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1 It Never Ends

The meaning of this song is so deep and sad, violins at the beginning set the scene of the song and you can feel and hear the pain in Oli's voice. The use of a female vocalist also brings the song to a different aspect. It's an excellent song of crescendoing screams, guitar riffs and drums. Definitely one of their best songs

The has an incredible construction, everything is on the right place at the right time with enough variation. The part after "you said this is suicide, I say this is a war" is simply perfect. The lyrics is also very profound.

Everything about the song is special, makes you want to head bang and you feel the emotion put into it. Then, that well put 'Ohh" in the middle is just perfect and gives you chills. This song just makes me really happy.

I love the lyrics of the Song, it fit just so good to my emotions in the moment. Furthermore the instruments are very very good and brings very much power in the song, so that the message is well communicated. (sorry for my bad English)

2 Shadow Moses

I am not generally into, and I'll use the term loosely,"metal", however I think that the whole of Sempiternal is absolutely beautiful. The lyrics are so powerful and I love how much emotion BMTH but into their music. Shadow Moses is the song that I got pulled in by however I think Sleepwalking, And the snakes start to sing and Can you feel my hear are equally incredible however Shadow Moses makes me feel a certain way which I have never felt before with any other song ever

I can't explain how much I love this song. The lyrics hit home with me, and I could blast them all day. Not to mention the background music and buildup. To top it off, the music video is absolutely gorgeous!

Got to be one of BMTH's best songs yet! Love the instrumentals and the singing, even the video is amazing. Just goes to show how much the band have grown.

Great video, great lyrics and hard rocking too. This song is my favorite from bring me the horizon. I love it.

3 Sleepwalking

Make it #1, guys! No song can compare. A deep, emotional song interpreted different ways, but nonetheless amazing. I sense its either about depression or drugs. Whichever it may be, you can't help but feel the music as oli sings with his beautifully raspy voice about feeling alone and dead inside. The lyrics are simply unreal in the sense that they speak to you even without a voice to carry them. I, for one, experience a feeling of understanding when I listen to this song. Trying to find a better description of depression is like trying to beat it all alone. Just listen.

No song has conveyed emotions quite as effectively as this one did. The instrumental is on point, the lyrics are on point. You can literally hear the emotions come right out of the speakers and hit you in the face when the chorus plays. All in all, this is one of the songs I'd NEVER delete from my playlist.

I love Sleepwalking. It's a genuinely deep, beautiful song- along with "Can you feel my heart? " I swear, though, if I hear "Can you feel my heart" my once more my head will explode. Sleepwalking is just an amazing song and I can't get enough of it. It's outstanding.

Much more sophisticated and unique than any other bring me the horizon song. The instrumentals are smoother and more defined, yet Oli's vocals are rough, raspy and yet very easy listening. Lyrically brilliant and emotional. Best work yet.

4 Can You Feel My Heart

Erm, top three? This song has so much raw emotion in it and is one of their most lyrically beautiful ones. It's all one great metaphor about feeling alone and being nothing. Accepting your problems. Not to mention the synths and drums in this sounds awesome. Real solid beat.

"I'm scared to get close and I hate being alone. I long for that feeling to not feel at all. The higher I get the lower I sink. I can't drown my demons they know how to swim." <--- that just ties the whole song together to make an epic track to go down in history.

"I'm scared to get close, I hate being alone. I long for that feeling, to not feel at all. The higher I get, the lower I'll sink. I can't drown my demons, they know how to swim"
This song is just..perfection. I'm surprised it's not at the top 3. It might not be one of their most lyrically beautiful songs, but it has a catchy beat that could give anyone a feel-good vibe and the light screaming and singing near the end just makes this song one of their best.

It's simply the best song I've ever listened to it deserves to be number 2 on side of drown. It's just one of those songs you instantly fall in live with and need more. It helps fill your head with a more amazing aspect. So you aren't always just thinking music consumes at least half of my taughts and this song makes half of that

It is perfection! I agree. The lyrics are some of the best I've heard.. Like in general! It's definitely my number 1. It blows me away every time I hear it. And you'd think the "wow" factor would wear off, nope, I think that speaks to how great this song truly is!

5 Chelsea Smile

The whole Suicide Season album is amazing but this song is definitely my favorite. I can play this all day and never get bored of it. The best part of this song is where everything gets quiet and then the epic bass drop happens. This isn't in the music video but BMTH always does this live and makes everyone jump up from sitting position. It's just simply the best song to rock out to.

I also recommend The Comedown if you like this song. It's the first track of Suicide Season.

I love almost all of BMTH songs, but this particular song had such deep lyrical meaning that it ought to be their best song ever. I also love hearing his voice rage on with the beat- it's totally the kind of song you should listen to with the volume to the sky. LOVE IT.

I'll give you a few good reasons to fall in love with this song: 1) The Lyrics 2) The intense guitar towards the end 3) Look at the mosh pit during this song. It's intense 4) Did I mention the lyrics? 5) It's a work of art. There you go

I was inspired by Oliver's way of expressing his depression through metaphors. Also, the way he sings the lyrics to this song is way too powerful!

6 Crucify Me

This is the best song hands down. It has such beautiful and poetic lyrics that makes you think and feel the deep emotions in the song. Beutiful lyrics, beautiful composition, this is exactly the componennts of a perfect song. It is one of the most beautiful and deep songs I have ever heard in my life

#10? Really? Come on. This is easily their most musically intricate and meaningful song. The above songs are fantastic also, but this blows all of them out the water. This should be #1 with It Never Ends at #2.

Seriously Don't Go ahead of Crucify Me? If all the emos didn't flock to this list to vote Crucify Me would be in the top 3 easy. One of their most musically advanced songs.

Number 9 though!? What the hell it should be number one it means so much to me and has the best lyrics in the history of Bring me the Horizon!

7 Blessed with a Curse

The most beautifully emotional song I have ever heard... Love the lyrics and love the way the end of Memorial fades into the beginning of this song. Absolutely amazing.

This song has amazing lyrics and I really like the concept of the song. Being "blessed with a curse". I think it's a really emotional song and definitely my favorite from BMTH.

Ahh, this song is so damn emotional, love everything of it!

The meaning in this song is so hard hitting, number 1 for sure.

8 The House of Wolves

Amazing song! Oli wrote this song after he finished rehab. He basically wrote about his feelings on God and how the people trying to help him wouldn't stop shoving their beliefs down his throat. Seeing BMTH perform this live was one of the greatest moments of my life. The band and crowd went crazy and the projection screen behind the band showed huge wolves hunting in a snowy forest. It's great lyrically and the drums and guitar riffs are hard-core and phenomenal.

Really I don't like the anti-theism because I love God like a lot. But still an outraging song my favorite from bring me the horizon. I love the rhythm, the sound of the guitars. It's literally one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life. Long live Bring Me The Horizon.

Oh my god this song I could not stop playing after I heard, the best and most additive song in the album. Its also an epic alarm and ring tone.

This should be number one. The guitar in this song is the best to be honest.

9 Hospital for Souls

This song saved me. The part of Oli speaking at the beginning was enough to have me hooked, and you can just hear the emotion and meaning during the "hold me close, don't let go, watch me burn" part. This song will always be special to me and will always make me feel a little better. I love BMTH, and I think they always do a good job of showing how things really feel in their lyrics, but this song is just something else.

The second song I ever heard from them, I cried because of it and it saved my life twice. was having a bad time, had my music on shuffle, was ready to do it BOOM hospital for souls and I was in tears on my floor sobbing. it gets better every time you analyze the song, the song means sooo much to me I can't even express it. the lyrics are so deep and oli uses pretty much all of the voices he can. speaking, his lil seductive whispery voice and his screaming voice. need anything else?

This song is amazing it definitely deserves to be higher in this list. the lyrics are so deep and meaningful and everything is perfect from oli's voice to the instrumental to the talking part at the beginning. this song means so much to me and I can't even begin to comprehend in words how many times this song had made me change my attitude on a bad day. its PERFECT.

Masterpiece in the fullest definition of the word - emotional (so emotional), the music to it is amazing, the lyrics have gotten me every single time I listen to it...truly one of BMTH's best works, and one of my favorites along with Chelsea Smile, Suicide Season, Don't Go, etc from their other albums.

10 Diamonds Aren't Forever

The best song: a perfect combination of the deathcore screaming of Count Your Blessings and This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For, and the semi-clear vocals of There Is A Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It.There is A Heaven, Let's Keep It A Secret and Sempiternal. And this song's got it, with also a great lyric... I Love It! It's my favorite song.

This song ROCKS! I love the lyrics, the strong beat when the main chorus plays, this song is just amazing! I believe that anyone looking for a strong upbeat hardcore metal song will just absolutely LOVE this song!

The best song by them! This is the first song I have listened by them! They are the best metal core band out there! Brings up so many memories!

I recently rediscovered the band, turned on this song and knew every. Single. Word. Haha Now I know why I tell everyone that "Sleep is for the weak" at random moments

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11 Don't Go

I love this song a lot because it has very deep and powerful lyrics. It emphasized Oli's vocals a lot more as well and shows people what a great vocalist he really is. The use of the other instruments were great too! Lights also added her beautiful voice in the song which gives the song a great combination of the different vocals perfectly fitted together in one song.

This song deserves to be in the top 5 at least!
Lights singing and Oli screams is truly a match made in heaven. I don't know how they do it. But they sound beyond beautiful together.

This is a great song! The lyrics are amazing (very deep and emotional). Definitely should be #1 although all of the songs on the list are fantastic.

Why is this not #1? This song is perfect the lyrics the instruments the singing it's just so complete, and you could feel the pain through the lyrics and singing

12 Happy Song

Brilliant song, opened with this at reading 2015 really set the tone for the set, and that was the one of the best sets the festival had to offer!

Amazing song for blasting in your car on the way home to pick you up after a crap day at work! Brilliantly done Oli!

Hardest on the new album

Damn this is good

13 The Sadness Will Never End

Amazing song. Sykes has amazing vocals in this song, also melodic. Amazing guest vocals from Sam Carter, vocalist of Architects. Overall possibly their best.

Amazing song. By far their greatest in terms of writting. Such a strong example of emotion in the vocals. This song is an early glimpse of what was to become their trademark sound.

Are you kidding me? This song is one of the best songs! Deep lyrics, awesome vocals and perfect sound! What's wrong with you?

This song is the best in the whole album, and the best out of all. Can You Feel My Heart should be in second place.

14 Drown

I have no idea why this is so low on the list! I mean, yeah, it came out late 2014 and stuff, but that shouldn't affect it's rating! I love Drown SO MUCH. The lyrics are beautiful, Oli sounds amazing (as usual) and it's catchy as hell. I also liked the little saxophone part that they added in, but it seems like other people didn't like it as much as I did. It makes sense though, me being a saxophonist myself, but it's still a really nice addition to the song. In my opinion, this is one of BMTH's best songs.

Okay let's not lie to ourselves. It IS a really good song but the way they kill the song at its climax for that useless jazzy part is just painful. The rest of the song is brilliant though. I'm just worried that they've transformed into whatever drown and don't look down are supposed to be..

Let me say something real quick. I hate Bring Me The Horizon, everything about them bugs me, hell the music they produce is mediocre at best... Except for this song. This song is good, not Iron Maiden good, but it's good. And this is coming from someone who loathes the band with a passion.

As a fan of many genres of music, I can thoroughly appreciate most of BMTH's discography. I discovered the band shortly after they released "Sempiternal", and I have since taken a liking to their other albums. Drown has entered my life at a very important time, and so it really resonates with me.

Other favourites -
Crucify Me
Can You Feel My Heart
And The Snakes Start To Sing
Hospital for Souls

15 Suicide Season

Rarely get a song, which is that emotional and combines lyrics and instruments that great. I think Chelsea Smile and Crucify me can keep up. Otherwise this is THE outstanding track, but one of the best bands of the century!

In my opinion this is my favourite song by them, the interlude gives me goosebumps and he lyrics are really emotional. I could blast this all day such a good song! M/

So emotional. This song lacks almost nothing. Heavy part, sad part... And I've completely fallen in love with these lyrics so bad.

This song is just amazing! I seriously cry when I listen to it. Especially the part where Oliver is whispering. So much emotion just wow

16 Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake

Seriously guys, 17th? I think this is one of the most strongest songs from the Sempiternal. The sound of this song is so unique. So professional!

I believe this should be higher. I, personally, did not like BMTH. After I heard this, I fell in love. I listen to it all the time and it never gets old. Why is it at 12?

I didn't realize just how much I enjoyed this song until I looked at the number of plays it had on my phone.

If you like Linkin Park but with heavier sound, then this is your taste!

17 Antivist

This the best song! How is it not top ten? It explains how society is now and days.

This song is the best. It's the reason why I started listening to this band!

I listen to this song whenever I'm mad or lonely. Antivist rock my world!

How is this not in the top 10?!?! One of the best songs I've ever heard.

18 Pray for Plagues

The album Count Your Blessings is, in my opinion, their best work and I would argue that this is the best song bmth ever released. When someone looks up Deathcore, this song should be the first to appear. These guys used to be so heavy... I miss those days...

The fact that most of their top 10 is their sell-out stuff, proves the pure sadness of what BMTH's fanbse is like today. And it's no one's fault but the band themselves. Well, mostly Oli. He's turned into an egocentric jerk ever since Suicide Season.

Best Deathcore songs I've ever heard.. ! Diamonds Aren't Forever is The best by BMTH.. & This should be 2.. Come on 'It Never Ends' don't deserve that.. 'Blessed With a Curse' is way better than that from their newest album..
1. Diamonds Aren't Forever
2. Pray for Plagues
3. The Sadness Will Never End
4. Chelsea Smile...

This is definitely the best song by BMTH. Guitar riffs and drums are awesome. I'm not a big fan of Sykes's voice, but in this song, I think it is quite good.

19 Alligator Blood

It's awesome with a mix of awesome lyrics and great rhythm. I love it more every time I listen to it definitely the best song by bring me the horizon that I have heard yet

This song pretty much sums up a deathcore image. One of their best songs and their most catchiest in my opinion

I love this song! How isn't this number 1?!?! This song defines BMTH's roots and everything that is the genre deathcore!

Lets play a game of Russian roulette, ill hold the gun you place the bet. Enough said!

20 Empire (Let Them Sing)

I really like the Sempiternal-Album (the others are ok but for me they're not that amazing). Empire is not that outstanding, but combines amazingly powerful guitar, drums, heavy screaming with calmer, beautiful parts. My personal Number 1.

Should be at least in the top 5! His voice is extremely powerful in this. Very deep lyrics, solic track. Brings fire to your bones. If you're looking through this list for the best songs to download, download this and ones before it.

Pure awesome.

The best song by bthm. His voice reminds me of Chester from linkin park. Chorus is epic and I like the singing

Their best song in my opinion.

21 Follow You

Even though it's different from their normal style, it deserves much more appreciation!

This should be higher. This song is beautiful.

I'm in love with this song. It's so seductive!

This should be higher up the list!

22 F***

Possibly the best song on the new album. It's a song a lot of people can relate to and Josh (YMAS) gives it that something extra. Overall great one.

Best song in my opinion, and easily the best on There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret.

We're young and in love..

23 And the Snakes Start to Sing

The lyrics are so clever in this song. The first time I heard the lyric "or just a step to climb" I could feel tears in my eyes. This song is like Can You Feel My Heart? With the repetition of beautiful lyrics. I felt like Oli was really opening up to us fans about his parents when writing this song (with the help of Lee and Jordan of course).

"And the Snakes Start to Sing" is easily Bring Me the Horizon's most solid song to date. This track is pure genius. The lyrics, instrumentals and vocals are all amazing. The lyrics are something out of this world. "If you can't soar with the eagles, then don't fly with the flock. "

Everything about this song is beautiful, including the clean vocals and the lyrics. It has to be my favorite Bring Me The Horizon song. And that beat, it's addictive.

This song brings the best elements and shows us what BMTH is really capable of. It's a beautiful song. Many music critics cite this song as one of the best they have ever written. Definitely should be in the top ten.

24 Throne

This was the first track I heard from this band. Man, where have these guys been the last few years for me? Or maybe I just got out of touch with Rock in general. Granted, this is an amazing song and swear I heard 10 times in a row after hearing it. Still in my favorite tracks.

I'm a new fan of the band and this is the song that got me into them. In my opinion, this MUST be in the top ten. The vocals on this track are just amazing.

I know this is not the metalcore style we are used to, but I gotta say this is such a great song. I like metacore, but their new "electronic" style is getting me addicted to them anyway.

How is there any comparison? This song is godly, it's vocals fit perfectly with everything in the song, it's just so amazing!

25 Doomed

Definitely my favourite from the new album! It starts off poppy and Justin Bieber like( Jokes, but it was poppy). Yet when the tempo picks up with the build up and the rawness comes through Olis singing...goosebumps!

This song is perfect. The instrumentals are great, Oli's vocals are clean and calm, and then the chorus hits hard, still clean, but powerful and mesmerizing. Amazing.

One off of the new album "That's the Spirit" just really good. Amazing singing as well as screaming of course and the beat is amazing.

This song is powerful, It's lyrics represent a lot of struggle. My favorite from "That's the Spirit" this and Hospital For Souls are my emotional escapes

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