Best Guy Sebastian Songs

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1 Battle Scars

Incredible lyrics. How could any song match that? This should be his number one song, maybe even an all-time best. That's how good I think it really is. I don't know how this song isn't his best.

Great song, great meaning.

The wound heals, but it never does.
That's because you're at war with love.
You're at war with love, yeah.

These battle scarsdon't look like they're fading.
Don't look like they're ever going away.
They ain't never gonna change.
This battle...

Totally addicted to it! Amazing lyrics, amazing music with amazing vocals! Totally love it.

2 Like It Like That

Amazing song! Love Guy Sebastian! His concert in Brisbane was amazing!

Such a catchy tune - I just love it!

This is a really good and catchy song. It's a close contender for #1.

3 Don't Worry, Be Happy

Great lyrics and a very awesome song. It has really catchy lyrics as well.

4 Who's That Girl

This is a great song that hit number one in Australia but still didn't last long. Guy Sebastian does a great job in this song, although I would prefer someone else besides Eve.

I absolutely love this song. This song gave me the confidence to ask a girl out. Thanks for the confidence boost.

Catchy rhythm to this song that Guy has created and makes girls out there feel special in a way.

5 Like a Drum

How is this not higher? It's got a great beat and it's a very catchy song!

6 Gold

This is incredibly underrated. Should have gotten a lot more praise.

7 Get Along

Awesome message. Love how he addresses all races and religions.

Beautiful voice of Guy Sebastian with simple yet powerful lyrics.

8 Angels Brought Me Here

The first ones are sometimes the best, definitely in this case.

This song is amazing. It touches my heart, you know.

Please, this song is the sweetest song of his.

9 Choir
10 Armageddon

The lyrics are seriously the best.

The meaning of the song is amazing!

The Contenders
11 Tonight Again
12 Black & Blue
13 All I Need Is You
14 Out With My Baby

Guy has used this song several times over the years in his live shows, and the 2010 version is my favorite of the whole concert. Just goes to show what a gem this song is.

15 Kryptonite
16 Taller, Stronger, Better

It makes me feel taller, stronger, better just listening to this song.

17 Art of Love
18 Elevator Love
19 Beg
20 Come Home With Me
21 Oh Oh
22 Bloodstone
23 Before I Go
24 Set in Stone

It isn't that high because it's a new song.

25 Linger

How can this song not be on the list?

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