Top 10 Best Deftones Songs

The best songs from one of the pioneering nu-metal bands.
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1 Change (In the House of Flies)

I know it's a lame choice to vote for their most popular song, but I genuinely believe this is the best song by them because it's accessible, whispering, howling, and wonderfully atmospheric. The structure is also not too repetitive. The lyrics are also highly memorable unlike most Deftones tracks. Best track.

This may not be the most appreciated Deftones song but I personally think it is definitely a masterpiece with many elements including Alt Metal, Rock, Streamlining and they even mix it together! It would be unfair to pass up the opportunity not to vote for a good quality song like this one.

I Don't know why, but I always I'm falling asleep during this song in my phone. It's not boring as some says, the contrary indeed. It's pretty relaxing and is becoming now one of my personal favorite songs of All time along Stairway To Heaven and American Pie

2 Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

I know it will sound stupid but sometimes I think that '' Change '' is not that good compared to this song or some others included, but the truth is that both are good songs, although I feel more relaxation and personal satisfaction when I remember that there is one. song about driving and which has very Shoe Gaze elements well arranged defining well the lyrics and the art that it tries to demonstrate, I also want to add those guitars that are so churning but at the same time great and hard to forget, because they stay in your head for a good weather.

In my opinion, the best Deftones song. There is so much raw energy and emotion on this song, and the heavy guitar and screaming vocals will keep this song in your head for a long time.

The best song off of Around The Fur and perhaps Deftones' best song of their early years, even though it's my personal favorite Deftones' song of all time. One of my favorite riffs ever.

3 Digital Bath

With some artists, it can be difficult to find a single track that encompasses their entire sound. For Deftones, Digital Bath is that track. Sure, Deftones' catelog is much more dynamically diverse than what you find in Digital Bath, but it all culminates in the best song from their best album to date. It is an emotional roller coaster but lyrically and musically. Not an easy achievement.

I Feel that this song in fact, it belongs more to the top than Change ... And don't get me wrong ... Change it's a beautiful composed song but, I really think Digital Bath as the true best song of the band and it's because it had a bigger impact on me since I listened the song for the first time, and it's catchy.

I never thought I would enjoy a song that happens to be about electrocuting a girl in a bathtub but here I am wrong.
Despite the theme, the music of this song is beautiful and even sad too. Both the music and the vocals make it sound like it's about some sort of tragedy.

4 My Own Summer (Shove It)

It is incredible that this song appears as an official part of the Matrix 1999 soundtrack but I still don't know in which scene or part of the post credits it comes out, even so I feel that it is the best Deftones song because it handles screamo very well and at the same time mixing Rap Metal or Nu Metal, it is simply a song worth listening to every day!

I think this song it's out of this meaning, sometimes it's hard to comprehend a loud screamo song, but this song it's the exception. The chords are darker than in the Passenger song, probably the most succesful hit that Deftones has ever invented, and also one of the most unique sci-fi songs ever, that's why it was included in Matrix (the movie)

Sometimes I prefer Deftones songs with screams included, like this one. Sincerely I think Change is good but nothing relevant to be compared to my Own Summer, both are songs with very different tones and this should be the winner!

5 Passenger

What a song. The dueling vocals between Chino Moreno and Maynard James Keenan work so good together. The lyrics are very dark, creating this awe striking atmosphere. Stephen Carpenter and Moreno are excellent on guitar and rhythm guitar, respectively. Abe Cunningham's drumming hits very hard. The song just comes together so well. The ending is a bit abrupt but that is merely a nitpick. This is, in my opinion, the best song Deftones have ever made.

This song is absolute perfection, as is all of White Pony. It's one of my favorite songs of all time. Maynard and Chino's vocals flow perfectly together. Musically this song is genius. Chino is an absolute genius with his lyrics and that's as evident as ever in this song. From the atmospheric intro to the abrasive choruses, this song is Deftones through and through.

This songs has you hooked since the start. The lyrics may sound a little weird at first, but they become dark once you get into the song. Maynard and Chino are a perfect combination and they both give the song a sound of perfection, just as the entire White Pony album. For me, this song must be listen by anyone who adores atmospheric, strong, and shocking music.

6 Diamond Eyes

This is the first song I ever heard outside of rap in high school, which acted as a gateway, leading to many other great songs of theirs and that of many, many other bands. I've always been extremely grateful for stumbling upon this song years since. This will always be one of their best, whether out of sentiment or not.

Love The guitar hear, and the lyrics... Amazing, my favorite, White Pony is a great album, but this is better, and where is You've Seen The Butcher? , Other Incredible...

"Time will see us realign. Diamonds rain across the sky. And shower me into the same realm... " What a great song! Definitely one of their best!

7 Minerva

What in the name of Minerva this is doing at number 8? This piece of art screams the kind of sensuality that won't attract unwanted public staring!

Sweet song, the details of the song tell a fantastic lie of wish, passion, love and everything else that put in function a dedicated song to a girl. This song is fantastic

Every time I listen this song it makes me smile. I absolutely love this song. One of my personal all time favorites and should be #1!

8 Pink Maggit

WHY IS THIS AT 100?! Yeah it isn't as catchy and dynamic and heavy but it just hits me so hard and makes me feel deep emotion that no other song, apart from be quiet and drive, can do *-*

This song gets all the feels without breaking a sweat. The fact that it's number 100 makes me question the depth of deftones fans.

This song is actually really good.

9 Bored

The raw youth and anxiety tone to this song helps me relieve the days I first listened to this song! BEST SONG!

Not a big fan of deftones but will say that this songs is truly amazing!

Definitely my favourite by Deftones, should certainly be higher.

10 Knife Party

"Ooh, I can float here forever
In this room
we can't touch the floor " - yea pretty much how I feel when I listen to this song. No other song I know makes me feel as weightless and free as knife party. And when Rodleen starts to sing...the song is hauntingly beautiful like something out of this world yet its also like the epitome of human expression all the same.

I think the only reason this song is so low is due to people not knowing about it. Best song ever by deftones. I get chills every time.

Best song, or at least the most underrated. Just listen to it, and come back singing "In this room, we're all anemic; in this room, anemic and sweet.."

The Contenders
11 Rocket Skates

I can't decide between this and Change. Both are fantastic songs and also the best of Deftones.

Not an agressive song, and least sensual. This song it's just great and awesome!

This song is Almost a Top contender to me is absolute greatess!

12 Poltergeist

The most underrated and perfectly heaviest song of all Deftones songs. The guitar tone alone which resambles the tone from Meshuggah's album Koloss is the heaviest of all of their works. The rhythm and the riff from start to end is what a complete song of this genre would be apart from its heaviness and its beauty.

All time favourite Deftones song. Always makes me think of my car!

Hands down the best song on koi no yokan!

13 Leathers

Best song on the koi no yoken album and that is saying a lot. Koi no yoken is an amazing album and there is not a single bag song on it. No song on it you say "eh I kinda like this song"... What you really say is "ok that song is the best on the album next song... No this song is the best on the album". Most deftones fans will probally hate me for this but imma say it... Koi no yoken is the best deftones album period.

This song is quite fresh but it has the potential to be a 'tones classic. I can listen to this track all day and never get bored, it fuses so much melody, emotion and and anger together. Just give it a listen

The riff and drums at the end drive me crazy.

14 Sextape

No 10 now but I'm sure this song will move up the ranks over time, it's one of their newest but definitely the most beautiful song they've ever written and Chino's voice is incredible on it. This and Digital Bath are up there with my favourite songs of all time

For me, this is the best song, because it's really emotive, so beautifull, every time I hear this song I must pick up my guitar and start playing the song, and when Chino start singing I just start singing, almost crying because of the beauty of this song. It should be in N# 1

This is one of the best Deftones song hands down it's the best to listen when you're high on weed you can get into deep euphoria, it's wonderful.

15 7 Words

This song doesn't needs decency, this is just another epic song with raw vocals and extreme guitars.

Awesome song all around starts off with a buzzing guitar riff then that sick bass line R.I.P. chi cheng

Should be much higher

16 Hole in the Earth

Sat night wrist is so underrated! My favorite album of theirs and I've been a fan since ATF days!

17 Headup

Easily my favorite 'Tones Song. Sick riff, and so heavy it makes you want to jump up and get angry. My all time favorite song from this band. Max Cavalera being featured is awesome as well. Great song about D-Low. This id one song in my top ten songs ever. The vocals are just great and heavy, you can barely understand what he is saying, which makes it just as bad ass.y favorite from the greats, and also is a damn shame it is such an underground song from them, a real fan knows of this gem though.
And this is coming from a fan of all their work, Adrenaline to now.

Ordinary Deftones fans may not know about this songs because my own summer (shove it) and be quiet and drive (far away) outshine it. The lyrics are angry and an alternative to Chino's normal singing voice. And the guitar riffs are just art. 👌 A perfect choice for anyone who votes this song and if you have not heard this song I suggest you listen to the sample. You will not be disappointed.

18 Tempest

Slow tempo, but totally reFuses to bore.
Moreno's as mesmerising as usual.
I'd rate it among the top 3, at least.

No words are needed to describe how great this song is. If you just listen to it you will know why it deserves to be in the top 10

The best song ever by deftones.
Most underrated song and the best one

19 Beauty School

One of the most beautiful songs I ever listened to. Not only from Deftones, but also from any rock band. Definitely a favourite. It's a shame that not many people know about it besides fans - everyone should.

This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard! Every time I hear it I have to completely stop what I'm doing and just listen 100%. Such an incredibly beautiful song, and deserves to be so much higher.

Oh god, this song...what should I say? I just can't catch my breath when I listen to of the greatest songs of all time!

20 Engine No. 9

This list is all wrong, we need Engine no,9, Root, Headup and 976- EVIL in the top ten.

Agree, this their best song dudes!

A travesty that this is number 20...

21 Elite

Outright angry, extremely rough, pure Chino-Scream. This was a great triumph of nu metal. The instrumentation's put into an industrial level. Why this one of all songs made it to the GRAMMYs without any promotion is a mystery that will never be figured out, but oh boy, did this one deserve it.

Don't you dare tell me they weren't nu metal. Nu metal is not derogatory by default. It's only derogatory because Korn and Limp Bizkit exist.

How is this not number one! This won a Grammy in 2001 for best Metal performance. I bet most of you kids weren't even alive at the time.

22 Cherry Waves

So many emotions! It's definitely a gorgeous song that deserves to at the top!

One of the best songs ever.

This is way too down.

23 Around the Fur

This song was stuck in my head for ages. I feel like I can relate to the song somehow, should I be different and maybe make a fool of myself to impress you? Or should I be like everyone else and be safe? Either way I want you to notice me somehow. That's how I interpreted it and I think it relates to a lot of people.

Seems as though th easier listening songs got the top votes. I prefer their heavier sound. I can name a few favourites but the chorus to this is explosive. So much energy in this!

W. T. F. How is this song no. 17? This song should be in the top 5 at least.

24 Rosemary

This song is just so amazing. It's like a journey through Chino's mind, the way the song flows through emotions. Kind of like a ballad, but so much better. Just, the ending lines "Just stay with me" so beautiful and then the heavy guitar crunch followed by notes of tranquility. It's like a nuclear bomb and then the resulting fallout. My favorite song is Passenger, but Rosemary deserves Top Ten.

Amazing song! Really puts you into a feeling you can't really explain just a purely awesome song! One of there best!

This is a true, complete, everything that deftones are all about encapsulated all in one song. There very best song.

25 976-Evil

A dreamy song with awesome lyrics. Definitely one of my favorite songs, cause I'm always getting the chills while hearing it.

Very underrated song - another one of their more melodic songs, which I really like. This song especially.

Wet myself every time I listen it. Beautiful live!

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