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1 Fading Away

This is just an awesome song... The lyrics are great and so is the music... The breathtaking solo on the middle reminds me of the great 'One' by Metallica

Fantastic! Had me hooked from the beginning!

This song came on and I love it from start to finish and is amazing to play on guitar

2 Deteriorate

My favorite Demon Hunter song as it resonates strongly with my beliefs and experiences. Displays Demon Hunter's talent for melody and the metal ballad, and the lyrics poetically express a recognition of failure as well as a prayer for renewal and redemption. The song perfectly describes a light in the dark hope's presence even in sorrow.

This song, lyrically and musically is incredible. It's absolutely beautiful. Deserves to be somewhere in the Top 5 at least.

This song is amazing, it got me into demon hunter, the lyrics, vocals everything is just spectacular... LOVE this song

3 The Last One Alive

This guitar solo absolutely blows my mind. Literally one of my favorite solos ever! Hopefully one day I'll be able to play it myself!

His voice is original and amazing and goes o perfectl with the mood of the song.

Amazing song! Great lyrics and the music is epic

4 I Will Fail You

I love these guys! They have really changed my view on this genre of music. It restores faith!

Definitely my favorite. Both this song and Dead Flowers should be at the top of the list.

A really special song and in my opinion their best.

5 What I'm Not

Excellent song in the entirety of Demon Hunter song list but in my personal opinion Death was better.

6 My Heartstrings Come Undone

Truly incredible and darkly melodic melody that sticks with you long after it enters your ears and finds a final resting place in the pit of your heart.

7 Carry Me Down

It is truly a beautiful song. Great lyrics great singing just everything's perfect. A good song to listen to on a rainy day!

This song is amazing.
I love this band because it has a very complete sound. Love it.

8 Collapsing

I think, out of all the songs I've heard from Demon Hunter, this one is the only one that gets me hyped up right away from the very first second it starts playing. - When playing Killing Floor 2, when this song comes on, I turnup the volume and slaughter zeds with extra vigor

All of Demon Hunter's songs are amazing from Screams of the Undead to Undying to Carry Me Down to Crucifix, but Collapsing just has the indefinable quality that makes it, in my opinion one of the best Christan rock songs in the past ten years.

9 I Am a Stone

First song I found by them and I just love it!

10 Not I

Best of their hard songs I believe. All their softer songs are pretty much gold.

Guys, this riff is incredibly brutal. This should definitely be top 3!

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11 Thorns

My favorite song, both of this band and not. The lyrics and the instrumentals complement perfectly. I am greatly biased, but I can genuinely find no complaint with this song

Wow at first I was skeptical about this song, but I re-listened to it and..BOOM! "Awesome song man! " You should definitely hear this song, and the pre-chorus is just the best. "Thorns" is definitely worth listening to again and again.

Not only is this song amazing, it is one of their few songs that don't involve screaming (or shouting); fantastic lyrics, coupled with spectacular instrumental skill makes for a superb selection in the world of rock music.

12 Not Ready to Die

The hell is this? Not ready to die was the song that got me in to demon hunter because of that chorus. so epic I thought this was number one

13 The Tide Began to Rise

This song was how I felt before I was reborn in the blood of Christ. I still feel that I don't belong here, but I do know I have not finish what I have started until I am called home.

A brilliant song with one of the best ending verses I have ever heard

14 Dead Flowers

I was creating a CD of songs that my non christian friend would like and I came to this list and I have never heard this song, I would say this and Deteriorate are some of the BEST from DH. It is just an amazing song.

This song represents to me that as Christians, we are like dead/ dying flowers, asking for rain (in our case Living Water) to replenish us.

My friend recently died at the age of 15, and I think of her as one of the dead flowers. The rain and sun (Son) give her life again in heaven.

15 God Forsaken

This song starts right up with an awesome guitar melody and then plunges down into the heavy drumming "Yogi" Watts nails perfectly. The guitar and drumming, mixed with Ryan's vocals, but soft and screaming, fully capture this masterpiece.

This song is heavy, epic, and I get so pumped just listening to it.To the amazing guitar, to the perfect drums, this song is one of their best.

This song has the perfect blend of heavy metal and softer rock music. Must buy!

16 One Thousand Apologies

Awesome song. Great intro, awesome vocals, amazing screaming and the transition from screaming to singing and vice-versa is slick and great. The song is so emotionally charged and you can feel the pain of Ryan Clark and his sadness. A kickass way to say you're sorry.

First song I ever heard by them and probably the best one too.

17 Artificial Light

The riff gives of this swashbuckling urgency that I must stay in the good race.

A true work of art. Sounds somewhat like Five Finger Death Punch.

Greatest soggy ever, along with Crucifix, God Forsaken and Last One Alive

18 Descending Upon Us

Probably the best Demon Hunter song in my opinion... maybe the best metal song...

19 Someone to Hate

This song should be in the top ten! What's wrong with you psychos! How can you put this song in the twenties? Infected should be in the twenties not someone to hate! Geez!

I just got this song on iTunes! It is so amazing! Honestly if I were to make my own list it would probably start with fading away, collapsing, someone to hate... Etc.

20 Turn Your Back and Run

That's what I did and got out of porn addiction. This band is God sent. Merci.

21 The World Is a Thorn

There needs to be more heavy songs on this top ten. Too many people listen to this band just for their ballads

Wow, there really needs to be a heavy song in the top ten like PLEASE!

22 Sixteen

This guitar is amazing, and it really nails the rhythm and it fits together so well. I am honestly very shocked to see this so far down the list.

Helps to stay prepared for the unexpected onslaught.

23 Annihilate the Corrupt
24 Through the Black
25 The Awakening
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