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Enya Patricia Brennan, the world famous Irish singer, instrumentalist and composer, world's best selling female artist of 2001.
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1 Only Time

I came here from Friends S8E13 The One where Chandler Takes a Bath. So glad I discovered Enya and this gem of a melody!

Every time I listen to this song it touches my broken heart. This song is amazing.

I liked her Orinoco Flow (Sail Away), but Only Time tops it for me-breath taking!

2 May It Be

Whenever I watch The Fellowiship of the Ring and hear this song, I just feel like I'm drifting away from this world to a dreamland. The Lord of the Rings part 1,2 &3 are my favourite! This is a calm and Breath Taking song and I really love it!

This was the very first song I ever heard by Enya and fell in love with it. Her voice is amazing and so pure sounding. I love the lord of the rings, especially for the awesome soundtrack it had.

I love this song! It's calm, and is motivational as well as relaxing. Whenever I watch 'The Fellowship of the Ring', I always watch the credits in order to listen to this.

3 If I Could Be Where You Are

This song is absolutely beautiful. I love everything Enya but this one really spoke to me.

4 Hope Has a Place
5 Caribbean Blue

This has got to be my favorite so far. I love the ocean theme that the song paints an infallible image of. You feel as if you are drifting on a docile current of waves, the sun is shining modestly and a flock of seagulls flies by. Just listen to it, and let it take you on a scenic journey.

All enya songs have this magical quality that evokes an emotion inside you and transports you into another place, but Caribbean blue gives me the strongest feeling. I feel like I'm on a boat alone on an endless sea, and it's so serene and magical.

Absolutely divine. I just close my eyes and my mind takes me on a journey to an imaginary world. Think Avatar and your flying through the air at breathtaking speeds.

6 China Roses
7 Oiche Chiun (Silent Night)

It is the Best Version of Silent Night, I have ever Heard. I wish I could find it, to purchase.

Most stunning version of silent Night I have ever heard. Sensational!

First enya song I heard. At least got to be somewhere on the list.

8 The Celts

WOW guys! You will not believe it but simply like it cause you will miss one-half of your life if you miss these pleasure! Have fun and good day to one and all!

9 Orinoco Flow

Please vote for "Orinoco Flow" to vote down the "Sail Away" above.
"Sail Away" is "Orinoco Flow". But "Orinoco Flow" has already existing here. I don't know how to remove "Sail Away".

Is the best with no doubt! I love this tune so much. Such a soulful melody and very inspiring as well. Whener I listen to it, it moves me in many ways.

Easily the best Enya song ever. Only time is the only one that can compare. I love this song!

10 Wild Child

My absolute favourite, but there are very close seconds. She has the voice of an angel

I can spend hours and hours hearing this song.

Listened to this song today. Hit like a dejavu. But I do seem to be able to place it. Maybe from a previous birth. timeless

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11 Anywhere Is

The best song of Enya. Hands down. The musicianship is flawless. The vocals are enchanting in some parts of the song! Well structured verses. This should be number 1.

This song is awesome! Anywhere Is is the BEST song of Enya.

Nice, lively and intriguing.

12 Evening Falls

The most relaxing for me

It puts me in the mood

13 One Toy Soldier
14 Athair Ar Neamh
15 How Can I Keep from Singing?

Memorable and describes our love of singing.

Should be much higher--angelic.

16 Exile

This song makes me kinda sad but at the same time it gives me new hope. It's amazing.

17 One by One

Best relaxing song ever...

18 Only If...

This should be in her top 10.

19 The Memory of Trees
20 Marble Halls

Sounds a bit like Christmas music.
But it's everyday music of the time.

21 Book of Days
22 Echoes In Rain

This fantabulous song takes me to another dimension every time!

I played it many times and I keep playing it it's so relaxing!

Very beautiful music! Can never get tired of Enya.

23 Watermark

This masterpiece is easily a top 5! what's it doing at 21st place? People don't know it, that's the only explanation

Simply her best! Smooth and soft piano sends the chills up your spine

Just love all

24 Boadicea

Book of days and this definitely need to be in the top 5.. been listening to enya for almost 5 years now

25 Flora's Secret

One of the Greatest

I love this song

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