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1 Phobia

The best album by them yet. Their best songs are in this album, such as Dance with the Devil, Diary of Jane, and breath. And, of course, Unknown Soldier is my favorite Breaking Benjamin song and my second favorite song overrall! (Sorry, B.B. fans, but Three Days Grace overpowers this guy by a mile tenfold.

Yeah, Dear Agony is deeply personal and also quite aggressive at times, but Phobia for me has the upper hand. Favourite tracks include The Diary Of Jane, Breath, Dance With The Devil, Topless and Unknown Soldier. I think the other tracks are 'meh' at best but Phobia is still a great album.

Such a strong message comes through in all of the songs on this album. There are so many underrated songs, so much power, so many raw emotions... This is Breaking Benjamin at their best.

2 Dear Agony

There are too many great songs on this album. I personally don't think BB have a bad song and DBD, Ember and Phobia are all in my top 10 albums of all time but this one has something special about it. "Fade Away" starts the album, ignoring the opening track that it's predecessor had in "Intro". From this point you can feel the theme of the album while also allowing the listener to make their own interpretation on its meaning. Songs like "I Will Not Bow" And "Crawl" continue on from this point, and aren't anything to special but are still good listens. "Give Me A Sign" is a true warning for how fantastic the home run on this album will be and when the album reaches "Anthem Of The Angels" you find some of Bens best songs. "Without You" and "Into The Nothing" are both top quality tracks and close the album with a strong finish but something truly spectacular precedes these two and "Lights Out". The title track "Dear Agony" is what makes this album BB's best. Everything about this album really culminates in this song and some could say all of BB's other albums also culminate here too. An anthem about facing your inner enemy should be powerful and this song shows that perfectly, Bens voice really tell us how much pain he puts into this song, with it arguably being his strongest performance to this day. "Dear Agony" is BB's greatest album and was a perfect sendoff to the original lineup, regardless of how sour the reason for the split was.

3 We Are Not Alone

While some of the other albums may have certain songs that really stand out and are extremely powerful, this album is captivating from start to finish. It opens with "So Cold" which sets the bar pretty high, and then it never drops. Not many albums can say they are great from start to finish, this one does and does it beautifully. I would have to say as far as albums, this is my absolute favorite. I have SONGS on the other albums that I love more than any of the ones on We Are Not Alone, but this album is the most balanced and over all enjoyable. To me THIS IS Braking Benjamin at their best! If some one had never listened to them before this is where I would tell them to start!

This album got the band to where they are today, as one of alt. Metal/hard rock's most popular artists. 'So Cold' set the modern rock/metal radio template for a hit song, 'Sooner or Later' cemented their place as a dominant rock act, and 'Rain', the 2005 single and album version, showed their ability to slow down and sing a beautiful, calming song. The 2005 single version (also released on some copies of "Phobia", another great album by the band, and as a hidden track on the re-release of "We Are Not Alone" when it was certified platinum by the RIAA) also shows how experienced Ben is in the vocals department. Let's not forget the powerful, harsh, and masterful drumming of Jeremy Hummel, crushing and melodic playing of guitarist Aaron Fink, and the outstanding, driving force of bass player Mark Klepaski. This album, after going Platinum, quickly caught the attention of their record label 'Hollywood', thus giving them more attention, and earning them the status that got "Phobia" and "Dear Agony" (their latest STUDIO album, released in 2009) their spots as 1st and 2nd (respectively) on this list. Please don't underrate this album, and upvote it.

4 Dark Before Dawn

Just heard it. SO. DAMN. GOOD. Actually quite a heavy album, I thought it was going to be lighter. Awesome harmonies on these songs. Even some nice guitar solos, this albums been a huge suprise. Screams actually play a huge part in these songs, wasn't expecting that. Just Amazing, simply amazing. Their best album yet, to say the least.

Been a Breaking Benjamin fan since Saturate. I believe this album really brought Breaking Benjamin back to their roots of what made them so great with We Are Not Alone and the previous mentioned album. Glad the restructure of the band didn't ruin any of this.

Actually my favorite BB album is Phobia but I vote for this one because it is so amazing and proves that BB didn't lose their style like other Rock bands. Also, it is BB's comeback album after a long time. Vote for it people, it's much better than We Are Not Alone and Sturate!

5 Saturate

When judging an album, I say, which album has the MOST songs that I enjoy. Not necessarily my favorite song by the band. IN this case it is both! Every song is a gem on this album. Every song has five stars for me!

Easily better than Phobia and any of the rest, definitely their best album and I can't believe it isn't rated higher.

SO underrated. Listen to Skin, Home, Medicate, Polyamorous etc. These are some of Breaking Benjamin's best songs!

6 Ember

This is what we get when every album in a discography is spot on master class. I guarantee you if this album was released by someone else rather than Breaking Benjamin, it would be among the top 3.

The only BB albums better than Ember are Dear Agony and Phobia... This is yet another memorable album by BB, and its heavy. Thank you BB

Ember was fantastic!

7 Shallow Bay: The Best of Breaking Benjamin

This is one of their best greatest hits album! All of the rarities and hits!

8 Live (2004)
9 So Cold (Dig)
10 Breaking Benjamin (EP)
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11 Aurora
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