Top 10 Best Elton John Albums

Ah, Elton John - the one and only Rocket Man, the glittering star who has dazzled generations with his larger-than-life persona and a musical legacy that spans over five decades. When it comes to creating a list of the best Elton John albums, it's no easy task, as the legendary singer, pianist, and composer has churned out one hit after another. He has gifted the world with an impressive discography, and choosing the cream of the crop is no small feat. So, to make things a little easier, we've turned to the wisdom of the crowd - people, just like you, who have cast their votes to help us compile this definitive list of the ultimate Elton John albums.

As we dive deep into Elton John's remarkable career, let's explore a treasure trove of diverse albums that have captured the hearts of millions. From the emotionally charged ballads that tug at your heartstrings to the foot-tapping rock tunes that make you want to dance the night away, Sir Elton's musical prowess knows no bounds. He's a true artist who has always been at the forefront of the music scene, constantly evolving his style and sound over the years.

So, get ready to dust off your favorite vinyl, slip on your oversized sunglasses, and transport yourself back in time as we explore the very best of Elton John's illustrious career. And don't forget to make your voice heard by voting for your favorite albums, helping us create the ultimate fan-curated list of the best Elton John albums of all time.
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1 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

While I love all of Elton John's albums, this one really hit a chord with me. It was the first Elton John album I had ever heard, and I fell in love with his music after that. "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" is one of my all-time favorite Elton John songs. Plus, "I've Seen That Movie Too" is one of his most underrated ballads. Great place for anyone just starting with Elton John!

Elton's masterpiece. Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding is just epic, remembering Elton wrote the first part while thinking of the music to be played on his funeral, and Candle in the Wind is of course one of Elton's greatest creations... Jamaica Jerks Off is a funny song, not to mention Saturday Night's Alright and Bennie and the Jets. Well done, Elton and band and Bernie.

This has got to be his best 17 songs double album value for money. Funeral for a friend is immense, bennie and the jets is cool, candle in the wind is beautiful, grey seal catchy, saturday nights alright elton at his most rocking and the title track is so so good probably his best song with Rocket man! Captain Fantastic 2nd Honkey Chataeu 3rd

2 Tumbleweed Connection

Brilliant combination of Country and Blues. Brilliant combination of John and Taupin. Brilliant paradox of no hit single but best song Elton John never wrote, Love Song. Probably greatest under the radar album of all time.

3 Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy

One of the best albums ever. I just love every song and it's definitely Elton and Bernie at their very best.

Someone saved someone saved someone saved my life tonight by making this

4 Madman Across the Water

Tiny Dancer, Levon, and the title cut all on the same album: amazing!

My first Elton John album. A masterpiece...

Greatest album of all time!

5 The Complete Thom Bell Sessions
6 Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player
7 Elton John
8 Caribou

This album is all about the hidden gems that grow on you, Pinky, Dixie Lily, I've seen the saucers, and ticking. Competition is tough at the top but at least in the top 5

9 The Diving Board
10 Honky Chateau

This is just an amazing album from start to finish. "Honky Cat" and "Rocket Man" are absolute classics!

The Contenders
11 Rock of the Westies
12 Blue Moves
13 Too Low for Zero
14 The Captain and the Kid
15 Peachtree Road
16 Sleeping With the Past
17 Single Man
18 Breaking Hearts

Under rated masterpiece!

19 Empty Sky
20 The One
21 Made in England
22 Reg Strikes Back
23 Songs from the West Coast
24 Fox

Tumbleweed Connection is great, but The Fox,

Oh, The Fox is amazing.

25 Wonderful Crazy Night
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