Top 10 Best Florence and the Machine Songs

All of the Florence and the Machine songs are great and amazing!
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1 Shake It Out

Powerful message, surreal vocal abilities, a fairy, and a party. This is the first Florence + The Machine song I ever heard, and it made me listen to all of her songs and become a fan. This song takes me out of the planet and life I'm living. It's brilliant!

I love this song! Florence has the voice of an angel. I get shivers when she sings. The lyrics are just amazing, and whenever I have regrets about anything, I listen to this song, and they're gone. My favorite Florence song, for sure.

This one really speaks to me and I think many people can relate to it as well! It has powerful vocals and I love how it slowly gets faster at a great pace. I could listen to this over and over again constantly. And I actually have! Still not tired of it.

2 Never Let Me Go

This was the song that completely enchanted me and made me fall in love with Florence. I felt chills and such power in her voice. An artist like Florence is truly rare to find. The melody and meaning just flow inside of you and keep you wanting more. Just breathless!

Magical. This song is by far one of the best songs I have ever heard. Enchanting and haunting, it's perfect in every way. It's euphoric, even. This should be higher on this list and on the charts. I wish this song had more recognition, and Florence + The Machine as well.

3 Dog Days are Over

When I first heard this song after hearing it off and on throughout my life, it seriously caught my attention. But more recently, I have taken the time to watch her perform this song on stage. I wish I could have been there in 2010! I was completely awestruck!

This song, regardless of what anyone believes, is, to say the least, an absolutely thrilling experience. I don't know about anyone else, but it made me cry and gave me the chills! I would seriously recommend it for anyone!

Why is this below Never Let Me Go? This song is very original and also catchy. This is the first song I heard from them. I immediately fell in love with them. It's an iconic song and their best song.

It should be at least number one or second because Shake It Out is as good as this song.

4 Cosmic Love

Most of Florence's songs are great, but this one? This HAS to be first. Come on! Shake It Out is really nice. I like it a lot, but I don't think it deserves to be first while there are better songs like Cosmic Love.

Like most Florence and the Machine songs, it gets better and better as it goes on. Love, love, love! So beautiful!

This is one of those beautiful songs that has a mixture of good music and good lyrics. It's so beautiful to listen to. The song completely refreshes one's mind. It's a very, very beautiful song. The best one Florence + The Machine has ever given to us!

5 What the Water Gave Me

Transcendently epic. A powerhouse of a song, and completely magnificent.

The harps, guitars, and gospel choir are all typical of Florence and are part of its brilliance.

A majestic song!

A song that continually builds, but its epicness knows no boundaries. Though this song might not showcase Florence's voice to her absolute potential, she conveys the meaning and emotions effortlessly. A song of the highest quality.

The world Florence has created in this song is just such a beautiful place to lose yourself in.

Turn off the lights, plug in your headphones, and go along with the ride.

6 Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)

The instrumentals and her amazing voice, plus the meaning of the song, make it an epic song... Like all her songs. This is the best, though, because no matter how much I listen to Flo or this song and no matter what I go through, this song always is a pleasure to listen to a million times.

I remember the first time I heard this song, thinking it must be one of the most brilliant, striking songs I've ever heard.

Each time I listen to it, I'm hooked for days, at least.

I love the harp and drums, and the meaning of this song is so wonderful. The chorus is so catchy and never fails to make me feel happy!

It's one of the best songs of all time.

7 No Light, No Light

Wow. Just wow. This is such an amazingly beautiful song. The second time I heard the song, I couldn't help but obsess over it! "No light, no light in your bright blue eyes. I never knew daylight could be so violent." Just amazingly beautiful. Congratulations to Florence and the Machine on a superb song.

I was completely obsessed with this song for at least a month, and I made all of my friends and family listen to it. Definitely one of my top ten favorite songs of all time, and I'm shocked it's not higher on this list.

8 Howl

This is a powerful, mysterious, ethereal song that makes me think of storms. It speaks of love that turns obsessive, dangerous even. I especially love the line "I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hallowed ground" because it implies that she is so consumed with her lover that she does not care if she's hurt.

The soul poured into this song is heartrending.

This is definitely one of the best songs by her. It's so powerful, and every time she goes "I hunt for you with bloody feet across the hollow ground," I get chills (especially at the end). It's just so well done and such a good narrative.

9 Between Two Lungs

I don't know why people even rank her songs. I love every single one of them. It's like "The Curse of Florence and the Machine," which entails loving every song she has ever sung.

But "Between Two Lungs" is one of the first of her songs I heard, and I love it because of that. The syncopation is, I think, one of the most amazing things she's done so far.

This girl has lungs! She can belt like a beast and then become airy and beautiful.

Her music is so awe-inspiring.

10 Seven Devils

This song is amazing. Work has definitely gone into this song. I can tell because not only are the lyrics haunting, but Florence's voice is haunting, as well as the backing track. I think I've listened to this song 100 times or 1,000.

This is the most haunting song I have ever heard. I listened to it on repeat for hours. I discovered it while watching the Revenge TV series.

To me, this is their NUMBER ONE song, no doubt in my mind.

This is just beautiful. I can't believe it's not number 1. The song is so dark and enchanting. Just listen to it! You won't be able to forget a song like this one.

Its tunes are just so amazing! Genius!

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11 What Kind of Man

The first single from the new album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful! We were waiting almost four years, and Flo is back with a really great song with an amazing music video. Florence wrote and composed this song! She is a great singer, writer, and actress!

I am not disappointed by the new song! I really love it and I cannot wait for the release day! Our Queen of Indie Pop and Rock is back!

I find it incredibly hard to choose favorite FATM songs, but this is definitely one of them! The power and passion in this song are fantastic, along with the brilliant drums and guitar, and her brilliant voice make this song truly amazing.

12 Bedroom Hymns

I can't believe that this song is number 21. I thought it must be 4 or 5. The melody is absolutely amazing with drums and everything.

Just awesome, it makes your heart race faster and faster.

Should be number 1. It's definitely their best song. Very unique style.

By far my favorite song. Should be in the top 5.

13 You've Got the Love

This is possibly her most well-known song, and although some might argue it is not her best, so many people, including myself, were introduced to the great Florence through this song! It may not be number 1, but it definitely deserves to be in the top 10.

This is the first song that introduced me to her music, and I have to say, after listening to most of her songs, I still see this one as the best. You can feel the emotion she poured into this song, although most people may not realize it.

The best song of hers by far! The notes she hits are on point, and the lyrics are all so beautiful.

14 Breath of Life

I truly don't understand how this isn't number one! This song is amazing and powerful, and it has such a lovely sound. The minute I hear her vocals with the heavy drums and all the backings, I get goosebumps!

Honestly, this song sounds like she's on her way to tear down someone's castle (besides Seven Devils, of course) and it really should be further up top.

Truly powerful and amazing. It simply flows out and fits together perfectly. There is so much energy at certain parts, and the vocals sound wonderful with a haunted kind of sound.

I was mesmerized the first time I heard this song, and it definitely is one of my most favorite songs from Florence and the Machine!

15 Swimming

Because this did not appear on either album, I've never really felt the incentive to listen to it. But once I did, I found it awe-inspiring. The lyrics have such meaning and emotion that you form an emotional connection.

Also, the instrumental is another great aspect. For example, the violins playing in the first 10 seconds is a definite highlight and just really solidifies how amazing this song really is.

If you haven't already heard this, I highly recommend doing so. You absolutely won't regret it!

16 Spectrum

Excellent song with heavier arena rock and lyrics. It sounds kind of unusual for a Florence + the Machine song, but it perfectly fits them in the end, expressing a more powerful and shivering aspect of Florence and satisfying those who wanted something less light than their previous songs.

Actually, everybody goes on saying that Shake It Out, Cosmic Love, You've Got the Love, and Dog Days Are Over are their best, but I never really liked any of them. I think the three real Florence + the Machine masterpieces are Spectrum, Rabbit Heart, and What the Water Gave Me.

Anyway, keep up the splendid job, Flo and you guys!

17 Ship to Wreck

Born in '52 - I grew up in the '60s and '70s, and mostly I can't listen to pop music these days. But I saw them on SNL, and this song immediately grabbed me and sucked me into this new world.

Soulful, grown-up woman voice and wonderful song structure with a tight band cooking along. This is the real deal.

This song deserves the top 2 spot on the list next to Shake It Out.

Listen to it. It's really good.

Why is this 50? This song is amazing. My favorite on her new album.

18 Only If for a Night

Though perhaps not quite as anthemic as "Shake It Out," this song possesses an inimitably ethereal, almost surreal quality that all but transcends everything else she's yet accomplished. There are so many punctuating moments in the song, borne largely of its pacing and unique musical arrangement, that stir a certain shifting of gear sensation within the listener.

She draws you into her quietly lugubrious twilight dreamland in the first few moments of the song. Then suddenly, the colors of that melancholy painting slam through the glass and envelop you the moment those gossamer harp notes give way to the driving thump of the percussive beat.

Her vocals seamlessly travel between the eponymous choral pronouncement, emotional yet perfectly restrained caterwauling, and a low quivering bleat. To bear witness to this tune's lyrical and musical transitions, marked invariably by the reiteration of the song's title line, is to be expelled through a pinhole in an interdimensional wall, the fluid of you bursting out in all directions on the other side in a new but strangely familiar world of darkness and bioluminescence.

But the heights of this work of art, its ultimate zenith, are only fully realized near its conclusion when the halting and heaving completely give way to a supremely invigorating aphotic canticle that could only be resisted by the most unimaginative and unfeeling among us. To call this piece of art a "song" is to neuter what it really is: an otherworldly experience.

19 Kiss with a Fist

Fell in love with this song since the Jennifer's Body movie.

This needs to be in the top ten! Wake up, people.

My favorite song. All her sass has come out!

20 Drumming Song

Louder than sirens. Louder than bells. Sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell! How can you beat those intense lyrics?!

Inspiring, riveting. I love everything about this song and its irresistible beat. It gets stuck in my head so often, and I love it more every time.

Go Florence!

What?! How can anything top... Louder than sirens, louder than bells, sweeter than heaven, and hotter than hell?

21 Which Witch

I'm surprised that this song isn't in the top ten! I am so in love with the vocals, for they are very powerful and kind of swoon me at the same time. The brass, drums, and vocals are all beautifully twined together. It definitely makes me (internally) scream with excitement.

This feels like catharsis, vindication, and rapture all rolled up in one glorious track. Florence's vocals soar, the drums are pounding, and the brass section drives it home.


This song feels like catharsis, vindication, and rapture all rolled up in one glorious track. The brass section brings it home.


22 All This and Heaven Too

A nice and charming touch! A definite feel-good song by Florence Welch! I saw this song on this list and I had never heard it before, but now that I have, I absolutely love it! Highly recommend it to Florence listeners out there!

I first fell in love with it when I heard Florence sing it live at the Royal Albert Hall. There's just something really sweet and soft about this song.

If there's one thing keeping me going, it's this song.

One of my favorite songs on the album! It's got a really beautiful, magical feel to it that never ceases to make me feel all gooey inside.

Everything about it is amazing.

23 Delilah

Love the comparison of her love with the Samson and Delilah story, and the Philistines. So much meaning in a song.

This song is really beautiful! Definitely in my top three, just under Cosmic Love.

This is the best song that has ever happened to me.

24 Over the Love

The best song of Florence and the Machine by far! Absolutely number one! It is the perfect soundtrack! So emotional and powerful! The vocals are out of this world! I cannot believe what high notes Flo can reach! Also, the lyrics are great!

I can see the green light. I can see it in your eyes is my favorite line. Finally, that song has the most epic ending! Cry and cry and cry over the love you! Congrats to Florence and the Machine... Amazing job...

I love this song. It's so addicting! I think it's beautiful and should be higher up. Her voice is so strong and incredible that it's haunting. I was amazed the first time I heard it.

This is actually my favorite song from her.

25 Queen of Peace

Florence's vocals here are awesome. I'm getting a medieval vibe from this song. Something reminiscent and historical. Plus, you can also dance to the beat and instrumentals of this song.

This is my favorite song from Florence, though I love the majority of her songs.

Florence doesn't perform this song nearly enough. It belongs in the top 10 without question.

By far and away the best Florence song ever made. Make it number one!

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