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1 Fatin Shidqia Lubis Fatin Shidqia Lubis, better known as Fatin Shidqia or Fatin, is an Indonesian singer and actress who won the first season of the Indonesian version of The X Factor in May 2013.

Fatin is a young musician with a unique sound that not many people have! God bless you, Fatin SL.

Her voice is amazing, especially in Indonesia. No one else has this voice. This is truly a gift from God. Other singers have a good voice because of hard training, but Fatin is different. She has a unique voice that is a gift from God. If she sings a song that matches her character, she can amaze everyone.

2 Agnes Monica Agnes Monica Muljoto, known professionally as Agnez Mo, is an Indonesian Diva, singer, songwriter, and music producer.

Yes, Agnes is the best soloist in Indonesia. She has everything needed to be a diva: a great voice, skills, and the power and will to achieve her dreams. God bless you, Agnes.

She is the best pop singer from Indonesia. I love all of her songs. She really inspired me and taught me to "Dream, Believe and Make it Happen."

She is a world diva from Indonesia. She is an amazing and smart singer and truly a diva. We love you, Agnezmo. Success for you. I'm waiting for you in Hollywood.

3 Rossa

Rossa is one of the best divas in Indonesia. Almost all of her songs have become hits in Indonesia. Her songs reflect the real-life experiences of many Indonesian females. Her songs often become the soundtracks of many popular movies and TV drama series. She is one of the Asian Divas and is very famous in Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei. Many achievements have been awarded to her, but she has never been arrogant and has good behavior.

Rossa, I like your songs. I'm also a singer and like to sing your songs.

4 Anggun Anggun Cipta Sasmi is an Indonesian-born French-naturalised singer, songwriter, and television personality.

Fatin? Oh, come on. She's nowhere near Anggun.

She's fourth?! Are you guys mad or what?

5 Shena Malsiana

Shena is a cool jazz singer from Indonesia! With her golden voice, Shena is amazing! Come on! Vote Shena! Shena Shena go go! Shena Shena go go!

6 Syahrini
7 Gita Gutawa

We must be proud to have Gita Gutawa in our nation. No one can change her position. She's smart, beautiful, has a good personality, a golden voice, excellent skills, and much more. She's the next star in the world! Kak Gita, we love you! GL is always there for you.

Gita Gutawa's voice is the best among classical singers. Her voice is sweet, clear, and melodious.

Gita Gutawa has an outstanding voice, and she's smart. We're proud of her.

8 Sherina Munaf
9 Astrid
10 Tantri
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11 Indah Dewi Pertiwi
12 Pinkan Mambo
13 Vicky Shu
14 Vina Panduwinata
15 Yuni Shara
16 Indah Nevertari

As far as I know, Inev (her nickname) is a singer who has the complete package to be the most adorable entertainer in Indonesia. She has inner and outer beauty, a strong voice, a multi-genre repertoire, and she wears a hijab. With the support of the Ineversal community, this will happen in the near future, inshaAllah.

She has a unique voice and is the winner of Rising Star Indonesia. I love her.

Indah Nevertari was the best soloist in 2015. Support my queen.

17 Putri Ayu

She is the youngest operatic voice in Indonesia. She was part of the David Foster & Friends Tour in Asia last year and performed at Marina Bay, Singapore, in a duet with Michael Bolton. No other Indonesian singer has ever duetted with Michael Bolton at a formal event. Putri Ayu's fans were first attracted to her when she sang "Time to Say Goodbye," popularized by Sarah Brightman. The highest recorded note ever achieved by Putri Ayu is C7 (soprano).

She is a very young, talented singer. Once you hear and watch her perform on stage, you will be addicted and get the PASS (Putri Ayu Syndrome Sufferer) fever.

18 Mulan Jameela
19 Nowela Auparay

Nowela is a singer who won Indonesian Idol. Her voice amazes everyone. She is called the Uranium Voice for her powerful voice.

Her uranium voice led to her winning the 2014 Indonesian Idol. She is the first person from Papua to win this title.

20 Novita Dewi Marpaung

She's gorgeous! One of the best real divas from Indonesia. She can even sing songs better than the original singers.

21 Nike Ardilla
22 Mbok Bariah
23 Krisdayanti
24 Raisa

Raisa is probably the best female soloist in Indonesia right now. Her jazzy pop tunes are really cool!

I love her song "Kali Kedua." It has a similar progression and love story to "Watch Memories" by Korean artist Kim Na Young.

25 Audy Item
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