Top 10 Best The Chemical Brothers Songs

The Chemical Brothers: a name that immediately conjures up memories of pulsating beats, electrifying synths, and groundbreaking music videos. For decades, this British duo has been pushing the boundaries of electronic music, merging techno beats with psychedelic rock influences, and creating anthems that both club-goers and indie rock fans can get behind. Their sound is eclectic, a testament to their ability to adapt, evolve, and innovate while still remaining true to their roots.
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1 Galvanize

Totally an energy booster and mind-blasting track! Hope to see more like this from Chemical Brothers.

My Chemical passion began with this powerful and irresistible song!

First Chemical Brothers song I knew.

2 Hey Boy Hey Girl

Their best song... It should be at least top 3!
Yes, it's not the typical style of the Chemical Brothers, but it's still an awesome song...

Superb video. Thanks for introducing me to a first look into Chemical's amazing music!

Best song. The drops and vocals fit just right. Perfect beat, so electric.

3 Block Rockin' Beats

Instantly fell in love with TCB after hearing this song. I heard it about 5 years ago in a flash game and looked everywhere to find it.

What? This song is awesome. This should be in the top 5 at least! Listen to this, people!

First song I recall ever hearing from the ChemBro's - a Canadian street artist in Nuremberg, Germany. I was hooked...

4 Let Forever Be

A great, scattered-sounding song that I can listen to over and over. I think it's either about drug use or possibly about the robotic lifestyle most adults fall into - a sedated, zombie existence.

Great beats, great orchestration!

5 Star Guitar

That is a very nice made instrumental + video everyone who knows and admires has it in his head for months and years. I always remember the train passing by objects.That's how music or even music videos should be made. For people and to have something to chill or either party with this. Deserves at least 3rd or 2nd place here.

How is this not in the top ten? Watch the music video (which is one of the best music videos ever made), and when you've seen the video, you will love the song.

Great song. A mix of everything. A timeless classic.

6 Dissolve

How is Dissolve not in the top ten? It's one of the best modern songs by The Chemical Brothers.

One of my favorite songs of all time. Love how it progresses.

Gets my blood banging, mate. Bonkers!

7 Out of Control

That irresistible beat, that melody... Wow. In my opinion, their most perfect and exciting song. Not just your simple big beats song. It's quite complex with great build-up percussion. The guitars at the end make it almost sound psychedelic while remaining immensely catchy. Out of Control is an absolute highlight, and the vocals by Primal Scream's frontman, Bobby Gillespie, work wonders as well. Should be at least top 3.

Intense, intelligent, colorful, yet utterly simple. Electronica at its finest.

8 Swoon

I'll never be able to explain how this song makes me feel... The most euphoric melody that's ever graced my ears. Truly a masterpiece.

Swoon should be in the first place. It's the best song from Chemical Brothers. By the way, it feels like heaven hearing this song stoned.

Madly in love with this song. You will be too. It is dope-worthy.

9 The Sunshine Underground

Complex, builds, intense, great emotion!

Best electronic song ever created.

10 Hold Tight London

One of their very best songs. It should have been a single after Galvanize and Believe instead of The Boxer. Extremely underrated. Love the laid-back groove and beat.

This one is massively underrated. How can anyone like CBs and not like this?

The Contenders
11 Believe
12 Setting Sun

Rock/Dance fusion at its best. I miss the era when Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, and Massive Attack all made music in this vein.

Just a classic track with an awesome drum beat.

The best song on Dig Your Own Hole, hands down.

13 Leave Home

Captivates you the first time you listen. Never lets you go again.

14 Come Inside
15 Asleep From Day
16 Do It Again

In my opinion, the best Chemical Bros song.

Gets stuck in your head! So good!

17 Under the Influence
18 Escape Velocity

Mad song, should be higher. Lift it, guys, higher please.

Such a mad song, can't even begin to imagine it live.

Fell in love with this song again after watching American Ultra!

19 Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
20 Go

Best song yet! Fantastic when driving, at sporting events, etc.

21 Saturate

Saturate destroys. Watch their live movie, Don't Think (or just YouTube it), and watch all the Japanese people and lone white guy lose their schnarps as Saturate slowly begins to thump in...

Most epic song from the Chemical Brothers, just wow.

22 Surface to Air

It pulls you out of a low mood every time. It builds energy from within.

This one is amazing. The only reason for it to be this low is that it's unknown to the voters.

23 One Too Many Mornings
24 Where Do I Begin

It's like the most beautiful song this band has ever made! The Vanilla Sky OST, yay! Listen to it! It's great!

25 The Test

If I could cast two votes, this would be my pick. Amazing song and sound. A real journey indeed, check the video for it as well. Great vocals by The Verve's R. Ashcroft.

It's just a great trip. Love the sounds, love the journey, love the singing. Reminds me partly of The Prodigy's "Narayan"...

Love it, should be in the Top 10 in my humble opinion.

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