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Annihilator isn't just a band; they're a force to be reckoned with in the heavy metal world. Hailing from Canada, they burst onto the scene in the 1980s, setting the pace with their unique blend of thrash and progressive metal. What sets Annihilator apart from the rest? It's their fusion of blistering fast rhythms, intricate guitar work, and provocative lyrics. Jeff Waters, the band's founder, lead guitarist, and occasional vocalist, has often been the driving force behind their sound, but every member past and present has contributed to their iconic style.

If you're here, you're not just a casual listener, are you? You're a fan. You know the kind of sonic magic Annihilator can deliver. You've heard "Alison Hell," their breakthrough track that narrates a chilling tale of a girl descending into madness. You've headbanged to "Set the World on Fire," a ferocious critique of societal greed and corruption. And surely, you've let yourself get lost in the dark, haunting melody of "Phoenix Rising."

This isn't just a list of songs; it's a testament to Annihilator's enduring impact on heavy metal. Each vote is a tribute to the power of their music, a nod to the unforgettable riffs, the compelling lyrics, the moments of raw, unfiltered emotion that only Annihilator can deliver. This isn't about creating a hierarchy; it's about celebrating the music that brings us all together, the songs that resonate with us on a visceral level.
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1 Alison Hell

Alison Hell is a masterpiece. During that era thrash metal was nearly identical with punk and this album drew the line between them. Also its worth mentioning that Megadeth was influenced by this album while recording Rust in Peace. Complex riffs show Jeff Waters' technicality and it's probably one of the most progressive thrash metal song. The tone of the bass in the intro is amazing, followed by the Iron Maidenish riff then a groovy and a fast riff then the main riff. It feels like it's a compressed progressive metal song.

2 Human Insecticide

Thrash metal at its best - fast, heavy, technical.

3 Schizos (Are Never Alone)

A riff fest. Great solo. Maybe it's their most technical song and one of their fastest. The guitar work is technically sophisticated and insanely good.
I think this masterpiece is sorta underrated even by the Annihilator's fans because it's almost instrumental and it's structure is unusual.

4 The Trend
5 Set the World on Fire

The song starts with a clean tone and then changes key and tone. The awesome groovy riff in the beginning compels you to listen the whole song. Followed by one of the best riffs of all time in the chorus. If you play guitar, I highly recommend learning the chorus riff, I guarantee you'll play it over and over again and headbang until you get dizzy. After the second chorus is the interlude which resembles a Dream Theater song with it's odd time signatures and melody. In the end, the climax of the song. The drums become 2 times faster, your heart beats faster and then you hear Aaron Randall scream "FIRE! " That's when you feel like punching anyone near you in the face.

6 W.T.Y.D.

Welcome To Your Death has one of the best guitar tones I've ever heard. The riffs are awesome and you will find yourself singing along to the chorus the first time you hear it. A song where Jeff Waters shows his talent accompanied by Randy Rampage's awesome gritty vocals.

7 King of the Kill

King of the Kill is the most catchy song by Annihilator. You understand that it's going to be a kickass song as soon as you hear the intro. I was listening to this song with a friend of mine who doesn't even know what thrash metal is and after 5 minutes I could hear him singing "Don't try to run there's no way to survive." The only downside of this song is that it's too short. By the way I would recommend the Feast Deluxe Re-recorded version, in my opinion Dave is much better on vocals.

8 Haunted

Drum intro/outro - one of the best in metal, if not the best. Mike Mangini was really diabolic here.

9 Phantasmagoria

Lots of great riffs are concentrated in the first 2 minutes that you'll not be able to decide when you should headbang. Then you'll find yourself again listening to an awesome song.

10 Imperiled Eyes
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11 The Fun Palace

Jeff Waters is definitely a genius, especially on what he does in choruses. This song is another one with a great chorus. The screams, "Panic! " really get you in the mood and the riff melts your face. Everything is great in this song, the verse, the chorus, guitar solo. It's a shame that they don't perform this song live as much as Alison Hell or Set the World on Fire.

12 Ultra Motion

One of their fastest and heaviest songs. Awesome. Love the drums, too.

13 Never, Neverland

This song is literally a story narrated by a girl who was locked in his room by his grandmother. The music fits the lyrics perfectly. It's as if this was originally a story, but Jeff Waters enhanced the narration by his magic. I would feel like giving spoilers If I told you more about the song, so go listen it right now!

14 City of Ice
15 Hunter Killer
16 Warbird
17 Chasing the High
18 Stonewall

Stone wall 21? The song is top ten material!

19 Road to Ruin
20 Dr. Psycho

Funny and heavy song. Annihilator is the most underrated band ever, and my favorite.

21 Maximum Satan
22 Crystal Ann
23 Phoenix Rising

One of Annihilator's better slow songs, has a fantastic chorus and great solo!

24 Clown Parade
25 Knight Jumps Queen
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