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1 You Think You Know

I have never worn out a song as much as this one! The first day I heard it, I listened to it over and over again! I just couldn't get enough of it! It's got one of the best choruses ever, and the main riff is fantastic! I still listen to this song all the time, and it still sounds fresh! My hat goes off to Device for crafting possibly the most addicting song to ever grace the Earth!

You Think You Know is a great song, the choruses are gripping and are great, melodious choruses.

When this song was released I knew right away that this song is going to hit the charts.

2 Vilify

Vilify was the first song I, and most, heard of Device and while it is remniscient of Disturbed, it has a new direction which I believe makes this song the best on the album. I think this was an excellent choice for the single.

Can, t wait for the album to get realeased :) but with my respect to the owner of this list I tell him it is not smartness at all to make a list before the realsing of the album.. Device just realeased Vilify and You think you know album will be released at 9th of april can, t wait!

3 Out of Line

Amazing song. Don't want to take anything away from vilify or haze, which are also great. Aside from the great riffs, the lyrics are really what grabbed me. awesome delivery, and charged content makes for the absolutely brutal feel that I grew to love with disturbed (listen to indestructible and the animal) and am happy to see taken in a new direction with device.

"Their Machiavellian minds concoct their wicked designs."
This song is my favorite, and, to me, their best. Serj and David's duet is incredible, and it really delivers an interesting message. Great song; to me the blend of Disturbed and System.

This Song is just awesome. The parts between Serj and David make this truly exceptional. Plus it has a very interesting message.

4 Haze

Absolutely amazing song, along with M. Shadows just makes it even more epic

This song gives you chills, and shadows' vocals are an amazing bonus

5 Hunted

The overall feel of the song is great, not to mention the vocals

This should be No.01
Its pure sex for the ears David's voice is awesome on this one
He overdid himself with this one

6 Penance

Most 'Disturbed' song on the album and pretty damn awesome in it's own right. Vilify and You Think You Know are the top 'Device' tracks, no doubt, but as a Disturbed fan I love this track.

Being a disturbed fan, this song is very similar to disturbed songs, love it!

7 War of Lies
8 Close My Eyes Forever

Both David Draiman and Lizzy Hale sounded fantastic as this song was an excellent cover.

9 Through It All

This song not only have glen hughes singing along, but yet is meaningful.

10 Opinion

Is this list based on popularity because this song is the best from device

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11 Wish
12 Recover

This ones better than half the ones on this list how could it be last! Give it a try!

Dude my third favorite song from them after hunted and opinion

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