Top 10 Best Dimmu Borgir Songs

Dimmu Borgir is a Norwegian symphonic black metal band that was formed in 1993 in Oslo, Norway. The band is widely regarded as one of the best black metal bands of all time.

Shagrath, the lead vocalist, doesn't just bring haunting lyrics; he brings an otherworldly performance to each track. Then there's Silenoz, not just the rhythm guitarist but also a vocalist, adding another layer of complexity to their already intricate music. Together, they and the rest of the crew create a sound that's not just black metal. It's black metal with the bombastic drama of a full orchestra, melding aggressive guitar riffs, guttural vocals, and orchestral elements like you've never heard before.

As for their sound, imagine metal but make it grandiose, with sweeping orchestral arrangements that could easily be a movie score. These symphonic elements aren't just an afterthought; they're integral to the experience, adding a theatrical and expansive feel to the intense energy that black metal is known for. It's as if they've ripped a hole between dimensions, drawing forth both the fire of hell and the beauty of Valhalla, and poured it all into every track they produce.
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1 Progenies of the Great Apocalypse

This song is perfect for those who prefer symphonic black metal. Amazing vocals, and the orchestra falls in perfectly with the band. A true masterpiece.

I'm not a big fan of black metal, but this song got me. Awesome lyrics, awesome drums. Just brilliant!

I'm not into black metal, but this song sure got me into it.

2 Mourning Palace

How can this song not be number 1? Best song by Borgir. All others are not even close to it. Amazing harmony between keyboards and guitar!

It's just perfect. There's no way to make it any better. This is how a song is meant to be made.

This is not fair, boss. This is the best song, undoubtedly. Heil Dimmu Borgir.

3 The Serpentine Offering

I love this song very much. The lyrics and melody are awesome!

This song is wonderful, with powerful and fast double bass and powerful guitars.

It gets me high and pumped when I listen to this song. The melody is pure, accompanied by the fast-beat, blast drums of Hellhammer! And a very heavy guitar distortion.

4 Gateways

This is their best song, in my opinion. Best lyrics and cool music. Wow! Love this song, man. DIMMU BORGIR!

Oh well, I haven't listened to many DB songs, but this one is awesome! One of the best songs!

5 Puritania

I have yet to find a song that gets me this pumped. The lyrics and vocals are perfect here. No other band can pull off Puritania.

It's my favorite song of this band.

6 Dimmu Borgir

Very theatrical indeed. I don't know why, but it feels like Bohemian Rhapsody.

7 Kings of the Carnival Creation

A top 3 material for sure. The intro up until the mid-section was badass. Nicholas Barker's drumming throughout the album was so lovably filthy.

By far the best Dimmu Borgir song from the best Dimmu Borgir album!

"Peace Means Reloading Your Guns" is a very dark and heavy song, with a great intro, great chorus, and great break. Overall, a great song.

8 Burn in Hell
9 The Sacrilegious Scorn

I love this song, and when Vortex sings...

10 Vredesbyrd

This is the first song that got me to listen to Dimmu Borgir continuously! The song cannot be described. The rhythm, the vocals, and especially the catchy riffs after the vocals are the power of that song! I have nothing else to do. It's one of their best, easily. Believe me.

I would skyrocket this song toward the top. So furious, so black. Sounds even better being in Norwegian.

I was hearing Dimmu Borgir but did not take time to listen. Black metal is not my genre. This song opened my eyes.

The Contenders
11 In Death's Embrace

By far, one of their best songs. In my view, it deserves to be at least in the top ten! Just listen to the melodic intro and make your choice! It has a great solo and catchy vocals.

Best song for me on this album and song from them by far.

My personal favorite, but there are so many amazing songs by this band. It's funny that practically all their best songs are not in this top 10. At least now I understand why they stopped making good songs. It's because people prefer their worst songs and not their best.

12 Stormblast
13 A Succubus In Rapture

This song is both beautiful and atmospheric, despite (or perhaps because) it's Symphonic Black Metal. One of my favorite Dimmu Borgir songs. Listen to it.

Those beautiful melodies could make a demon cry.

14 Reptile
15 Ritualist
16 Hybrid Stigmata

This song has some awesome changes. Musically and vocally, it's one of their best. Should be in the top 5, in my humble opinion, and I know my Dimmu Borgir. Listen to it and then vote.

17 The Promised Future Aeons

I did NOT expect a song by DB to be so similar to Wintersun near the middle of the song!

18 The Insight and the Catharsis

Still my favorite Dimmu Borgir song, before the keyboards became too bombastic and the band became self-important. The riffs are heavy, yet still 'black,' and the transition between them and the beautiful keyboard is amazing. Lyrics are poetic, yet savage too.

What is this incredible song doing all the way down here? Up you go!

19 The Maelstrom Mephisto

Likely the most intense song ever written.

20 Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen

It's so sad that Dimmu changed their style so much. To me, this song is their best and one of my all-time favorite black metal songs.

I can't believe this song is so low. This song is classic Dimmu Borgir, with the most amazing intro ever written.

Wow, I guess people only listen to their new stuff. This song is amazing, and the Stormblast album is a classic!

21 Sympozium
22 The Chosen Legacy

Are you crazy? How isn't this song on the list? This is one of my best. It has much power, catchy riffs, incredible vocals, and spooky lyrics! There's no comment. You must listen to it!

Gets better and better with every listen. Just brilliant.

Easily top 3. Creative drumming, catchy riffs, brutally heavy. What more could you possibly need?

23 For All Tid
24 Entrance
25 Den Gjemte Sannhets Hersker

The outro is the closest thing to heaven you will ever listen to.

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