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1 Little Black Submarines (El Camino)

This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. It's so lovely and slow and emotional first, and then when the drums and the electric guitar kicks in, I just want to get up and dance.

The Black Keys answer to Stairway to Heaven! And what an awesome song it is too! I can't stop listening to it!
Definitely better than Gold on the Ceiling.

Best song, it really showcases how good his voice is, with the classic Black keys sound, it is literally the best song ever! Why the hell isn't higher, I mean, gold on the ceiling is great but, come on

A great song. The only one that could possibly compete is lonely boy. But even then, LBS wins! The transition from soft to heavy is flawless! A very well put together song.

2 Tighten Up (Brothers)

This is the first song I heard by the duo and it has still remained my favorite by them. It's nothing short of perfection

Surely it can't beat Gold on the Ceiling and Little Black Submarines but this is great too!

This song just makes my day!
And when the beat changes towards the end...
It just sets my heart racing
Hats off guys

Not only is this song amazing, but the music video is golden! Love the style of all their songs. Classic stuff

3 Gold on the Ceiling (El Camino)

I love the music and the beat to this song, why is tighten up higher than this, I don't understand. This has a great melody and the lyrics a really catchy while tighten up doesn't have nearly as good lyrics as this song. The Black Keys are now one of my favorite bands because of this song. BLACK KEYS RULE

This is the song that got me hooked onto the Black Keys and got me listening to all of their other great music such as Little Black Submarines. A truly great band that uses actual instruments and good vocals to write amazing songs.

I started listening to the Black Keys because of tighten up but this song was the one that caught my attention and since then the Black keys have become my favorite group.

This is the song that made me love these guys. It beats everything else on this list. I've gotten many of my friends hooked on the Keys because of this song.

4 Lonely Boy (El Camino)

The amazing first single for the album El Camino. Rolling Stone praised the song, giving it four out of five stars, saying that "Frustrated desire is the song's ostensible theme... But for Keys fans, this is a clean hit of instant gratification. " I loved the music video- that dance was precious!

Has an amazing old rock sound to it and the video is so anti-establishment with its one man show. I love this song and play it all the time. I'm new to The Black Keys scene but this song got me hooked and now I'm making up for lost time. But this song will always be my favorite!

Gives you that feel of the old 70s with the touch of modern rock. Ultimate feel provided whole together. Gets your spirits all high. Super energetic song. The simply changes the mood with keeping in account the feel which can never be lost. Must for every single lonely boy in the towm.. Keep rocking, cheers.. M/

How is this not Number One? It won a Grammy! People have to listen more and dig in for the riffs, not just sit and watch MTV or MUCH :/

5 Weight of Love (Turn Blue)

This song is not only by far the best of Turn Blue, but one of their best ever. Bass line, guitar solo, drums all work perfectly to create this amazing song

A slow relaxed and gradual build up reminiscent of Pink Floyd's 'Breathe' gradually climaxes into a amazing guitar solo backed by solid base... the perfect song while tripping

This one, turn blue and unknown brother are the best. But there are a lot of really good songs, no question.

The buildup, calming voice, then powerful guitar solo make for the best Black Keys song I've ever heard.

6 I Got Mine (Attack & Release)

You haven't properly experienced this song until you see them play it live. The rock in this song is so much stronger than his other songs. Go listen to it right now!

The live versions of this song all feature a completely random and epic solo and close the concerts with perfection. Just so much energy!

The Black Keys finish strong, I Got Mine is what they use to close their shows. This song is top 3, at worst!

Easily the best, this brings back rock and roll that this generation is missing!

7 Everlasting Light (Brothers)

Most beautiful, soulful, borderline R&B song (yet still completely rocking) song on brothers. Worth the listen, every time.

Music is not just about chords, it's about how we feel when listening.
This is the best song of Black Keys.

How the heck is this not higher?! Amazing vocals by Auerbach and a subtle but amazing buildup from start to finish?! Come on people

I really think this song should be higher up, amazing song, all and all.

8 Thickfreakness (Thickfreakness)

Love this song its just classic black keys. If you are rating this top ten solely based on popularity than I understand why this is so low.

Huge Keys fan, this is probably their best (although there are too many to really choose a clear best. )

Fills up the room...

9 10 A.M. Automatic (Rubber Factory)

Anyone who doesn't have this in their top 10 Black Keys songs, well they shouldn't be making a Black Keys list in the first place. What an amazing song...

This is one of their best songs with simple rock guitar and no keyboards bringing the thickness of the guitar down. This song should be higher.

Great song. Maybe not their best, but definitely in the Top ten!

This is easily their best song.

10 Strange Times (Attack & Release)

HOLY CRAP! This song is so cool. There is no way that someone can't like this, unless, of course, they're crazy!

This song has an amazing riff, should be higher.

This is THE best alt rock song ever. the guitar is so cool. I love to play it

If it was worthy of being in Grand Theft Auto IV then it most definitely belongs in the top ten

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11 Howlin' for You (Brothers)

It kicks! The drums are the best. And who did not see trailer (video), it's like parody of Hollywood movie - then you must see it.

This is something else! It sets you on right fro the beginning to the end!

This is classic rock at its best... Baby I'm howlin for you...

"It's True, Baby I'm Howling For You! " Really catchy and amazingly creative

12 Set You Free (Thickfreakness)

Really awesome riff. It's amazing how the Black Keys are just two people. They create ideas that are the views of many. SO awesome!

Unique song. Their best in my opinion. Quite perfect.

13 Fever (Turn Blue)

This is their worst song in a long time and should not be in this list at all. It's a weak pop version designed to appeal to the masses.

Best song from their newest album (2014) called Turn Blue.

Catchy song and should be higher. But not the best

Great song.. Obviously inspired by Pink Floyd

14 Oceans & Streams (Attack & Release)

So many awesome songs by tjese guys, but this one takes the cake.
Its also very underrated in my opinion. Good to see it on this list. Proves that Keys Fans have awesome taste! :) now if only I could learn to play that awesome solo...

This song adds so many awesome components plus an awesome beat. Definitely one of their best ones

15 Psychotic Girl (Attack & Release)

Simply there best song ever! Sit back, crank it up, and love it!
And a famous quote from White Men can't Jump ".. Look man, you can listen to Jimi but you can't hear him. There's a difference man. Just because you're listening to him doesn't mean you're hearing him... "

16 Ten Cent Pistol (Brothers)
17 Sinister Kid (Brothers)

First of all it's based on a real life story! Secondly, it's just awesome. This Tighten up Gold on the Ceiling and Lonely Boy are the best

18 Girl is on My Mind (Rubber Factory)

So catchy and rad and guitars and...

19 Just Got to Be (Magic Potion)

How In the world is this 51... I think the world should listen to the whole CD and not cherry-pick the hits!

Best off magic potion

One of the best! Top 5

20 Never Gonna Give You Up (Brothers)

So full of sound! A great song.

21 Meet Me in the City (Chulahoma)
22 Nova Baby (El Camino)

My favorite song by the Black Keys, the song sounds great when at both of the tempos it switches to and the lyrics are very meaningful

23 Your Touch (Magic Potion)

Bloody great song, should definitely be higher, but I can't say I'm surprised that all their mainstream stuff is up top, while amazing songs like this go unrecognized, like if you're not a real fan and you haven't heard half of these songs, why are you voting? You don't have a broad enough perspective yet, which is fine, just listen to more of their music!

Simple, but an unforgettable riff. Dan's voice suits that blue's guitar amazingly well.

Come on. Nobody knows their old stuff, wich is the best. This needs to be #1

24 Midnight In Her Eyes (Thickfreakness)
25 Dead and Gone (El Camino)

Just saw this so low down and was like, gotta vote for it. Might even be my favourite Black Keys song, but suppose various songs are good in different ways.

Great song, doesn't stop moving, Carney is really on point in this too.

I think this is my favourite song by the black keys, why is it so low?!

Should be higher in my opinion! Great tune.

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