Top 10 Best Flo Rida Songs

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1 Club Can't Handle Me

The rating for this song is all wrong. No. 3 = Incorrect. No. 1 = Correct. Best song by Flo Rida.

This song is awesome. When I listen to it, my body just starts dancing. It should be ranked first. It is better than Right Round.

This is an upbeat and randomly awesome song that people should get onto their feet and dance to all night. You can play this at clubs, parties, and best of all, at home.

2 Right Round

It's a very good beat song, better than any other song by Flo Rida. It makes even someone who is sad very, very happy. Actually, this should be first as it is better than any other song in the world.

Right Round is truly the best song in the world. I memorized the entire rap. It never gets old.

Right Round is probably the best song by Flo Rida. I listen to it daily, and it sounds really good. I suppose this song should be number one by Flo Rida.

3 Good Feeling

The featuring singer in this song, most of you probably will be surprised to know, is Sia Furler. You must have listened to a few of her songs. I don't know why her name is not written as a guest artist on Flo Rida's single Good Feeling, and her name is not shown on Wikipedia for this song. This surprises me a lot because Wikipedia always provides correct information. It makes me angry that Flo Rida and Wikipedia have hidden this information from the public. It's a sad story for those who love music.

4 Low

When I first listened to this song, I felt it was very good. At that time, I thought this would be a fantasy only for some days and another song would flush this one away.

I was wrong. I now listen to this song at least three times a day, and I can't believe I am not getting tired of it. Long live Flo Rida.

Correct list: 1. Low 2. Wild Ones 3. Good Feeling 4. Whistle 5. I Cry. Okay? Anyway, Low has a good beat to it and is a perfect Flo Rida song. I really enjoy the beat. Plus, T-Pain and Flo Rida together equal awesome. Do the math. It's number one, in my opinion.

5 Wild Ones

This song is one of the best songs by Flo Rida. It is very clear that Flo Rida is the king of rap. The featuring of Sia in this song makes it catchy. Plus, this song is also the official song of WrestleMania 28, which makes it more popular.

Wild Ones is truly amazing. It makes your beat and your pulse quicken. A superb club song, it should be number two. Only Club Can't Handle Me is better than this.

It is the best song in the world. It just makes you want to get up and dance. All you want to do is sing it over and over again. This song is truly the best.

6 Whistle

I really don't like rap. Seriously. Hate it. But this song, I really love for some reason. Probably the 4-chord sequence. But it sounds fantastic! A more grand finish would have been cool, but all the same.

Very, very good song! I almost fainted when I heard this song for the first time. It's so good! I could not stop singing this song the whole time. Oh yeah! This has become my favorite song since then!

Come on, we all know that Club Can't Handle Me is the best, but this one is easily one of the best songs of 2012 to date. He is rising to be the next mega rapper of the 21st century.

7 I Cry

Best Flo Rida song ever. I don't even like this guy that much, but I adore this song! It's so great! I just get excited every single time it comes on the radio! In my opinion, it's the best there is.

It's the most relatable song by Flo Rida yet. An anthem for all those who are going through hardships.

Man! What an awesome song. This song makes me crazy. Flo Rida is stunning!

8 My House

He's had a lot of great songs, and My House is right up there with the elites like Right Round and Good Feeling.

I think this is one of his only truly good songs, but that's entirely subjective. One man's trash...

I heard this song a billion times. It's a great song!

9 Where Them Girls At

Beats by David Guetta and rap from Flo Rida - what could be better?! He is the best. He rocked the song. Thank you, Flo Rida.

A song by the best rapper and fusionist in the world. Can't ask for anything better.

This song is awesome! Totally cool! Flo Rida like hell. Oh man, you gotta check this out.


Listen to the instrumental version of Goin' Down Fo' Real. Then imagine the worst things happening in real life. It's like a music video montage of disasters happening as the world collapses. Flo Rida may notice that there's nothing humanity can do to fix their own problems. Nothing!

With Sage The Gemini adding additional vocals/rapping, this song has got to crack the top ten soon enough (it came out in October 2014). The beat and the "trumpet" noises top off a beautiful hit.

It's a pretty good song with a catchy hook, which is subtly repeated throughout the whole song. I'm not a big Flo Rida fan, but I love that song for its catchiness.

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11 R.O.O.T.S.

Catchy and has more meaningful lyrics than a lot of his songs. Good beat and flow. Not a song filled with punch lines or senseless lyrics.

12 Who Dat Girl

Flo Rida and Akon make the song wonderful.

13 Hangover

This should probably be in the top 3! Amazing song! Gets you jumping! I have to say this is one of Flo Rida's best! Keep it going, Flo Rida!

No doubt that it should be in the place of Right Round. This song just reflects personalities like Flo Rida and Taio Cruz. It's simply awesome.

Awesome song. Awesome rap by Flo Rida.

14 In the Ayer

This song gets me moving. How is this not up there?

15 How I Feel
16 Birthday
17 Let It Roll

Great lyrics. Great music. Great rap. Let it roll.

18 All My Life
19 Gotta Eat
20 In My Mind
21 Turn Around

A truly epic song that has the catchiest chorus on the planet. You immediately feel like dancing to this song, and those who hate dancing are forced to tap their feet.

It definitely deserves a top 10 spot. It will be an insult to Flo Rida's music if it continues to languish here.

I don't know why this is at 16! Maybe it's not listened to by many people, but I tell you this: it is awesome!

Cool song. Must be in the top 10. One of his best.

22 American Superstar
23 Jump
24 Elevator
25 Hello Friday
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