Top Ten Best Guns N' Roses Albums

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1 Appetite for Destruction

Appetite for Destruction is a perfect introduction for newcomers to Guns N' Roses. This album is a true masterpiece, and as a die hard Guns N' Roses fan, Appetite for Destruction at number one and the Illusion records are at number two. This album is a prime example of life in the slums and downtown L.A.

It is an excellent introduction to Guns N' Roses. This is "THE ALBUM" of Guns N' Roses, with all of their songs being their best songs on this album. Strongly recommend getting this album if you love Guns N' Roses as much as I do. Appetite for Destruction at number one and the Illusions albums at number two.

2 Use Your Illusion II

'Appetite For Destruction' was pure hard rock. But the thing is that it was ONLY hard rock. As Axl said, Guns N' Roses wanted to put the hard stuff out first. 'Use Your Illusion 1' was also very hard rock except for songs like 'November Rain' and 'Don't Cry' etc. It's 'Use Your Illusion 2' that showcases Guns N' Roses diversity in creating music. That album has emotions like no other. Such as the sadness in 'Estranged' or the anger 'In Get In The Ring'. It's artistic and slightly experimental. Songs like 'Locomotive' and 'Civil War'. You could only find them in UYI2. That's why it's my favorite and in my opinion the BEST album Guns N' Roses have ever created

3 Use Your Illusion I

IT kicks ass, and had so many possible singles. If use your illusion one had been released as two separate albums, they would have scored twice the chart success. You can only have so many singles per album. Perfect crime, bad apples, bad obsession. I could go on

Double Talking' Jive, November Rain, Don't Cry, Dust N' Bones, Right Next Door to Hell, Garden of Eden, Coma, all amazing songs on UYI1. It's just awesome. I got nothing else to say, just awesome.

Appetite for destruction deserves #1 but In my opinion this should be second. November rain for me is the best GnR song and theres many other greats on this album

4 GN'R Lies

Amazing album. Izzy Stradlins song writing on Patience should alone make this top 3 with Appetite. Lies is something of an extension of Appetite for Destruction with tracks from before and after Appetite. Tracks like Mama Kin and Used to love her are always forgotten and underrated.

There are no bad songs on this album and it also has the original 5 members. It's better than the Illusions.

This should be number 2, behind Appetite for Destruction.

5 Greatest Hits

This is the greatest hits album of the band that we know and love. Perfect introduction for newcomers to Guns N' Roses. This is a true masterpiece and very well should be number one of the best Guns N' Roses albums of all time. Get this one than any of their studio albums. Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits is so very deserved at number one with Appetite for Destruction at number two, followed by the Illusion records at number three.

This greatest hits album of the band that we know and love, it has all of their best songs from all of their albums. So, buy this album instead of buying any of the other albums. It is a true masterpiece and should be number one of the best Guns N' Roses album of all time.

6 The Spaghetti Incident?

This actually has a lot of great Songs Highlights are since I don't have you, down on the farm, Duff Mckagan sings on attitude, you can't put your arms around a memory, and new rose.

The spaghetti incident wouldn't be my first choice of Guns N' Roses, but if I was really desperate to listen to gn'r, and it was the only album I could get my hands on, I might listen to a few songs.

7 Chinese Democracy

Imagine this. It's 1963 and The Beatles just released their debut album "Please, Please Me". No doubt a classic. Then nothing happens for another six years until they resurface looking nearly unrecognizable and their second album is "Abbey Road".

Because People had time to acclimate to their meteoric progression, it's now remembered as a classic. However, if it had gone the way I had just described it, everyone would have thought it was garbage. Just take that into consideration next time you listen to Chinese Democracy. No question, it only trails second behind Appetite, and that's not be a large margin. This is just a different album from a musician who has grown out of his old skin. Nothing more. The talent is still there.

8 Live Era '87-'93

Fantastic Live Album, has all of guns's best songs all live and they were at their best live. Brilliant.

9 Live Like A Suicide

This one owns Appetite, well I also like Appetite.

10 The "Civil War" EP

The Expanded version Of all The Songs in Civil war, One of The best Expanded Version of Guns N' Roses Songs

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11 Live from the Jungle EP
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