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1 A Thousand Years

I honestly like part 2 better. But this is still good. It's has so much meaning and I had my crush listen to it. This song should be number 1. I personally like it more than jar hearts. But give this song more votes! It's been waiting a thousand years! It can wait a thousand more if it have to.

Listening to it makes me want to fall in love. You can close your eyes, put on your headphones, and this song somehow brings back in slideshow mode every memory you had of love.
Unconsciously, somehow it makes you sieve out the loves and the flings.
Makes me cry with its rush of feelings.

2 Jar of Hearts

I always sing this song, it really matches my voice, A Thousand Years and this song is my favorite song of Christina Perri. Love this song so much, vote for it!

"You're gonna catch a cold from the ice inside your soul. "
Quality lyrics like those are becoming rarer by the day when it comes to pop music.

Wow this song is so beautiful... It makes a very dry white wintry weather around... It portrays a sadness which is so beautiful...

3 Human

I always thought Christina Perri was one of those really insensitive celebrities. Then I listened to a bunch of her songs and I was like, hey she really good, how did I not listen to her music before? And then I listened to Human and, oh my god, I was in love. Everything-the music, the lyrics, the way she sung it, the video- I mean everything was painstakingly beautiful. She's now one of my favorite artists.

A song that is so meaningful to both me and my girlfriend...and actually this is the song that kept me falling in love with her. She had so many hirts before, and a breakup and stories with her ex's boyfriend but then I encouraged her and we said together like "Yeah, we are only a human"...

4 Arms

It's one of the few bright songs that Christina Perri has, and it's plenty bright and pop. But it's lyrics are meaningful too.

Its awesome m speechless. Really really ever good

I love this song so much You don't even know!

5 A Thousand Years Pt. 2

It's the best song I have ever heard... do listen.. because I have heard a it THOUSAND times...

This part is so beautifuler than part one
It makes me feel so good

6 The Lonely

I don't like Perri a lot. I'm not a fan of her style of music ; I enjoy more soulful music/artists who will make you tear up even when you're listening to them for the hundredth time, but I have to admit this song is unbelievable. It is fantasticly sad and beyond wonderful... This coming from a non-fan is saying a lot.

This song made me realize I'm not happy. And that sounds like a bad thing, but really, it isn't. Because in order to fix a problem, a person needs to be able to see it. And this song helped me see, so thank you Christina Perri, I appreciate it so much.

7 Tragedy

I feel like she takes me on a journey with this song. It's so fun to sing along to that I often forget it's supposed to be sad. It doesn't sound quite like anything else I've heard, which is why I'm so fascinated by it.

8 One Night

It's so cool, just shows how caring she is and how talented.

It's so so peaceful and beautiful. Just love it.

9 Bluebird

I love this song! Coming from a twelve year old alto who loves to sing this song is very easy to learn and fun to sing.

10 I Don't Wanna Break

Best songs in Head or Heart after Human. The beat of this song is amazing and it's very catchy.

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11 Distance

This one should definitely be number one, such beautiful lyrics. I have the album and I swear, its her best one.

This is just a lovely song. The melody, the lyrics, everything about it is perfect.

This beats out thousand years, words can't express how beautiful this song is, the best christina perri performance to date

12 Burning Gold

This song is just so fantastic.. It should be #1 on this list! Listen to it and see for yourself... Better yet, watch the official music video. I think that this is her best song yet.

This song should be on the top ten list. And where's "be my forever" ft ed sheeran? They're the best hits of christina perri too,

One of the first songs I've ever heard from Christina Perri and I LOVE IT!

13 Sea of Lovers

This song is simply awesome... I think I of just love and my life whenever I listen to this song

This song... this song is very beautiful!

I love it more than anything in my life!

14 The Words

This song is very emotional! And also it helps you release all your negative feelings, for example, listening to this song after having breakup is helpful!

I love this song, but whenever the "love is a ghost you can't control" part comes around I automatically think Peeves from Harry Potter.

This song is the best song of Christina's so far and certainly deserves to get at the top and melody is so breathtakingly magical!

15 Bang Bang Bang

This song is song energetic. It should be higher. You want tto sing along with her. It's about how Karma had the boy who broke her heart get his heart broken. So lively

Yeah. It is so good because of the story and it could be the best story out there for girls.

16 Miles

Love love love Mis Perri it is the most romantic song of her, at chorus "Kiss me on my shoulder, and tell me it's not over I promise to always come home to you Remind me that I'm older to be brave, smart, sweet, and bolderAnd don't give up on what we're trying to doDon't count the miles, count the I love you" Mis Perri You're so Romantic Girl!

A touching yet upbeat song about a long distance relationship... How often does that come around?

I do love this song. Very romantic. Kiss me on my shoulder and tell me it's not over. One of my favorite!

17 Daydream

, I didn't even know she had this song! I need to go look it up!

18 Sad Song

"I wish I wasn't always cold
I wish I wasn't always alone"

Young adults' song of loneliness and confusion during this time... You can totally relate without trying, unless your life growing up or old is perfect...

Beautiful, truthful, and epic. Watch Jane the virgin and you'll understand why. Perri's voice, the music, the world this song takes you into is simply unobtainable!

19 Penguin
20 Black + Blue
21 I Believe

It is such an inspirational song. Every time I listen to it tears fill my eyes. I remember to keep my head up high and gives me the strength to keep going in life. It reminds me that tomorrow will be better.

Very impowering, extremely emotional, and kind of catchy! This is definitely one of my favorites, along with Be My Forever and Burning Gold!

The fact that this song isn't #1 or even in the top 10 is very soul crushing.

22 Be My Forever

Come on guys I know jar of hearts and a thousand years are great songs bit when you want to hear happy and I don't know maybe like a different type of song here os this one. In My opionion this os not the best one but I relly Love this one

This song is just so cute! It is not like her other songs, but I still love it!

I love the rhythm of this song and how upbeat it is.

23 Butterfly

It's my favorite song of Christina Perri. I just love this song, it's so beautiful.

24 Lonely Child

Cutest song! This should be higher on the list.

25 Can't Help Falling in Love

I know it's Elvis Presley but Christina did a cover of it on her youtube channel. Her version was so beautiful that I just HAD to add it to the list.

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