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1 All Around Me

One of there best songs they ever performed! But personally my favorite song by flyleaf will always be "Beautiful Bride" because of its unique lyrics! And it isn't even on the list!

I absolutely love this song and it makes me cry every single time that I hear it. It's just so beautiful, and not only will it help you get through bad times, but it'll make an inspirational song to listen to all of the time.
God bless Flyleaf

This song is amazing. You can feel her pain as she sings while she heals, and the lyrics are very powerful. For me, it's like double sense of a nostalgia and a lover and God & Jesus. Mostly God & Jesus. It's just so beatifull...

2 Again

A great song and it's meaning, just great. And it was good enough to get on Guitar Hero, so ha! Just everything about it makes it deserve at least the number 3 slot, Cassie is the only thing standing in it's way because of the story it talks about. They are both amazing songs, all of their songs are.

I love this song and how everyone can interpret it however they want. To me it has great meaning and is really uplifting. You can apply it to people or God whichever way you want to go it still makes sense. Absolutely my favourite.

3 I'm So Sick

Why is a cover at number 2? If a cover gets to number 1 then that is like saying that Flyleaf can't write decent songs, which they obviously can. And I'm So Sick proves that.

One of the sickest songs I ve ever heard, the best man. I have no idea why it isn't the first on the list. The best song that I've ever heard by them ever. Vote for this to get it to be where it truly belongs, number one

Yes. This song should be number one. With a screaming voice like that, Flyleaf should be the number one band with a femal singer in the world. This song is amazing.

4 Fully Alive

The best man. Just the best. Has to be the number one. Dunno why it isn't. Vote for it. Bring it to the top.

So much energy, and the vocals are amazing. Should definitely be top 3

5 Arise

Sing to me about the end of the world
(meaning: there is no such thing as the end of the world)
End of these hammers and needles for you
(meaning: you can always start over, "hammers and needles" mean repairing, mending and redoing things)
Hold on to the world we all remember fighting for
There's still strength left in us yet
(meaning: don't give up easily after all these fights! )
Hold on to the world we all remember dying for
There's some hope left in it yet
(meaning; there is always hope)

And the last line took my breath away:
"Arise and be all that you dreamed, all that you dreamed"

This is my all time favorite inspiring song ever!
Flyleaf are incredible!

6 Sorrow

This song is AWESOME! It's my favorite and should definitely be at least in the top five if not the number one spot. I know good music and this song is great. If your looking for great Flyleaf songs I recommend Sorrow.

This song is amazing! It's so beautiful!

Great music, check
Great lyrics, check
Great meaning, check
Great song, Check+

7 New Horizons
8 Fire Fire

I am always bewildered as to the meaning of the lyrics, but I know it relates to the band's journey somewhat, being 11 years together. Awesome.

I can't believe that this is only number 10. It's got great lyrics, a great guitar melody, and tons of dynamics. Overall, it's just amazing.

Lacey's beautiful voice makes the whole song so enjoyable to hear. Amazing song concept and it's my favourite!

9 Broken Wings

I love it so much. The lyrics are just so... So... Wow!

I like this song so much!
Its cool amazing and it has a great lyric

10 This Close

I love this song do much. There's so much emotion in her voice, and the lyrics truly speak to me... Flyleaf has so many incredible songs that it's difficult to pick just one. "This Close" is definitely my favorite from "Memento Mori".

That chorus just hits you like a wall of bricks. truly impressive. This was my first taste of Flyleaf and certainly the best.

This is my personal favorite. The lyrics are so meaningful, and Lacey's voice is angel-like here.

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11 Cassie

Cassie Was The Younger Sister of the Lead singer in Flyleaf.
And This Song Is A True Story About how she got shot because she said yes when some evil men asked if she believed In God.

Any song about a girl who gets shot for refusing to say something against her beleifs... And it's a true story.. Deserves the number one slot!

Such an inspiring story that the song is about, and it is really catchy! Rock on Flyleaf!

12 Call You Out

This song deserves to be on top! Or at least in the top ten! Although it is short, this song makes me want to dance the life out of me more than any other.

One of the shortest but most epic flyleaf songs yet.

This is my favorite Flyleaf song.

13 Set Me On Fire
14 Chasm

There is so much awesomeness in this. Chasm is my go to song if I want to headbang.

15 There for You

Absolutely beautiful. It leaves me speechless every time.

This song is way to pretty, why isn't this in the top ten?

16 Beautiful Bride

I love this song! Personally it's my favorite and even though it isn't number one on the top tens it till always be number one in my eyes. I love this song so much!

It's very upbeat and sometimes you'll just need something upbeat to listen to.. Well here you go

This song is always in my head! I love it!

17 Swept Away

I love the unique style of this song, with both Lacey's vocals and the instrumentation. The lyrics and mood of this song really capture the theme "from darkness into light" which is prevalent through the entire album, Memento Mori.

Can't stop singing it. Should at least be in top 10, It's totally intense and really awesome!
Maybe even like number 1... Vote it up!

18 So I Thought

This was close to perfection. First time I listen to this song, I feel like I'm floating. Then I search the lyrics and it was sooo meaningful. Maybe God use this band as an instrument to tell to all people that He love us sooo much

How the hell is this so far down on the list? This is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard

19 Head Underwater
20 Bury Your Heart
21 Tiny Heart

I love this song because it reminds me of people today and how they don't love like they should. This song could be about people or it could be about God. Sometimes I just want to blare it on my radio so that I get others to listen to what it says. Although this song is amazing my personal favorite is This Close because a lot of times people are really close and just fall back.

22 City Kids
23 Home

Such an encouraging song! People should listen to this song if they hate Kristen

24 Tina
25 The Kind

This song has a great beat, great emotion and great meaning. I think the lyrics make it one of its most memorable. "Its not the kind, the kind you talked about, and its just the kind that rips the clothing off your mind. She is feeding you. And you lie with her. And for the first time your right arm becomes useful. As you sin with it, you wanna cut it off, but instead you thank God for all of the wrong you do."

Love these lyrics about the internal destruction of a lustful relationship (which could be your relationship with yourself), the (holy) pain of cutting it out of your life, and forming a new relationship with Him. So poetic and relatable!

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