best pump up song ever

10 White Sparrows

I don't think you can even classify this a song. It's an experience. The pure emotion throughout and the chilling lyrics make this easily my favorite song from them. This is Billy Talent's Bohemian Rhapsody, The Wall, Stairway to Heaven, insert revolutionary rock song here.

The raw emotion in this song is absolutely chilling. It might not be as popular as some of their other songs but give it a listen and you will see why it is one of their best.

This song is amazing and I believe we should make its way to the top 5 download and check it out.

Honestly in my opinion, this should be in the top 3! Fallen Leaves is my number 5 personally.

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11 Nothing to Lose

There is no way that this shouldn't be in the top 10. It's got everything that makes music great: meaningful lyrics (which tell a great story), nice instrumentals, and a lot of emotion. I LOVE IT!

This obviously the best song. It has a good message to it. The chorus beats any other on this except for maybe the one in Fallen leaves.

This song is emotional. Very sad, but you can calm down with this song. Love it.

I can't believe I had to add this song it's definitely not in the top 20 but I deserves a spot in the 30's the lyrics are so meaning full and there are some good screams I'm just in shock wasn't on here before.

12 Diamond on a Landmine

I simply love this song! It's so unique. Naturally, the subject about which he's talking about is a sad and painful one. Yet, the way he sings it comes at a complete contrast with its vivid and dynamic rhythm and because of that it's like he's trying to get over it.

Nevermind how much time I listen this song it is still as amazing as the first time I heard it. So much better than Red Flag.

Such a good song, lyrics are meaningful and it still kicks ass!

It's so awesome.

13 Saint Veronika

I can believe this is not in the top ten. When I think Billy Talent, I think Saint Veronica, Try Honestly, and Rusted From the Rain. Such a great song!
Please Vote Up People!

Why is this not in the top 3? Honestly this song has so much meaning and I just can't flat it also the bridge after the 2nd chorus is just orgasmic

Jesus H christ on a bike! Why the bloody hell is this not in the top ten, hell why isn't it number 1. This song is but's best song

Don't know why this isn't higher, best song on Billy Talent III album at least, if not overall.

14 Pins and Needles

This song is wicked pure perfection. Catchy, emotional, amazing lyrics, amazing musicianship.
Brilliant, really. I knew this song a long time ago, and I recently discovered it's a Billy Talent song.
Perfect. Just perfect.

Been my favorite Billy Talent song since I first heard it. It is a classic in my book and even after listening to it about 600 times I just can get enough of it. Thank you but for this one song!

Honestly this is is a pretty deep cut but God is it amazing. Its one of their most underrated songs. It's an absolute emotional rollercoaster

The center of the song when it gets intense is like the climax of the stoy that's why there's only one... that is my opinion, there is no proof this is what it is

15 Devil on My Shoulder

By far one of the most epic guitar riffs I've ever heard in my life. This song's got everything: Cool lyrics, heavy guitar riffs, a great solo und much engery. Unlike the songs from but I & but II it doesn't need Ben's screaming to be considered energetic. It's a pitty that it couldn't make it to the top ten! One of the first songs I've heard from them and it still sends shivers up and down my spine whenever I hear it. It's Ian D'Sa's favorite but-Song and the only one with an own epic live-solo so far! A great example of modern hard rock.

I cannot believe this isn't higher in the list. Billy talent is my favourite band and this is by far one of their best songs. It has a good led leppelin sort of sound. Especially when they play it live with the extended solo

Deserves to be in the top 5... Best song in Billy Talent I!

Amazing song! Will be on repeat for awhile now

16 Forgiveness I + II
17 Line & Sinker

This song was my favorite because of the movie Grind. This song is a pump up when me and my friends are about to skate down stair sets.

No. 15? This should be in the Top 10 at the least badass song 1st one I also ever heard by Billy Talent on the movie GRIND!

18 Turn Your Back

Dang Good Song By Billy Talent!

I first heard this Song on an NHL Video Game and I've been hooked ever since!

19 Cure for the Enemy

Great! My uncle died a few days ago because of cancer and this song helps me out of the bad situation we have at home! Thank you Billy Talent!

This is one of their top 5 songs in my opinion. It conveys an important message and offers a very original and highly emotional music.

I thought this to be higher on the list, nothing compares to the mood change happening in this one.

Been a fan for over 10 years, loved many songs but this is a new peak!

20 This Suffering

This Suffering, Prisoners Of Today and Hanging By A Thread, hands down my top 3.
St Veronica & Surprise Surprise probs complete top 5.

Red Flag is an awesome track to get you hooked on the band, but there's so much more to them!

Best Song For Billy Talent People! Unfair Not to be in top 5 even! Vote Please To All Billy Talent Lovers! Listen To The Song More..

So underrated. Definitely my favorite Billy Talent song. Gives me goosebumps every time.

Can't stop listening to this song, it really needs to be in the top 5 at least. So unreal.

21 The Ex

I'm not a big fan of Billy talent, but this song is awesome. Nice guitar intro and meaningful lyrics.

This is the first Billy Talent song that has ever caught my attention. I can't believe that it's not one of the top ten.V. V

Just voting for this because it is WAY too low. Amazing song at this is the true Billy Talent.

A classic hit. Pure emotion and perfect Billy Talent song.

22 Standing in the Rain

This song is absolutely amazing! The lyrics really paint the life of a lot of peoples suffering, it should totally be in the top ten.

23 Worker Bees

Simply the best of Billy talent. You know I'm a big fan of but and just know all of their song (simply all) and this is their best and probably most underrated song. Also Cowered in Cowardice is great and unknown too

Melody blows me Best Song For Billy Talent People! Unfair Not to be in top 5 even! Vote Please To All Billy Talent Lovers! Listen To The Song More..

Simply their best song, absolutely underrated. Screamings, refrain, bassline, melody... Everything is just awesome! How can this song not be in the top ten?

Simply an amazing song, one of their best, if not the best. Definitely it should be in top 5.

24 Living in the Shadows

The quite "raw" sound of their first album is still what defines this band for me. This song is an outstanding example.

This song has been my favourite since I discovered them in 2002 and got their demo CD at a concert!

Probably the best but song. Major nostalgia too.

25 Prisoners of Today

I feel really strange about Billy Talent - my favorites are Prisoners of Today, St. Veronika, Voices of Violence, Line n Sinker, etc. Many people just listen to Fallen leaves and Red flag and say, that every other song "is the same" - well not to me!
Another weird thing - I prefer the live songs from 666 to the studio versions.. Which I don't understand to this day.. What I do understand, is how awesome Billy Talent is!

Truly Amazing song... I'm very supposed to not see it on the top 10. If you really want to know a good band then stop just listening to the singles and listen to the full albums a few times. Eventually you will understand why they chose to put those songs on the album

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