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1 Secrets

Secrets is the best song I have ever heard in my life. The beginning of the song is just so breathtakingly beautiful. The most beautiful sound I have ever heard in a song. The lyrics are so deep and meaningful, you just have to love them, they're some of the best lyrics I've ever heard. And well, Ryan's voice is just amazing. This song got me into OneRepublic. As soon as I heard it, they became my favorite band and this became one of my top three favorite songs, then a few months later it DID become my favorite song. I love ALL of OneRepublic's songs, I truly do, they all have such meaningful lyrics, but this one is BY FAR my favorite. And I've heard most of the songs on this list. You will not hear the end of my anger if Apologize EVER passes Secrets on this list, even though I love Apologize as well. Secrets is the ONLY OneRepublic song that can be number one on here. Best song on Waking Up, best song of OneRepublic, best song of 2009/2010, best song of the 21st century, best song ...more

I am a kind of person who hardly have any good friends. I would say none for real. Not because I can't make, because I can't feel anyone trustable and real who can say and mean it, who can love and give it. I wouldn't say there aren't real people out there but it's a challenge to find one though worth it. But I would say, one Republic has earned my sincere respect and love for what they write and what they sing. You can feel it from the Music and still lies a hope that people somehow will stop being artificial and be who they are not what money and ego makes them. Though I count myself in it because I am a human and I make mistakes but I guess I have started to realize that the real joy is in giving hope and love and being yourself rather than the artifacts.

This is the song that made many people fall in love with the band including me... The way they perform it plus its lyrics plus Ryan's voice made the song THE BEST. And honestly if you ask me this song is on the top of my list of the best songs of all time... The opening the ending the middle every part of the song is just so perfect... Musically and lyrically... !

I have loved this song since the moment it began playing in the movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice. It is one of the best songs till date. whenever I play it, it's on loop and it never gets boring! The music is breathtaking and the lyrics, like most of their songs, are absolutely meaningful. Start to end- it is a masterpiece. Definitely underrated.

2 Counting Stars

Was too low it was impossible NOT to vote. Now listen up, they wrote this song for you guys. it's all about everyone in bed at night, wondering about the cost of the next day and how to afford it. But when you die, you won't worry, there isn't a cost, you will be safe. This is why "everything that kills me makes me feel alive" and "no more counting dollars". Of course, to you, it might be counting Euros, or Francs, or Pounds, or Yen. But more than that, it's just plain awesome.

Counting Stars is a great song. I love it and it is astonishingly catchy. Not only do I like it, I haven't met a single person who doesn't, not a single one. When I hear people talking about music, the sentence "I LOVE that song! " Are what always seems to fallow. Even my pop-music hating brother admits it's great. And it is so catchy that it gave me the chills and mildly paralyzed me at first. It's a difficult song to hate.

I've heard most of OneRepublic's songs, but honestly, I consider this to be their best. It's a lot more pleasing to the ears. I don't know what it is with the other songs (maybe the falsetto? ) but after listening to them several times, it's a chore to listen to those songs. They can definitely do much better, instead of making songs that are listenable (is that a word? )

Love the rhythm in this song, and The lyrics is just epic. Gotta love it! Counting stars will never be the same again.

3 Apologize

"I'm holding on your rope
Got me ten feet off the ground
And I'm hearing what you say
But I just can't make a sound"

It's just pure genius.

This is certainly the best song by OneRepublic. I don't know why it ain't number 1. Well won't comment 'bout secrets as I ain't heard it. But this song is so soothing and certainly one of the best I ever heard. Simply loved it!.

Lyrics are damn stunning and man whatever I write about these guys would be less.

This song does not just motivate you your self but it also motivates your spirit and helps you shape you into the person that you wish to become in the near future. Thank you so much One Republic you are my favorite band and you have taught me that I can be who and what I want to be if I work hard enough to get there!

This is one of the greatest songs written in the last ten years. It's so beautiful and unique (at least the original is anyway) with the mix of orchestral instruments, piano, electric guitar and haunting lyrics, this has to be OneRepublic's best song.

4 Good Life

I had not so much attachment with One republic songs until Wherever I Go caught my attention because of its lyrics I got blown and then I became " I want to listen more of this group ", next song I listened was Good Life I became awestruck just AMAZING lyrics again! It became my daily anthem I'm not even kidding here. They make me this restless soul a Fangirrl. Apologize song... aqdhfvdjjddkjhlpkd...One republic is the best I can't even :'( and Ryan oh my dear heart don't get me started about this mind boggling guy super talented. Mentally I'm dating him.

My Number #1 Favorite Song ahead of any other song on the planet, and I listen to pretty much everything. This song is just -- it is amazing. It is also the perfect song to listen to while you are at the beach and the sun is shining and the seagulls are flying as the waves lap. It is a magical song.

Love it. Easily their best song with lyrics celebrating the globe-trotting and fame as something many can only dream of, so enjoy it while it lasts despite the nagging doubt that it may just all be a false illusion of a good life.

Whenever I'm feeling blue, I listen to this song, and it uplifts my spirit. I suddenly feel so much thankful that I got the chance to live this life. Whenever I'm feeling happy too, I listen to this song, and it makes me feel like I'm the king of the world

5 Stop and Stare

Undoubtebly One of the Best of One republic...

The Best Lyrics to any one republic song, got me from the 1st time I heard it... I Thought Secrets was their best but after listening to this, it all changed... This is one of the songs that touches my heart every time I listen to it... Just Beautifully Composed song... Definitely Deserves 1st spot...

"This town is colder now, I think it's sick of us
It's time to make our move, I'm shaking off the rust
I've got my heart set on anywhere but here
I'm staring down myself, counting up the years
Steady hands, just take the wheel...
And every glance is killing me
Time to make one last appeal... For the life I lead"

This song is a bit old, but it has not lost its awesome lyrics and music with a great story. It is only lost in the crowd of auto-tuning. I say "Stop and Stare" is one of the best songs that One Republic has ever given, competing with the new One republic's new songs, and even surpassing it if it were to be released as if new.

Amazing song! It really brings tears to my eyes! It really is quite beautiful and this should truthfully be number one! This song is inspiring and I never ever stop listening to it! This song probably made me turn into a One Republican. One Republic rocks and will always rock!

This song was the second one released in Dreaming Out Loud, with a steady drumbeat and some nice guitar at the end. It tells a wonderful story and Ryan put a lot of emotion into this song. #3 for me.

6 All the Right Moves

I love this song so much! It makes me really happy and Ryan Tedder's voice is so amazing in this song! (To be honest, Ryan Tedder's voice is perfect in every OneRepublic song, he's an amazing singer) It's such an amazing song and if you haven't heard it you really should! You should also check out "All The Right Moves - RT and Noel Z Rhythmic Remix" that is one amazing remix!

Me of myself sometimes. I love this song! I play the cello and I listen to this song as much as I can. The cello solo is totally amazing. I wish I could sing with the emotion that OneReplic manages to put in this song. I love it.

That should be the third song! That's one of the first song of 1R that I ever heard and seriously, every time I'm listening to one republic (which is really often) I come to listed to that one. Actually, my top three song are:
Apologize (without timbaland)
If I loose myself (the remix too)
All the right moves

My favorite song of all time. I first heard the song when I was angry after a fight with a sibling. This brought me into the best mood. I love this song, and always will!
I love this band so much and can't wait for another song!

7 If I Lose Myself

I love this song so much, it deserves higher than a seven. AWESOME beat, incredible lyrics and meaning, and perfect vocals from Ryan Tedder. The beat seriously makes me want to dance! The original is better than the remix in my opinion (probably because OneRepublic make perfect songs and don't need their songs remixed), but I still LOVE the remix. This should be number three, and Good Life should be number two.

I have no clue as to why this song is not number one. The song is the best I have ever heard. If you listen to the chores of the song. Not the first but the second and the longest one. You will know as to why this song is amazing it has a good positive message to it and I hope it becomes a number one hit.

1 year gone and still listening to this song and I listen to it at least once a day. The only one of the few songs I never get bored with. The song simply the best with the awesome lyrics and the meaning. Should be #1.

I think that this one should be the second one because in native, that's my favorite one, and is the version of the alesso remix.

8 I Lived

My friend heard this song when she found out I had cancer and thought how it fit me. I have lived and loved and now will survive but it puts in perspective to always live and not just after you think all is over.

One of those songs that just makes the person listening to it feel- alive. Great messages for anyone and everyone, beat that makes you want to dance, sing, run, and twirl. One of my favorite songs.

This song is the best from Native. The lyrics is a wish for somebody. I simply love the lyrics and the catchy melody. This song is a masterpiece. It has to be top 10 at least!

Yes oh yes. This was the first OneRepublic song I had ever heard and it was what got me hooked. So beautiful. It's both sad and happy at the same time, but uplifting either way.

9 Love Runs Out

I didn't realize that this wasn't a given top-ten song! How dare you, O.R. fans?! This song being so low down on the list is an insult to the band. Ryan Tedder's vocals are better than ever. This song took OneRepublic to a whole new level. Just because it's more rock than pop, it doesn't deserve to be underrated! Besides... the rock-screamy-thing at the end ('till the LOVE runs out) is just epic! People - don't hate on the best song of the year. Please. Just don't.

The lyrical genius on one hand and the classic melody played on that sexy piano on the other hand + powerful drums in the march tempo. Isn't this what music is supposed to be? Fun, catchy, entertaining, makes you want to move and it connects old and new genres of music.

HOW?! This is among their greatest. I didn't even think it was debatable that this is top ten material - forget that, why not top three or even top spot over all? Such a good song. As much as I loved Counting stars, this is what made me fall in love with OneRepublic.

I really really love this song. for first time I heard this song, for a second I just stand front of the T.V. and just listen that, then I start to dance with it.. still now when I hear it, start to dance and jump with it..

10 Say (All I Need)

This song shows the pure text-writing genius Ryan Tedder at his best. This in addition to the amazing build-up to the melody in the chorus makes it to one of the most emotional songs ever written. Do you know where your heart is?

Should be number 1

One of the first few songs I heard from them. It's really amazing and meaningful, and the first verse actually reminds me of a character of mine that I made up. Anyway, it's just such a unique and amazing song.

This is a simple yet beautiful masterpiece by OneRepublic. It has a very unique and important message hidden in its lyrics. Respect for Master Tedder and his genius mates...

It always gives me goose bumps when I hear it, it's so beautiful. Ryan Tedder sounds so serene and truthful. I love all OneRepublic songs, but this one has to be my favorite.

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11 Feel Again

Everything is perfect about this song. This is one of those songs that turns you into a HUGE OneRepublic fan. With lyrics about a numb heart and being able to feel again with a certain person, Ryan's soulful croon emphasised how much emotion he put into this song. An all-time favourite for me.

This should be in the top 5, for sure! It's so unique and the whole arrangement of instruments and voices just sounds so good. I love it! Seriously I can't say how much I love this song. One Republic has some great songs, and this is one of them.

This is the best song in the entire world. It makes me happy whenever I hear it no matter what else is going on. Feel Again is truly magic, and has the power to make me "feel again".

I don't know how this ended up at number 9! this song has always been great I never get bored from it. would put at number 1 and it seems many agree

12 Marchin' On

This is my favorite song ever. It inspires me in a way that makes me get stronger every day despite all the setbacks I might have to face. It is very empowering: "we go where we go and we're marching on". So, do what you gotta do and keep fighting. No. Matter. What. You're a warrior and you're going to fight all the way because you're strong just like that! Face every difficulty and grow with it. In the end, you'll have scars and you'll have bruises, but you know what? Own them, soldier. You just have to "put one foot in front of the other" and carry on. I love this song deeply.

There is no way that this song is so low on this list. Looking at the list above, I am SURE that the people voting are not actual fans. This is my most favorite song from the band. It is so uplifting and encouraging. This does not belong anywhere but in the top three.

Yeah, another song from the Waking Up album. For me, it's just better. Okay, back to the song. It really builds the spirit within. In my opinion the original song is better than the Timbaland's remix, which is a very rare occasion.

The lyrics and music is very very powerful and so inspirational. Has great tempo and instruments used in it and lyrics just mesh together so nicely. Love all the sounds and its very amazing song! Love it! Definitely top of my list.

13 Something I Need

This is by far the best One Republic song out there. It is so catchy and I just overall love it so much, it's my favorite song. I'm really suprised it didn't get popular because its great.

This song is really good. One of my favorite of OneRepublic Songs.. This should be in the higher spot!

Love the vocals in this and when in the end the choir kicks in. This should definitely be top 5!

This Song Is Amazingly Overwhelming and Exciting to listen to. This Song Is A New World To Me and It Breaks My Heart. I can't help crying!

14 Mercy

I find it really sad how OneRepublic changed over time to fit in with the popular trends. This song is, like, the HOLY GRAIL of the old OneRepublic. The music video is filmed with black and white the whole time and it has deep lyrics. An enjoyable song, for sure.

This song is so beautifully haunting I'm very surprised its not in the top 5, it's such a lovely song. You can't help but be captivated by Ryan teddars incredible voice

Gotta love Mercy, should be at number one if you ask me. It's a shame it didn't chart well here... Or on the Hot 100

This song is my favorite song from their first album.

15 All Fall Down

This is the one song I've heard that literally takes away my ability to think after a listen. What a piece; the acoustic progression, the cello, and the syncopated drums are awesome, but the backing vocal "ahh"s just pull it all together.

This is one of their best songs out there... The intro is just breath-taking... This one should definitely be there in the top 10... Just loved it!

This is a really good song. I love the lyrics. "Whenever your world starts crashing down, that's where you'll find me." The beat is really good too.

Any true OneRepublic fan knows that this is one of their Best songs. It's so heartbreakingly beautiful.

16 Come Home

Such a touching, poetic song. I hope this gets to the top 5, it deserves it. The piano and lyrics are stunning, along with his voice. Best combo.

Can't believe such a wonderful song with meaningful lyrics and melody is here at #13 should be at least at top three.. Grow up people!

I'm surprised this isn't higher on the list. It's probably one of my favourite songs, it has some beauty in it I can't describe.

Beautiful melody. I'm not sure this is there best song but it's definitely the most beautiful!

17 Life In Color

It was very hard for me to pick out one favorite OneRepublic song, but if forced to choose, I'd rather listen to this infectiously upbeat offering than any other. "Life in Color" by a nose!

This song is amazing. I have listened to it so much over the last few days and it still makes me want to listen to it more! Tedder's vocals are perfect, and the acoustic version is superb.

My favourite OneRepublic song by far! It always helps brighten my mood when I'm feeling down. This should be way higher up on the list!

Don't understand why this song hasn't done better than it has! It is one of their best.

18 Preacher

This is a hidden gem of Onerepublic's. When I just started to listen to them, I only knew about the "bigger" songs, such as "If I lose myself" and "Apologize" and the others. Then when I recently heard Counting Stars, I started listening to their album "Native" I think Preacher should at least be in the top 20, if not the top 10.

This song is just incredible. I mean, what's there not to like? Those wonderful strings at the beginning, those steady, pace-keeping drums, Ryan's incredible voice, lyrics about his grandfather being a preacher, that choir in the chorus, everything. Truly a hidden gem from OneRepublic.

By far one of the best Onerepublic songs on Native, if not one of there greatest songs period. Catchy lyrics with an uplifting theme hard not to like. Would definitely say its top ten material.

Should definitely be top ten AT LEAST. This is one of those One Republic songs that make you say "that's it, this is officially my favourite band."

19 All We Are

This song puts an almost tranquil mood of peace and serenity onto me, something I can't get much of in my hectic life. This song truly puts me at ease. It is one of the best songs period that I have ever hear, I am not putting this post up to make it number1, rather; I am putting it up to move it up the list to something better than a 9.

'I tried to paint you a picture, the colours were all wrong, black and white didn't fit you and all along, you were shaded with patience the strokes of everything... ' The lyrics send shivers down my spine

This is without doubt the most moving song I've ever heard from OneRepublic.
I get the chills every time I hear the chorus, especially because I can relate to it.

I don't know why, but this song upsets me.
I can feel all the power of this amazing band in this song.
I think it's my favorite one.

20 Everybody Loves Me

" Don't need my health, got my name and got my wealth,
Stare at the Sun just for kicks all by myself
Might be passed my prime 'cause I can't keep track of time
I'm feeling oh so good! "

I don't think many true fans went with this, they just chose the popular songs. OneRepublic's best music is never played on the radio. Shame.

Simply put their best song. The song talks about how it is to be self absorbed or actually close to perfect. It's telling you that being so different from others is a lonely life and we shouldn't be going after perfection or narcissism. Fun, catchy, not popular enough!

Another great song from this band. In this record, we can clearly see that the whole song sounds a little bit relaxed, laid back. That's why I love it. The composition of the chorus is just brilliant.

Such a self-centered song but it's very very catchy! And it's just such a cool song. I'm sure if they made a music video for this song it would end up #1.

21 Kids

Just record my predictions...

Within a year this will be no. 1 in this list or at least in top 5

This is the most perfect song ever I have heard of onerepublic

May be it's a new song that's the reason this song is at the bottom. But trust me its awesome.

Amazing beat and lyrics. Once again, OneRepublic fails to disappoint.

New song by them video filmed in Mexico! Pretty damn good!

22 Future Looks Good

Perfect combination of electronic and real instruments. Chorus is amazing. Ryan Tedder never fails to do amazing things with his song writing skills. Love this song. I think it should be #1

I love how it sounds, it starts out like soft and quiet and then turns into an action packed adventure, I'm really sad this album got $#!% on by a lot of people.

Love and can't understand why their songs don't hit the 1 spot when there so much better than some of the other s$! @ that does

23 All This Time

This song is just one of those that make me feel better when I listen to it, even if I'm not feeling down. It gives me a warm feeling, as its soft piano riff and deep lyrics give anyone a warm feeling

The lyrics are deep and sensual. You actually feel like the person singing this song.

So calming and yet chilling.

This song is underrated and one of OneRepublic's finest.

This one should be TOP10. Sometimes less is more. I love the piano and percussion.

24 Tyrant

The Tedder's vocals and the chorus make this song beast. Just listen to it.

Best underrated song from OneRepublic hands down.

This one is very underrated.

Such an underrated song.

25 Passenger

I really love this song. It's so beautiful and amazing. One of my favorites by them. Hope this beautiful song makes it to the top ten someday... Because it deserves to be there.

So different that they usually did, but, I don't, thsi song have something more. So beautiful!

This song has to be in the top 15.

I love this song

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