Best Gackt Songs

He always put something new and powerful in every lyric, but definitely there are some songs which just become unforgettable once you hear them...
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1 Last Song

It's just such a beautiful song, Gackt-sama really captured the deep sorrow and has definitely drawn me into this song. It's just a master piece

Started to listen to it in 2003 when it came out till now, 2011. Each year on my ipod it gets 1000 times played, it is at 8239.

Gives me a heartache every time I listen to this song!

The best.. Warm, deep feelings and so touchy

2 Mizerable

The best solo violon's'ever, really inspiring song! Amazing, seems like a RPG song of something weird like this but It's one of the only song by gackt who can really by loved by anybody. Respect, what a amazing artist. One of the songs you should heard before you die. Sorry if my english is not correct, I'm french

When he started his solo career, even if this was his first song, it was so freaking amazing!. He showed to the world what he and his dreams are made of.

This is fine art. I can't expect anything better. The sensitive strings, the firm bass line directly sneaking across your tympan...

This was the song that made me love him!

3 Dears

Yep, this song has to be one of the favourites for all his fans xD But the lyric is so moving... full of faith and it makes you happy once you hear it.

4 Mind Forest
5 Cube

I love the way of how his voice can reach the highest point and it is a wonderful song too.

6 Love Letter
7 Mirror

What! Should be number one

8 Redemption

Just a few words: Redemption totally rocks!

Great stuff. Really great stuff.

9 Yami no shuuen
10 Paranoid Doll

I think Paranoid Doll is an amazing song #1! for sure!

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11 Emu - for my dear-

The song is just too emotional if you know that it was written for Gackt's friend, and ex-member of Malice Mizer, Kami. A real tearjerker. I must confess that, aside for the lyric's meaning, my favorite of the song is the moment of silence in the middle of the song. A perfect moment to think about how great Kami was. RIP, Kami.

12 Orenji no taiyou

Orenji no Taiyou is the first song I ever heard by GACKT from his movie MOONCHILD. It is a song that means so much more if you have watched the movie and know the story behind the lyrics. It's lyrics are touching and beautiful; if the movie does not make you cry, this song will.

This song can only be sing by Hyde and Gackt, and nobody else. But I put it here 'cause it is in his album, that's the only reason.

13 Missing

I like the contrast between the upbeat, happy tune and the rather touching and sad lyrics.

This song is perfect. The lyrics are sad, but when you listen it, you can think that even like that, he has hope and faith. It is a really beautiful song n.n

14 White Eyes

The best song ever

15 Rain
16 Vanilla

A fun and very sexy song! I've been listening to Gackt for about four years, and this is the one song out of the first songs I heard from him that I haven't gotten bored of yet. And he looks so attractive in the MV, even if he doesn't have the greatest dancing skills~

17 U+K

This song is SO SO COOL! I Just Feel so Happy while LISTENINg to it! Should be at least at th TOP 5! My heart just filled with happiness when I first lestened to it!

18 Lu:na

'because it is such a great rock song... It just gets me up on my feet, charging me up with such an intense level of adrenaline that it is almost a little scary. I feel amazing when I listen to this song... Just too amazing. He seems to sing this song with such fire.. He's particularly amazing in songs like these. The only problem is that this song is just not long enough to satisfy me.

This was the first song from Gackt that I've heard and it still makes me shiver whenever I hear it

19 Journey Through the Decade

KAMEN RIDER DECADE is the best kamen rider because this song is very beautiful make me want to be a kamen rider good good very good!

20 Saikai ~story

Never fails to make me cry. Amazing song by an amazing singer. I really love how GACKT can deliver every single emotion to his fans with so much passion

Romantic, yeah, but touching and deep, though.

21 Secret Garden
22 Lust for Blood
23 Kimi Ni Aitakute

"I want to see you again."
This song has the power of change your mood in a very drastic way: You can be happy or... you can be so damn sad xDU

24 Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume
25 Setsugekka (The End of Silence)

It's a hard choice because Gackt is incredible in general... but when I first discovered Gackt I had listened to a few songs on youtube; clicking through to the next on the sidebar each time. I thought "wow! this guy is great! I love it! " Maybe like 4 songs in I clicked through to Setsugekka. The video had no subtitles for me to understand the words... but the raw emotion and beauty of that song tore into me and I literally was reduced to tears. I surprised /myself/... since NO song (on its own, without a sad part in a movie of music video set to it) had EVER made me cry. And I didn't even know what he was saying. The beauty and emotion just struck me. Once I looked up the lyrics, my heart skipped beats from their beauty too. This song was the song that tossed me over the edge and began my love for Gackt. Years later he's my ultimate hero and favorite singer of all time and forever <3 And I still get chills and sometimes tears in my eyes when this song plays...

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