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1 Chum

This song gets to me. I wake up with this song stuck in my head, it's just one of those songs you'll never forget. This is the first Earl Sweatshirt song I ever listened to and is definitely my favorite.

Deepest song made in this generation. No doubt.

This is the most generic song by sweatshirt.

Love this song one of my favorites!

2 Hive

It's not considered OF if Veggies and Staples are in it.

3 Luper

Crazy storytelling and just a fantastic song, couldn't stop listening to it for at least 3 weeks straight. Sick beat as well, the piano just sounds super badass

This should be first. Molasses second, chum third

4 Pigeons

Pigeons is my favorite song of all time, I mean it was incredible. Earl and Tyler were great in that song, That bridge was incredibly awesome and that ending was incredibly awesome I think I liked the first and the last verse the most!

Earl went hard on this track. Definitely on my top 5 best Earl songs

The simple beat is just fire.

5 Earl

Absolutely INSANE flow. Haven't heard anything like this in the rap game, ever. Period.

Earl is definitely his best work. Pigeons could stay second but earl HAS to be first. He goes waay too hard.

Just raw earl, no special effects.

6 Grief

Why this isn't the number one is beyond me. The amount of lyricism and deep storytelling is unbelievable. It's the best song I've heard in a long time.

If you haven't listened to it yet then go listen to it. Why it isn't higher is beyond me

Grief, Hoarse, and Chum are my top 3 Earl Sweatshirt songs.

This is easily Earl's best song, no question about it.

7 Whoa
8 Assmilk

My personal favourite, even if it isn't his song.

9 Molasses

Great production and hook by The RZA and some dope rhymes by Earl himself

10 Solace

I've been an Earl fan for a while, but I finally heard this song today. Woah.

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11 Couch

Earl and Tyler's lyrics come together like a story and its amazing

12 The Mint

Grief might be my favorite but this is a contender. Fantastic instrumental and lyrics. About as dark as Earl gets.

13 Azucar
14 Stapleton

Great lyrics and storytelling. Surprised that this isn't higher. Best track off Earl

15 Burgundy

One of his bests. Without a doubt

Should be number one

16 Kill

I have listened to all of earls songs and this one is still my favourite, fantastic lyrics and flow and I am super excited for him to make a song better then this, hopefully on his next album Doris. Which everyone should buy

My favorite Earl song.

Yes I agree with this other comment, still his best song even after Doris came out

17 Knight

Better than all the songs on this crappy list, he has done way better work.

Love this song

18 December 24th
19 Huey

Underrated in my opinion

20 Sasquatch
21 Sunday

Why isn't this higher? I loveee this song " All my dreams got dimmer when I stopped smoking pot, nightmares got more vivid when I stopped smoking pot, loving yous a little different, I don't like you a lot."

Smooth drum beat reminds me of tribal village songs! Not to mention Frank Ocean's flow

22 Faucet

Dope beats, smooth flow, you gotta listen to believe.

Yo this song needs to be higher like foreal this isn't even a joke anymore.

I hope my phone break, let it ring..

23 Orange Juice

Wow, just a crazy song. He destroys the verse at a very young age of only 16! One of my favourite verses ever then tyler comes in and does a sick verse as well. " I stumbled down a hill and had Jill Jack me off" is one of my favourite lines of all time

Underrated? More like overplayed dumbass.

24 Centurion

The Best track off Doris!

Earl's best beat drop

Just a sick flow

Very underrated song, the beat is killer, and Earl Sweatshirt is rapping at his best

25 Epar

"Dead one in the front, dead cop in the back, and two live ones screaming 'Odd Future is back'"
Best play on a hook ever!

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