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1 Moving to New York

Did you see the crowd's reaction when they started playing this song at Radio 1's Big Weekend? This is definitely their best, most successful and biggest song to date. Not only that but it has the best lyrics too. VOTE!

Are you kidding me!? THIS is the best song by The Wombats BY FAR, wait no this is the best song of the year 2007! It is THAT good. Listen to the single version, it's amazing. This should be top of the list with like 30 percent of the votes!

Why is this only 4th on this list? This is the single greatest Indie Rock song of the decade. No, forget that, I meant greatest Indie Rock song of all time. Vote!

2 Let's Dance to Joy Division

Almost Impossible to choose between this and moving to New York, but this one got my vote because it has an amazing vibe and a great upbeat rhythm. It really gets you in the mood for almost any occasion. It is also nice to see some Liverpudlians making the most of their accents. Overall a fantastic song that you can't stop dancing along to (even if you are like me and you can't dance.. )
It is also accessible to a wide range of audiences, I am 13 and I absolutely LOVE the Wombats even if my friends prefer Miley Cyrus..

3 Jump Into the Fog

The melody, guitar, lyrics is so brilliant. It is, in my opinion, one of the greatest songs in the Indie-techno-pop figure this century.

OMG I love this song! such a good song and it makes my want to dance every time I listen to it!

I love this song, and it was also the first song I ever listened by wombats. Amazing lyrics and really good guitar ;D

4 Techno Fan

Techno Fan is my forever favourite! This and Your Body Is A Weapon caught my attention the most out of all the songs. Its very catchy and it makes anyone want to do the whole head banging jizz

One of their bests, song I loved the most from hearing them live

5 Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves)

This is one song that is so incredibly catchy. It is stuck in my head 90% of the time. There's been a lot of questioning as to what the meaning of this song is... Any ideas?

This was the first song I'd ever heard from them (thanks to Tumblr) and instantly fell in love. The beat is incredibly catchy and easy to sing along to. It should be firt, in my opinion

This song is good to listen to on any occasion, and showcases the style of The Wombats quite well.

6 1996

Just a good nostalgic song about the 90s. Some people like it because they were born in 1996 but why would you want to go back if you weren't old enough to remember it then. Regardless of that excellent song.

Well they chose a good year (born in '96) and then paired it with awesome music. First Wombats song the I heard and I still really like it. Good chiller song, I love it and it should be wayy higher!

Excellent song full of good nostalgic lyrics and an all around happy feel. For me, this song hits harder than others.

7 Kill the Director

Why is "Moving to New York" number 1. Not their best. Kill the director is GLORIOUS!... I'm prepared to defend this with rapier v rapier combat.

Should definitely be among the top 3!

Wombats = :o
They are all musical geniuses! Lip-sinking to joy division right this second! Mumford good too xx

8 Greek Tragedy

One of their new singles. I have no idea how to describe this song. The intro is amazing and the lyrics and the chorus. Just wow. 'She hits like ecstasy' I really love that line. You guys have to listen to it. I personally love their new style.

This song conveys emotions that I can't put into words. Every time I hear it, it's like the first time I hear it.

First song I've heard from the Wombats, definitely my second favorite since "Give me a try" is my first.

9 Turn
10 Derail and Crash
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11 Our Perfect Disease

This is even better than Tokyo, deserves more votes in my opinion, should be at least in the top 5...

12 Backfire at the Disco

This song always cracks me up, especially the phenomenal chorus!

13 School Uniforms

This is definitely one of my favorites from the first album. The lyrics are memorable and the music is great!

14 Lost in the Post

My personal favourite, the song itself is brilliant but the same can't be said about the video sadly.

Why isn't 'lets dance to Joy Division' in this list?

15 Give Me a Try

First song I ever heard from them and still my favorite. So catchy and I love the lyrics.

Great song. 1st I heard from them.

16 Cheetah Tongue
17 Metro Song
18 Your Body is a Weapon

Yes! This song is so good and always makes me happy! I love how their songs are always so well written and catchy, this song is forever stuck in my head together with all their other songs. Hope this song will also be on their new album ( which will be released in the near future) last week I went to their first gig after they had been recording in the studio for five months, it was awesome! :) they even played a new song that wasnt released yet! They also played your body is a weapon for the first time live ever so I was so lucky! Great experience! They're live even better! Love the wombats!

19 Valentine

Valentine is one of my favourite songs by them and forever will be. I love the story the song tells and also the character of Valentine.

Love this song it's amazing. That's all.

Haha love this song and it always makes me laugh deserves to be higher

20 Patricia the Stripper
21 Curveballs

So underrated this song is beautiful and easily the best one off glitterbug and I just can't get over the outtro!

22 Walking Disasters
23 Here Comes the Anxiety

I don't really know why this song is that far down. It rocks.

24 Pink Lemonade
25 How I Miss Sally Bray
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