Top 10 Best Europe Songs

We're talking about the best songs from Europe - the band, not the continent - the quintessential Swedish rock band that stormed the international music scene with their unforgettable tracks. The group that brought us such anthems as "The Final Countdown" and "Rock the Night," that blend powerful vocals, harmonious guitar riffs, and iconic keyboard tunes. Europe's discography is as vast as it is versatile, with each song showcasing their ability to craft a hit that leaves us yearning for more.

Remember, these aren't just any songs. They're part of a grand legacy, a testament to the talent and creativity that defined the glam rock and hair metal scenes of the 1980s. From the high-energy rock anthems to the emotive power ballads, Europe's music is a sonic journey that continues to inspire new generations of listeners.
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1 The Final Countdown

Simply a landmark among rock classics. They really kicked the world's ass with this one, and they did so with bells on!

Listen to this song on New Year's Eve, exactly before midnight, to start off with a blast into the new year! Great song.

Greece EuroBasket 1987! This song is our national anthem in basketball! Greece and The Final Countdown = EPIC! Nobody can forget those glory days!

2 Carrie

The Final Countdown is the greatest Europe song and one of the greatest rock songs ever.

But I vote for Carrie because it is perhaps the best rock ballad of all time. So Carrie is number two, not three!

The Final Countdown is Europe's most popular song, but I love Carrie because it's one of their best ballads, and I'm really big on glam metal ballads.

Apparently nobody realizes that this was their biggest American hit until the Geico commercial.

3 Superstitious

Love Chaser as number three instead of Superstitious? That's insane!

The love of my life and I love this song!

Beautiful song, great voice. Perfect!

4 Open Your Heart

I love this song, but I love all their songs. I like this song way more than Carrie.

5 Rock the Night

The Final Countdown deserves to be on top, but Rock the Night is clearly the second-best song they've ever made! Just an amazing song.

Most motivational song ever! Whenever I want to get anything done, this song gets me so pumped haha.

Excellent song! Damn, I love it so much!

6 Cherokee

People, how can you listen to it and not appreciate its greatness?!? For me, it's one of the best Europe songs. I don't understand why it's so low.

7 Coast to Coast

Very surprised it's not higher.

8 Love Chaser
9 Dreamer
10 Time Has Come

This is a much better ballad than Carrie. I do like that song, just not as much as this one. Time Has Come just sounds a lot better, and its lyrics are a lot more interesting and original.

The Contenders
11 Stormwind
12 Ready or Not

Powerful! Joey Tempest is a genius.

13 Tomorrow

This is an underrated song. It was only on the album, not released in the UK. Fantastic track.

14 New Love In Town

Cause tonight there's a new love in town.

15 Tower's Callin'
16 Prisoners in Paradise

"We're the children of tomorrow, hangin' on to yesterday." So true, in their case at least. Amazing music, amazing lyrics, amazing song! Vote for No. 1!

Ain't it hard to find illusions when you're living in a memory?

17 Sign of the Times

Honestly the best power ballad by Europe. Should be higher than Carrie.

18 Lyin' Eyes
19 Let the Good Times Rock

Let the Good Times Rock. This is an awesome song. Fantastic, love it a lot.

20 Seven Doors Hotel

Top three track ever. Still quite hard rock.

Very underrated song. Nearly power metal.

21 More Than Meets the Eye
22 I'll Cry for You

Such a great song. It should have taken Dreamer's place in the top ten, in my opinion.

23 Halfway to Heaven
24 Dance the Night Away
25 On Broken Wings

On Broken Wings is Europe's best song. It's melodic, it's fast, the musicianship is bang on, and it rocks. There is daylight between On Broken Wings and their next best song.

On Broken Wings is by far Europe's songwriting at its very best. It's a straight-out rocker with a melody and hook that Jon Bon Jovi would kill for. John Norum is such an amazing guitarist.

Not their most known song, but I think it's their best.

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