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Morbid Angel is a four piece american Death Metal band consists of guitarists Trey Azagthoth and Destructhor, drummer Pete Sandoval and vocalist-bassist David Vincent. They are one of the pioneers of the Death Metal genre along with Death, Possessed, Obituary, Deicide etc.
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1 Maze of Torment
2 Chapel of Ghouls

Morbid Angel is our darkness, and soul evil will dominate this pathetic world. Your gods will be damned to hell...

"Dead! Your god is dead!
Fools! Your god is dead!
Useless prayers of lies,
Behold Satan's rise!"


This song should easily be in the top ten.

3 Immortal Rites

A brutal death metal song done right. Cannibal Corpse, you guys should take some notes.

The inverted riff is so epic.

4 Rapture

I'm torn between this and Fall from Grace. Man, just listen to those initial riffs on this song -- outrageously baleful.

Great guitar riffs and blast beats!

5 God of Emptiness

The riffs, lyrics, melody, and overall atmosphere encompass all that death metal is meant to be. Perfection.

Depressing lyrics. Love the sound, moody and heavy.

6 Fall From Grace

Fall From Grace is probably in my top 5 favorite death metal songs of all time. The opening riff is legendary, and the part where David Vincent speaks in a creepy voice is absolutely phenomenal! Maze of Torment and Chapel of Ghouls are great songs, agreed, but nothing will ever top this one! It's also the song that got me into Morbid Angel.

Great song. What an incredibly dynamic tempo maintained throughout the course of the song.

The best that Morbid Angel can offer.

7 Angel of Disease

Should be the best, with a series of awesome guitar solos.

Definitely speed metal at its best.

8 Abominations
9 Where the Slime Lives

This song is so good that Bloodbath made a tribute song for it, Mock the Cross.

It's the best damn song ever created.

10 Visions From the Dark Side
The Contenders
11 Lord of All Fevers & Plague
12 Day of Suffering
13 Blessed Are the Sick

Whoever played that unholy riff did a perfect job in bridging the gap between me and the great Belial. That riff is worth dying for.

One of the best death metal songs ever and definitely the best Morbid Angel song ever.

Ridiculously low on this list. Should be number one, or at least top 3! A song for the damned.

14 Suffocation
15 I Am Morbid
16 Summoning Redemption

Amazing vocals by Steve Tucker. Dark and technical solo by Trey. This should be #1. This song deserves to be at the top of this list.

Why isn't this higher? It's better than most of the songs above.

17 Nothing is Not

Low, slow, heavy, groovy, and evil-sounding. This should be top 5 at least.

18 Blood on My Hands
19 Dawn of the Angry

I have this as number one.

That intro is brutal.

20 World of S*** (The Promised Land)

The blasts in this one are perfect.

21 Bleed for the Devil
22 Evil Spells
23 Invocation of the Continual One

Trey's solo is nuts on this song.

24 Sworn to the Black

Definitely shows off everyone's melodic and technical skills quite well. My personal favorite MA song.

Deserves to be in the top ten.

25 Heaving Earth
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