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1 Terrible Things

This is the first song in my life that made me cry. Seriously there is no song in the world that is this tragic. I cannot not cry a gallon of tears every time I hear this. I'll remember to sing this song to my girlfriend when I turn 20 so she can remember the time we spent together listening to this song together when we were13. But I'm still afraid if I lose her I won't be able to sing it to her.

The first time I heard this song I literally sobbed my heart out. If anyone has ever lost anyone close to them they will understand it. The tears come when Derek sings: "Boy can I tell you a terrible thing? It seems that I'm sick and I've only got weeks" Quite possibly my favorite song in the world it is beautiful.

This song has put me through so many tears, but it's amazing. It's almost like it's happy, joyful, and sad all together. I heard this song due to Clannad, a love anime which has so much to do with this song, almost a perfect fit. If you love animes, I definitely suggest watching Clannad to this song.

2 Miserable at Best

My boyfriend sent me this song when we broke up. I cried so much. The lyrics are so beautiful and the song really relates to me and him, specially since our relationship is long distance. Now we're back together and he sends me this song and tells me it reminds him of me because he says "I can live without you, but without you I'll be miserable at best." I love this song so much. The lyrics are so good...I seriously cry whenever I listen to this song.

The first time I saw them live I was doing me friend a favor after our other friend canceled. I didn't know any songs, but was instantly emotional after Derek have a speech about self harm and how things get better. They played this song after reducing everyone who wasn't already into piles of tears. Amazing song.

This is the first song I heard from them and it made me cry. Its just so beautiful with the piano and the lyrics are very meaningful and heartbreaking I want this type of song to be hear by my ears! Please vote mayday parade, you're the best!

3 I'd Hate to Be You When People Find Out What This Song is About

Why 13? This is literally one of the best songs. Interpreted it like he loves her, but he can't stand his emotions. Which is not easy for him to just let go. Totally deserves to be no. 3 or something.

They've got plenty of great songs, but this one is definitely their best. I like many, many different kinds of music and artists, and this song is easily in my top 50, which I have in no order.

Absolutely amazing. The melody is very moving and powerful, should be at the top. This song was at the top of the top on my ipod for most of it's life.

4 Oh Well, Oh Well

Honestly this song should be at least on the top ten. It has great meaning and the music just draws you in. A lot of people can relate to it and it certainly helps you getting through break ups haha. This is by far one of Mayday Parade's best work.

Oh Well, Oh Well is by far one of the BEST Mayday Parade songs out there. I love it. The song isn't just a song it's my addiction. Well, the band itself is my addiction! This song should at least be in the top three though.

AMAZING song, come on. It doesn't seem to be on the list yet! That's just wrong. Definitely my favourite song by them. Brilliant song with an ever more brilliant music video. Definitely should be up the top of the list

5 Stay

This is one of the best songs I have ever listened to. Being one of the earlier songs written by Mayday Parade, I believe that this one should definitely be in the top two. I love every song written by Mayday Parade, but this one has a powerful meaning, and its melody never ceases to catch my attention. Everything about this song is beautiful and inspirational.

My first mayday parade song I ever listened to (stay) is about someone attempting to leave another person who does not want them to... like begging not to. This is a song with a highly felt and often mesmerizing melody causing it to be one of my top 3 favorites all time by Mayday Parade because of the meaning of it emotionally.

I love this song. There are so much heartfelt lyrics in this that you could just tear up. I was crying uncontrollably when she told him not to even say hello to her. The buildup to the ending is the most intense part.

6 Jamie All Over

I feel like I love Mayday Parade's slower songs such as Miserable at Best, but this upbeat song is brilliant and stands out from a lot of the slower ones (which can get a little monotonous after a while, as much as I love them). I love it and it definitely deserves to be higher up.

This song is one of their best and should be either in first place or at least in the top three with "Miserable at Best" and "Kids in Love! " Also check out the band Forever the Sickest Kids because you won't be disappointed.

This is the first song of theirs I ever heard, and it's without a doubt their best. Super catchy, super meaningful, it really deserves better than number ten.

7 You Be the Anchor that Keeps My Feet on the Ground, I'll Be the Wings that Keep Your Heart in the Clouds

I think that this song is their best, everything about it is perfect in my eyes. The lyrics are meaningful and relatable, the vocals of Derek and Jason just work so well together and create a masterwork of amazing vocals/ lyrics. Not to mention the instruments compliment the song so well, not showcasing the bands skill necessarily but their ability to make a song simply beautiful.

This is my favorite song by Mayday Parade. Absolutely one of their best songs ever. One thorough listen can drastically change your entire mood.

This song is the greatest anthem I have ever heard, in my life. It is more in tune with emotions and love and intense feelings of worry.

8 Jersey

Jersey was the song that got me into Mayday Parade. This song is so wonderful, the words, the notes, the style. Especially "you put the hook where it hurts the most" and "that lit the candle that set us all on fire, and sent a flame down the east coast". When this song gets in my head it stays there for weeks. I keep trying to find songs like it.

I absolutely love this song! Like how the lead singer says 'I am just gone beyond repair' like it is not a big deal that he is like that way. A very touching song indeed. My mom even yells at me because I play to loud! I believe this should be #1.

This song is just amazing and, the vocals, the lyrics everything! Deserves to be in the top 5! It's so relevant to me and many others! I can't even it's so good! If your reading this stop what your doing and listen to it!

9 Anywhere But Here

The first song I've heard of Mayday Parade, and now um researching on their songs. I absolutely LOVE this song so much, the chorus makes me feel so emotional though I don't know what kind of, it reminds me of my love and how much I miss him.

Not only the first that I heard from mayday, but its just catchy and has that real smooth feeling but at the same time that punk rock feel that makes you get up at the same time and sing along to it!

I had to put this song just because this was the first song that I listen to by mayday parade and it easily became one of my favorite bands.

10 Hold Onto Me

This quickly became my favourite mayday parade song. Lyrically, it is absolutely beautiful, every word that is sung portrays so much emotion. It just has me in floods of tears every time I hear it, definitely desrves to be higher in this list.

This is one of the saddest songs of all time, and one of their best. The vocals are prime, and the lyrics are beautiful. Hold on to me, hold on to me, should have you sobbing.

This is an amazing song. I just love the lyrics and the beat. This song should be in the number 1 spot.

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11 Three Cheers for Five Years

The first time I heard this song I was in love. I could tell right away by the tune and lyrics that I had to hear more from this band. This is the song that made me fall in love with the band and it really makes me think about life. The lyrics make me mentally emotional (I don't usually cry or anything) and I gotta say it's low key but reallyyy good.

This song has been my favorite song undoubtedly for the past 5 years, and probably many to come. I don't even understand why or what it does but it is simply amazing after so long.

I love this song so much; it's so beautiful a amazing! The first time I heard it-the acoustic version, that is, I was floored by how great it way. Personally, this is my number one.

12 Kids in Love

This song is great! It really deserves at top 1! Why? Because higher voice, fast pop punk rock and I remember my awesome childhood. As fans of mayday parade, lee me share you a story of my childhood. I meet this girl Alexandra she's hot, very attractive women and great personality.

I meet this girl when I was 3rd grade. She was pretty hardcore always flirting by bullying. As a sensitive child I resented and get pissed at her. I asked her "why are you doing this to me? " and she kiss me and she said to me "I love because I hurt I keep hiding my true feelings for you". I was shocked that she like as the popular girl in school a soft spot for me... To make the short... We had great time play the swing, biking I drive and she goes to the back at the bike, sitting in a shaded tree and most of all exchanging food recipe. To be honest gents and girls I like her very much! When her parents decided to go other school. I was mad at her that she didn't have any courage to fight for me... And after that she was leaving she was leaving, an unexpected radio come from the window of the classroom! The song Kids In Love by mayday parade is on air! And I saw her crying and I was desperately traumatized by her after that she leaving without any permission about me... After that guys and girls... I never saw her again... That's what makes me stronger from now... Two years after I saw her again and I was traumitizely shocked again she was her and so I run away from her and never see her again ever... Even though it lasted! So guys and girls if you dis or agree with me.. I just want say that when your loved make the best out of it even though it will lost forever in you. I sincerely recommend this for to "VOTE"

"MAYDAY PARADE" rocks anyway!
Even though I had emotionally traumatized by her!
You became my best bud ever! And inspired me of your song

13 Angels

One of my absolute favorites. When my boyfriend and I broke up, I had this song on repeat for three days straight because they lyrics are just so powerful.

This song is just, wow. It gives me chills and feels every time I listen to it. Wow. Do yourselves a favor, and give it a try. One of Mayday's bests!

"Cause talking is cheap and your lies were expensive" need I say more?! This song is amazing. One of the best from monsters in the closet

14 When I Get Home, You're So Dead

I love the overall attitude of this song, and it's so catchy, everything Mayday Parade is about. Terrible things isn't bad but Miserable at Best to me is just so whiny and a stereotypical overly emotional ballad. This song much better represents Mayday Parade and I personally think it's the best song they've made to date. Come on guys let's get this one to the top!

This song is absolutely AMAZING! It's my favorite song by Mayday. Every single part of it is just like pure poetry. The lyrics of this song hit me every single time I listen to it because they're so relatable. Basically, in my opinion, it's the best song to listen to when you're mad at a guy because you feel like you've been played.

This is defiantly my favourite song by mayday parade. Mayday parade do a lot of ballads with heartfelt lyrics and amazing tunes but this still keeps the great lyrics and makes it into a fierce, upbeat song. Personally this is their greatest song!

15 The Silence

What?! 23?! How could this so far down here when it deserves to be up there?! Come on, people! This song really deserves it!

It has a different sound, and the lyrics are so sad. A bit dark for them, but good nonetheless.

Vote, people!

What?! 27?! What is wrong with the Mayday Parade fans?! This song really deserves to be in the top ten. On my iPod, it is the most played Mayday Parade song. It has such beautiful lyrics and the chorus is amazing. It's my phone ringtone. The intro is just epic

This song is at least top 10 worthy. One of their greatest songs to date.

16 Somebody that I Used to Know

It's a beautiful cover!

17 Get Up

I love this song; it is so upbeat and really great. I love how it is so fast and actually sounds happy, if you get my meaning. I absolutely love this song! !

Would be an amazing song to play at a concert! Great to get people on their feet and jump around and dance to.

18 Black Cat

The lyrics are amazing and the beat is so catchy. Although it's one of Mayday Parade's less popular songs, it still deserves a ranking for its originality, chords, and lyrics! Definitely showcases what Mayday is capable of!

It's not the best, but it's super catchy and it should be a lot higher, good song So everyone should download it because it's great!

This song is amazing! I don't really know what to say about it but as a long time Mayday Parade fan I love It absolutely my favorite so far

19 The Last Something that Meant Anything

Jason Lancaster's bridge makes this song slap so hard. He put so much into that vocal performance, and this one just doesn't get enough attention.

Best song of them. So underrated

20 If You Can't Live Without Me, Why Aren't You Dead Yet?

This should be number 1 for sure, sick guitar, sick drums and sick vocals, this song really has a rock sound to it and should be number 1, it deserves to be on the hot 100 charts this song is their best song, better than miserable at best!

This song is unbelievably catchy you can't just not scream your heart out while listening to this song! Exquisite rhythm and their voice so powerful which adds much more meaning to the song

First song I've ever heard from Mayday Parade, easily one of the best songs I know. This should have been number one it just makes you want to scream your heart out!

21 I Swear This Time I Mean It

Everything about the song is simple, they are not trying to prove a point about how talented they are like you see other artists do. This song is elegant and comes straight from the heart.

This song has to be in the top 5 at least! The lyrics really get to you and the music is simply and totally in sync with the mood of the song.

This song is so simplistic, but it's so beautiful at the same time. This song deserves to be in the top ten.

22 If You Wanted a Song Written About You, All You Had to Do Was Ask

One of my all time favorites! From the powerful "And I'm taking all your memories off the shelves, cause I don't need you or anybody else", to the calm, slow "Take me home, I'd rather die than be with you". Just makes me feel so independent and free.

This song is just simply amazing. If you're going through a break and now you're finally free, this should be the song you listen too. Its motivating, Not sad like most. I live because of this song

My friend died and this song got me through it. I cried to this song, I laughed to this song, I lived to this song. Best song by them easily.

23 Last Night for a Table for Two

This is by far the most underrated Mayday Parade song of all time.

I love how angry the song sounds at the start then it goes fast paced. Amazing song

This song is very under-rated.

24 Ocean and Atlantic
25 Sorry, Not Sorry

This song was just as good as any of the ones above. The desperation in the first verse until it came to the chorus where he felt self pity. Such a wonderful song. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

"And I'd lay down my coat, so you could walk all over it, just like you do me". Best part of the song by far. This song has a great unique sound to it that I just love

This song is so catchy, definitely deserves to be in top ten!

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