Top 10 Best Agnes Monica Songs

She is the best Indonesian artist, she have more than 4 album.
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1 Paralyzed

Creative song and dance with good acting. I like this song. I know you can be next idol. Good luck agnes.. We always support you

Very great song... As she says, you get me paralyzed... Love the song, the concept of the video... She always be my inspirations

Best song ever! I dunno why she can made this song. It's better than ever. AMAZING SONG. Hear it, dance it, see.

Very good song... She write by her self

2 Karena Ku Sanggup

Can this song be any better? Oh my God, I don't think so. This is the best song of her among the others. She sang it really, really good. It's just like you've drowned into the gloomy, sad feeling through the song. The music video itself is also really good, I love the polaroid-cam effect which makes it more gloomy.

To be honest, she's better in singing such slow, sad song rather than the upbeat, dance-themed one. Just an opinion, though

Oh My Gosh...! What a note! Nobody can sing that high note as perfect as she is! Well, maybe somebody, but RARE! She also have a very good vocal technique and an amazing dancing skill! The lyrics are also better than Paralyzed! (I'm Indonesian, that's why I know the meaning... )

A good song ever been.. How high tone Agnes monica sing it.. Very nice I love it better and better. Make the English version of this song

Very touching. I love how she sang the high notes. She's a big star, one in a million.

3 Shake It Off
4 Rindu

Good song..I like it

5 Matahariku
6 Walk

Such a great song, its powerful song, make us more and more believe in our dreams and walk ahead!

Lets me see walk it out walk it out lets go...

This song is so cool. I love this song

7 Coke Bottle

The first international single. Love it so much

This song is 1st international single from Agnes. and this song was played at more than 100 radio station in USA. and become song of the summer at MTV Iggy

Love this song so much, nice duet
And this song is #1 in top 50 Jams of the months so cool right, let's make a new with creative idea go go go

I love this song...

8 Temperature
9 Tak Ada Logika
10 Muda (Le O Le O)
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11 Tanpa Kekasihku
12 Get Up
13 Hanya Cinta Yang Bisa

Best duets of diva, titi dj and agnes monica, it's really amazing song, I hope agnes will be make duets song again

14 Cinta Di Ujung Jalan

Most touching song of her.

15 Godai Aku Lagi

Very great song moreover the balinese music! And also it's the best of her MV! (so far)

16 A.G.N.E.Z
17 Hanya Menunggu
18 Jera
19 Hide and Seek

I'm very like this song.

20 Snow On the Sahara

Snow on the Sahara Agnes version is much better than Anggun version!

All time hit from Agnes Monica!

Original version of Snow on The Sahara, that in the meantime sung by Anggun

21 Renegade

This song very cool... I like it...

22 Bukan Milikmu Lagi
23 Teruskanlah
24 Things Will Get Better

Great improvitation, great voice, great vocal technic, soulfull, and that was amazing!

25 Falling

Good song, nice tone

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