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1 Sleepyhead

I knew this song from Little Big Planet. I'm a little bias because of all the beautiful memories from that game. Take A Walk is also amazing. They're both on equal level for me.

Now THIS is how you sample a song. The singer's voice simply explodes with passion (thus the name of the band) and the way he remixed that old song will be stuck in yor head forever.

I can't even describe how this song makes me feel... It just put me in a better mood automatically and draws a smile on my face right away!

2 Carried Away

This song is great for many reasons. The bubbliness and airiness of passion pit's songs add to the character if the music.

My favorite, I love the tune the meaning the video just an over all great song.

Makes me automatically feel refreshed and happy. Beautiful song.

3 Eyes as Candles

By far my most favorite song by Passion Pit.

4 Little Secrets

Straight up the most interesting song they've made. There's so much going on you never get bored of it.

Probably about Michael's struggle with bipolar disorder? Can't get enough of the melody and lyrics!

Genius lyrics, quick beat, mysterious meaning. Brings back rock and alternative ties into a psychedelic beat

5 Take a Walk

This song is so catchy, and it feels wholesome, like a song really should be. It sounds amazing, it feels natural, and the lyrics and relatable. I would have to jump right over Sleepyhead, despite it's creativity and well selected instruments, this song is truly addicting.

I heard this song on the radio when it was first released. I didn't quite catch the name of it and subsequently spent pushing a year to try and find this song. Beautiful and catchy

I love this song the lyrics are great and I love the chorus! Who won't like this song with its flowing beat and tones!

6 To Kingdom Come

Took me by surprise first time I heard it. Amazing song and definitely a stand out for Passion Pit and music in general! The dark lyrics about orange peels and crying to God are very dark, but it's contrast with the happy melody is interesting and very catchy. The "feel alriight" part is probably some of the best 15 seconds you'll ever hear.

The feel alright part always gets me jumping every time. It's very dark lyrics totally contrast the happy melody. Great song and personal favorite on the Manners album, right next to Sleepyhead.

7 The Reeling

Truely an amazing song. The trumpet is really creative and unique. The synths fit perfectly. And that chorus. So catchy! And one of the best parts is that classic drum pattern from the 80s that occurs after every few measures or so. Genius

8 Moth's Wing

This is my favorite song, so of course I'm biased, but it's also amazing and it instantly lifts my spirits. It can mean anything to anyone, which is part of how cool it is. You can derive your own meaning from it, which is unique nowadays.

One of the best songs from manners, just beautiful lyrics, a sweet, soft instrumental are perfect together.

Great, deep vocals and detailed instrumentals. The great lyrics help too. Moths Wings definitely my favourite

9 Make Light
10 It's Not My Fault, I'm Happy

I first found out about this song from the fun size soundtrack when victoria was running and I thought it was absolutely perfect and I had to find it. a year later and it's still one of my favourite songs by pp and I can't believe its not in the top five what the hell

A song about despair and shortcomings with an underlying tone of vengeance and anger, one of the most complex songs on the album.

I'm not sure but I once heard that this song is about someone with bipolar disorder. God, what an amazing song still.

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11 Cry Like a Ghost

By far their most complete work. Lyrics and production are flawless. This song MAKES the album.

My favorite Passion Pit song, yet it's ranked this low. Definition of underrated.

This song is and always will be one of my favourite songs of all time.

12 Constant Conversations
13 Lifted Up (1985)
14 Swimming in the Flood

This song is so good! I think it should easily be in the top five. I love the wailing, moaning sound of this song. It's such a bittersweet song, and it works absolutely perfectly.

This is the most underrated and best passion pit song so far.

1. To kingdom come
2. Swimming in the flood
3. Sleepyhead
4. Folds in your hands

15 I'll Be Alright

Excellent bridge between the separate parts of the song and the amazing "I'll Be Alright" chorus. Definitely one of Passion Pit's best songs.

16 Where We Belong

The most under-rated Passion Pit song ever. The lyrics show Michael Angelakos's struggle through his mental disorders. In the end it becomes a song about learning how to depend on the ones you love to recover

Unflinchingly vulnerable and personal "where we belong" is without a doubt one of Angelakos's most intimate and disturbed songs that serves as a perfect conclusion for gossamer.

Easy the most powerful Passion Pit song of all time. Every piece of it is absolutely perfect. This song changed my life.

17 Where the Sky Hangs

A catchy song that makes you happy.

18 I've Got Your Number
19 Where I Come From
20 Folds in Your Hands
21 Let Your Love Grow Tall
22 Love Is Greed
23 Seaweed Song
24 All I Want
25 Smile Upon Me
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