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1 Broken

Broken does not feature Amy Lee. Broken is an acoustic ballad by Seether that doesn't feature anyone. And it's great! I love Amy but the sad truth is that this song is #1 because of her, and she ruins the song. The song is about being lonesome, lonely, broken, open etc., if a woman sings it with you the emotions are ruined, the meaning is ruined, the song is ruined. Shaun himself said that was not the band's wish, but the record company's. The song is great and it could have been #1 even if there was no Amy Lee version, but I'm just breaking the truth to you all that voted because of Amy.

I have to say. This is the song that got me into the band. Me and my dad would listen to it. He was the one who got me into the song. Plus, it has Amy Lee in it, another artist that I could listen to all day and NEVER grow tired of. I love them both. And I could see why it's at the top.

This song is the only song I play when I'm truly broken. It makes me feel better somehow, like there's someone else who's going through the same stuff as I am, and there are some people with sympathy in this world. Especially when I'm lonesome.

This song is just... Words can't describe it. I mean... My feels! My best friend told me to listen to it and when I did, I thought I could actually feel my heart breaking. The emotion and depth put into this song is absolutely overwhelming!

2 Fake It

Brings back great memories from a great time in my life. I would just rock out every time I heard this song. Truly amazing song. Seether for life!

I really do like this song a lot. Totally cool for when you just hate someone and need a quick song to listen to for venting anger.

So true, so emotional yet at the same time had the blood pumping through my veins!

I remembered this song five years ago. And since the song said good god over and over. So I used to think the song was called good god! Lol. But I found out the song was called fake it. Still love it and don't know why people like broken.

3 Fine Again

The #1 Seether song! It's just a perfect blend. The awesome vocals, deep lyrics, wicked guitars & drums...everything. 'Broken' is also one of their best but I don't think it should be at the top. 'Fine Again' totally reflects the band. If you haven't heard any of Seether's before, just go for it and I'm sure you're gonna listen to more. I kept listening to it for almost 2 hours. Just love it! One of the most favourites. I'm addicted.

It just is. The others don't give you that feeling of awe when you listen to it. With their other songs you feel as I'd you could really enjoy them but just not at the same emotional level as this. A true work of art.

Fine again really helps me to overcome a lot of stress and other life problems I deal with. Keeps my head up and helps me realize there's always hope, always better days. I love it.

That is the Best of Seether's songs, Great Positive Vibes and Just filled you up with motivation and Strength. Also changes my point of view towards Life!

4 Remedy

Ultimate song. Very aggressive and great, Shaun rocks!
My favorite Seether song and better than Broken, sorry. Guitars and drums is amazing. Awesome vocals. This song is headbanging. AWESOME!

The beginning riff instantly pumps me up, I love it! This song should be number one, although I think Fake It and Rise above this should be right behind it!

This song was one of the very first rock songs I was introduced to that I actually had interest in and it later became my favorite song by seether as I explored the songs that seether had released so this song has a lot of meaning to me because of its significance in my history.

I didn't know what one to vote for... It was either this or Fake it... Love them both!
They are so AMAZING!

5 Country Song

This is their best song, the rhythm and just the overall "feel" of this song is brilliant, definitely one of the best Rock songs of the new decade.

Love this song! I can feel the emotion. It was the first song I heard by seether and I'm now hooked!

This is the song which made me listen to seether! This song has a "cool feeling" to it! Listen and feel for yourself

This song really makes you feel wow.. Hear this song and I can bet you wont be able to put your feet down

6 Careless Whisper

I have to replay this song a time or two when it plays on my playlist. I like the strings version better than the original. George Michael has nothing on this version!

Even though this is just a cover, Shaun's awesome vocals and Troy's mind-blowing guitarwork alongside Dale & John's excellent bass and drums make this a total favourite of mine!

By far Seether's best song, turned a soft melody into a hard rock Classic. It has more spirit to it than any other song they ever did. Best cover ever!

WOW I've heard this song (and a lot of others by Seether as well) but this one just blew me away, it's AMAZING. This just may be their best.

7 Breakdown

Must listen. This song is what made me a huge seether fan.
If you like any of the top 5 songs on this list, you will definitely like this song. Top 3 stuff right here.

Probably one of the best songs of all times.
And also a treat to listen the lyrics with bass
I am surprised why this song and driven under are not in top 5 songs of the band

This song is just so strong. It holds some kind of power that makes me feels feelings I've never felt before.

Same here... I heard seether for the first time it was this song... Awesome song. I mean the lyrics break me down if it makes you feel ryt...

8 Rise Above This

It gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. If you watch the video and see the true pain in his eyes you know how important this song really is. Not just the best Seether song but one of my favorite songs period!

This is a fantastic song, every time I hear it I have to turn the speakers right up. It was the first Seether song I ever heard and is what got me into them. Vote it up people, this song deserves number one!

This song is so moving, every time I hear it on my playlist I think to myself "Wow, my day just got a whole lot better" then after the song ends I think "I think I'll listen to this another 50 times."

This will be played at my funeral, a reminder to my family that even though I'm gone- Miss me and know that it will get better! An Up lifting and meaningful song!

9 Tonight

Optimistic and energetic, I was very surprised to see this wasn't near the top of the list! I heard this song on Pandora and began combing the net to find out how sang it, what other songs they had, etc. This is one of the most inspiring songs I've heard in quite a long time!

This is one of the gretest songs I have heard. It is very optimistic. It is a bit different then other songs Seether has done, but it is one of my favorites. And it truly should be more at the top of the lists.

This song is so optimistic and puts me in a great mood! This is the song that got me into Seether, it's so amazing! It deserves to be higher on this list.

It's between this and Rise above this. Every time I hear this song I roll my windows down in my car and shout it from the rooftops!

10 Words as Weapons

Yea this isolate and medicate CD, I think is there best yet. And this song is the best one on it. If you think broken is better then this one, well, you must still be heartbroken or something. This is seether at there best

I think this was their best album, despite being their 6'th. I figured they'd be run dry by this point but it felt like a comeback.

Great song deserves to be top ten and the howling they added to this song is amazing, it adds so much substance to the song.. top ten material for sure

This song is definitely their best! Everyone vote this up because it is an absolute masterpiece!

The Contenders
11 The Gift

Very good song. One of the best, besides broken. His is like a sad love song, where he is afraid of her loving him (the gift) and that he doesn't accept himself and he doesn't feel like he deserves the gift.

The lyrics are just beyond amazing. Amazing song that I believe is one of seether's best songs. It may be a little quiet compared to most of their music, but the emotion it carries is just immense.

This song made me get out of bed at 5:00 A.M. on a Saturday because it played on Pandora. I needed to absorb it because it touched me and stirred my emotions.

This song is way better than a lot of the ones before it... It deserves higher on this list. You guys need to listen to it!

12 Gasoline

Come on! Country song over this? I think not. This has the gritty, angry seether, which is a much better seether than the slowed down nirvana-like sounding seether.

This song is awesome. I went to a Seether concert recently and this was the song for their EXPLOSIVE opening. It was amazing.

This Song Is BAD ASS it has a deep guitar intro and when you listen to it, it will make you feel cool.

One of their best songs ever! I love singing it whenever I'm angry or just want something good to hear

13 Driven Under

I don't profess to be a huge fan of Seether, but this song is absolutely beautiful. His voice is amazing in this song. Even live, this is remarkable.

Seether's best song without question. I can listen to this on repeat for hours without it getting old. Music video for this is great too!

Ever heard the live version off of "One Cold Night"? Absolutely incredible.

Positively the best song when blared!

14 Like Suicide

This has one of THE best melodies of seether. Deep and addicting-boring would be the extreme opposite adjective used to describe this song. Its also quite meaningful. look it up!

Its an amazing rock song. I seriously don't know why people haven't voted for it because its really good. If you haven't listened to it then listen to it!

Can't even believe this one is so left behind. This song is a perfect-rock.. Please seether fans vote if possible..

She's coming over like a suicide and the same old trip same old trip As before!, as before!

15 Nobody Praying for Me

I don't think this song is bad. I find it very fun to sing honestly. I also like how the lyrics R. It must have taken some good time to think of lyrics that go so well together. Honestly, this song should be given at least better attention. Right?

How the heck is this masterpiece not at least in the top 3!

Isn't really your typical Seether, but still awesome.

This is just such a heavy and yet calming song.

16 Here and Now

I think this song is just as good or maybe even better than Country Song. It has such a great melody to it.

I don't know why but this song reaches out to me and makes me think of all the things I want to do with my life and makes me wanna move forward...

What this song is the best on Holding onto Strings Better Left to Fray by far

17 Truth

Best song of the band seether. I like this song more than any song of seether. Love the lyrics of this song. Can't even believe this one is so left behind

It's definitely my favorite, plus it's got a badass music video, what's not to love about this, it's a crime that it isn't in the top 5!

Definitely one of their best, it has great lyrics and a polished grunge sound with an alternative metal chorus.

Hi, I come from Italy. I love seether's songs but I think this is the best, for the meaning of the song and for the music. I love it

18 Same Damn Life

One of my favorite seethe songs. it sounds older and the vocals are amazing. lyrics are great and you never get bored because its not very repetitive. in the song they sound a lot like the red hot chili peppers which is one of the greatest bands of all time. this song deserves at least number fifteen its ridiculous that it wasn't on the list yet.

I agree, this is THE best song they have and that's saying a lot...I just think it hasn't been played enough.

19 Weak

What the heck is this song doing at 39? It's easily in the top 5... People listen to this song trust me one of seethers best.

Such an amazing song and on the 40th? This song got me listening to them in the first place

Such a Good Sound and the song is fun to sing to!

This song is good with such awesome lyrics, diserve to be on the top 10!

20 Fur Cue

Seriously, listen to this song please people its probably the best off the latest album

This song is one of Seether's most badass and heaviest and should be in the top ten

21 Never Leave

The most underrated song by seether. It gives you a reason to think about yourself. The lyrics a fantastic and so is the music and the voice of the lead singer does the icing to the cake.. Amazing song.

Can't believe its not in the Top Ten..! Why?
Try it..! It's a very beautiful Song..!

And this is the first Song that made seether one of my favorite band..!
So this song has something that is very beautiful..!

One of the most underrated songs out there on the rock scene.. Who ever s looking for a beautiful and depressing song.. This is the best one by far.

One of my favorite Seether songs! Should at least be in the top 5.

22 Save Today

Are you kidding me with this ranking? I know music is opinion but come on people. This is not only my favorite Seether song but I honestly think it's one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. Very powerful lyrics and Shawn sings the hell out of it. This list is all out of order and where is Needles? Probably the best live song they do.

This is my favorite song by Seether by a long shot. The melody of it, I just l love it. I love how it all blends together. This is truly a masterpiece in my opinion!

How the hell is this song at 26? Save Today deserves to be within at least the top 5! It's that great of a song. It's also my number one favorite Seether song.

Come on, all the way down here? That's sad. "Save Today" is probably my favourite song of all time, and that's saying a lot.

23 Because of Me

Awesome heavy riff then melodic chorus I honestly can't belive its at 36?! This remedy and truth are the best thing about karma and effect!

I love this song.

Awesome song! Probably my favorite off of K&E, along with 'Never Leave' and of course 'Remedy.'

24 Pass Slowly

This song is amazing. More than amazing. The song has so much soul and depth in it. The lyrics are phenomenal and the emotions attached with this song makes it even more worthwhile. I think it should be in the top five easily!

Should be top 5 at least. I have no idea how it got here. Laugh out loud.

This has to be in top five if not their no. 1 song!

25 No Jesus Christ

7 minutes of what is, by Seether's standards, post-grunge/alt metal perfection. The guitar work is great, the drumming is awesome, the bass line is possibly the best of any Seether song. The singing is epic. And the screams...oh my god the screams are so intensely filled with emotion. Lyrically it surpasses each and every song that the majority of people who voted here claim to be the 25 songs better (FMLYHM is the only song I like more but that's just because it's so catchy). This song, at the VERY LEAST, deserves to be in the top five! And even then that's being generous to the other four

I used to love Seether when I was younger now I'm back into them! And it's all because of this song! The words have real meaning and they work so well with the beautiful instruments

It's a best song for me. I think that it should be in the top ten.

One of their best songs.

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