Top 10 Best Hatsune Miku Songs

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1 The World is Mine

Truly one of her most popular and best songs of all time. Funny thing is this is kind of true since I see her pop up all over the place and she is more popular than other pop stars that are also famous. The song itself is just amazing going from slow to upbeat to awesome in no time flat. All Miku fans have heard this song and this song just flows together just so well making me want to listen to it again and again. It is one of my favorites but it is so hard to choose just one favorite since she has so many other good songs so I picked Worlds End Dancehall and Levan Polka. Those two are also great as well. Still this is one of Mikus best. I'm glad to be a fan!

I don't really know her but something tells me when I was on twitter just talking to her sort of made her feel better. I got this gut instinct that she is longing for Mr right to come along I think it was her she does speak Japanese so I guessing it was her I think last time I ever made a girl cling to me that way in the cyber world is really some thing. I go by the name john Randall Schindler favorite shirt green polo shirt and blue jean glasses age 19 any? Here's my number it's a cell so yes its mine. #2542587876 sincerely jrs

I Like it, I like while Hatsune Miku sings World is mine with Gumi in London Onlympics 2012
Gumi's Scream was Scare me but Miku's Scream Make me like it, so I like the world is mine because it make me exiting and well, you like it!
This is My Favorite Song, The Lyrics are Beauty and show how Miku Feels, I Like it! Miku Chan will sing it in London Olympics right, but for me, for olympics this is not a right match.

So unique...I'm sorry if I spelled that wrong. SO ANYWAYS... Hatsune miku probably had some fun making this song because she has so much energy in this song, and its telling me that the world is really mine. And I could jam out out this song anytime I want to! World is mine really speaks out to me.I glad its number 1. It deserves to be. Now lemme jam out to this song one more time?

2 Rollin' Girl

I love the story to this. It's about a girl with a mental illness, and she also gets beaten up by a lot of people at her school. The story goes on and shows you how her thoughts are all messed up. And near the end of the song she runs up the stairs to the top of her school, and simply jumps off, committing suicide. The last line in the song is "stop breathing now." Which is pretty affective, if you ask me.

I love Rolling Girl because it really tells a story about how a girl keeps reaching for something that she can't seem to grasp. Because of this she keeps on failing and hurting herself, yet she can't stop because she doesn't know how, she needs someone to tell her to stop. It really connects to a lot of people's real life, and that quality is what makes it my favorite song by Hatsune Miku

I love this song so much! I can completely relate to it, and this song actually saved my life. When that boy hugged her at the end because he wanted her to live, I realized that someone would do the same for me, so I just have to keep my head up high and hope. Go Rollin' Girl!

With one of the greatest piano riffs in any Miku song, Rolling Girl possesses a great mix of Rock, electronica and that beautiful Miku genre that we can't seem to grasp. The meaning is unclear and is up for interpretation, but that is what makes it so great.

3 Tell Your World

Believe it or not, when I first heard this song on iTunes for a couple of seconds, I didn't care much for it, even though Miku is my very favorite number one Vocaloid. But when I actually listened to it and saw the video of it on YouTube (the fan-made one with all collage tribute to Miku) I started loving it to the bottom of my heart. The PV still makes me wanna cry and so does the song itself. It shows that Hatsune Miku is telling different worlds (hearts) about her everyday with her songs people discover! It always makes me smile to see that so many people all 'round the world are fans of this girl and she isn't just a computer, she, like the Almighty Lord in Heaven, is a friend we can trust. Miku and Christ forever!

Though I sincerely can't understand that much of Japanese, I feel like I can get the whole meaning of this song just from the way words are sang. Listening to this makes me feel so great, I think it really deserves to get 1st place, though many people seems so appreciate "World is Mine" more, and I have to say it's a quite beautiful song, actually. Still, I definitely prefer this one.

This song can really -strangely- moved and touched me and also a lot of hearts WORLDWIDE, even though people at first didn't understand the language! Just by listening to the good music, Miku's heavenly vocal, and the also the fantastic PV, it's like Miku is connecting ALL hearts and souls on the planet, all together!

This song was the first Miku song I had ever heard of and I loved it. The melody, the beat, and the rhythm was so perfect in this song! That day after listening to this song, I was so into Miku songs and Vocaloid songs! I 100% suggest you to listen to this song, it's so wonderful that you will regret if you didn't listen to it.

4 Odds and Ends

This is one of (or if not) the best Hatsune Miku song out there for me. How it can really make you feel the emotions, both the creator and the singer of the song, is really beautiful; even though we know Miku is just a Vocaloid. I didn't really notice how good this song was when I first heard it, until my friend recommends it to me (more than one time, if I may add) and told me to also listen to the lyrics. I decided to give it a chance... And boy, this is one hell of a song. So there you go, I believe, at the very LEAST this should be top 10. Number one for me though, hands down.

This song is about a person being made fun of other people. Then Miku appeared and she decided to make music with the person, but he only got bad reviews, so he decided to stop making songs with Miku. The person realized that he made a big mistake so he wanted Miku back, and they continued composing different songs together. The lesson of this song is to be yourself no matter what people say to you

This song HAVE TO be in top 10 at least! This song is very REAL, SWEET, VIVID and COLOUFUL! It's just so awesome that you can hear Miku take breaths between lines. It also let you hear her heart and how she will always be there for you no matter what! Both the music and the lyrics are great and meaningful. This song really touches my heart. You guys HAVE TO here it out!

I think this is a sad and happy type of emotional song, you know what I mean? It's a really strong song, If you listen to what she says you will understand what I mean. This song is a very supportive song, If your sad just listen to this, it always worked for me to cheer me up and go out.

5 Monochrome Blue Sky

Amazing melody with touching lyrics that's similar to my own life It deserves to be in top 10.

It really makes me feel light inside... I love this song!

You Should Listen To it Because It also tells how miku got blu hair

6 Triple Baka

Such a playful melody with lyrics that really describe a funny situation- I love it!

I love the tune, and the lyrics! It's my favorite for sure!

1st of all! You guys know what baka mean! Idiots!?

This is my favourite song from Miku! Really love it! So nice and catchie!

7 Karakuri Pierrot

How is this the most upbeat song?! It's so sad, about a girl who's crush treats her as a clown?! Miku CRIES at the end! I love this song, but it is not upbeat.

I love the rhythm, despite the song itself being pretty sad. I really also like yellow and melt and, the dissapearence of Hatsune Miku. This gotta be one of the best Miku songs though!

40meterP Really nailed it with this one, I adore the vocals, and the music really matches the sad tone of the song.

This is the most upbeat song I have heard so far! This song should be all the way up in the top ten! It makes me smile, and dance, and wanna jump up and down in the warm summer sun!

8 Matryoshka

It is an amazing song and it really makes me happy to hear it. The beat us fabulous and it is one of those classic vocaloid songs. So many other vocaloids have done covers (such as zebra) to compete and they are actually pretty good as well

A powerful piece that is both creepy and enlightening. It touches on many aspects such as adventure and mental illness, I always get excited when it comes on and the beat is just amazing.

I showed this to my Russian friend and she loved it.

Matryoshka deserves to be first! I love this song!

9 Yellow

This song is magical! It cheered me up! Every time I listen to this, I will always smile and be happy. No matter how dipressed I am, my cure is this song. It's just magic.. If you haven't listen to this song.. You better. I just... I don't know.. This is my favorite song and... Well, it made me happy and I am positive that it made you happy.

I love Vocaloid but I'm not really a fan of Hatsune Miku. This is one of the only songs I like of her so I'll vote for this one. It's cute... And it cheers me up. And even a non Miku fan like me, I have to admit it's not a bad song.

Yellow! To be honest this song do have a magical effect that it will cheer you up no matter how sad you are! I really meant it, it always cheer me up when I felt sad or depress. Warm as sun, shine upon you from the dark

I just listened to this song, and it really does deserve it's place among the top ten. It's happy beat and rhythm can lift your spirits in a heartbeat. I'm so happy I came across it.

10 Black Rock Shooter

I feel bad when I watched this, because it is like, locked away in chains then broke into pieces and continue to fight again... Its sad but the ending is good. Give me hope.

Black Rock Shooter have lots of feeling towards me and the music give out the feeling.

I absolutely adore this song! I love the character of Black Rock Shooter as well

Wow black rock shooter is my 2 favorite anime I love it song.

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11 Chaining Intention

This should be #1, the most creative by far.

Best song ever that songs got it all lyrics and the song is catchy

12 SPiCa

I would definitely say that this is simply the best out of all of Hatsune Miku's songs. Not only are its lyrics extremely beautiful, but its chord progressions, or simply the way the song swells. It's so sweet and beautiful. I understand that some other songs are a lot more famous, like "World is Mine, " but this song's melody is so much more beautiful.

This songs actually has a story and is connected to "ARiA" which I thought was pretty cute and clever in a way. It's considered an older Miku song but I think it should be more popular than it is now! I was so happy to see it included in the Mikunopolis concert (I was there) I wish more people were cheering for it along with Saihate. I hope one day this song becomes more popular!

I love so many Miku songs esp. Melt, Renai Saiban, Shiro Yuki no Princess wa, Time Machine etc but I don't know why, Spica holds a special place in my heart. It is beautiful!

Even though I only listened to a sample, I fell in love. It's moved me, like every other Miku song I've listened to.

13 Melt

This is the most popular of Miku's songs, it skyrocketed her popularity, although the other songs on this list are fantastic, I think "Melt" has an extremely special quality that can't be compared to.

This was the first song I ever heard from vocaloid and ever since then I was never the same. This song really changed my life and I seriously think that this should be higher on the list.

When Mikupa held in each country. This song was the most audience very waiting for to hear, I know world is mine are the easy way to search. But I think this song are in my 1st favourite song ever hear. Come on vote more for melt.

This is how your feelings to be when you meet your heart-breaking person and he/she is helping you when you're in trouble or difficult. My heart was skip a beat when I heard this song

14 The Disappearance of Hatsune Miku

I love this song. This song is about Hatsune Miku how she almost disappeared one day. She was about to be accidentally deleted! Apparently no one was able to research her. The company said there had been computer problems. Hatsune Miku was not deleted (Thank God! ). What pretty cool is when they checked they found a new vocaloid (Akita Neru! ). So not only was Miku saved but Neru was created because of that! I was like when I found out! When this song was made it was very popular and it still is. Hatsune Miku forever!

Its supposed to be the 12st top songs ever. In this song miku conveys most of her feelings towards her master... This song was made because the number of miku fans reduced.. And the owner/master etc.. Thought that miku would be no more if this continues... And that is why he named this song DEAD END.. But miku's nymber of fans started to grow.. And thank god miku is still alive :P

This was the first song I heard of Hatsune Miku and no friend recommended it to me, I didn't even know who she was or what she did. I stumbled across this great song via YouTube suggestions... and I fell in love as soon as I heard it.

I can't be the only one who thought this sounded similar to The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya (it's an anime movie if you haven't seen it, watch it and you'll understand if you don't notice it). It's a great song though I love it.

15 Kagerou Day

Honestly all of Kagerou project is just bad ass in my opinion, but this one definitely stands out among a few others. The guitar parts and lyrics are so awesome! If you like this song you should check out Outer science and Yobanashi Deceive.

One of the best Miku songs!

16 Romeo and Cinderella

Frankly speaking, this is the most meaningful as it involves between a fairy tales, fantasy and drench of sadness. The rest of the songs it's all basically nonessential and particularly meaningless. This song has a truly deep and touching meaning in it and it's up to you for love it or not. Every sentences has a meaning to it.

Can't believe it's all the way down here. The World is Mine is heard so much that people would become dead for it to keep playing. Honestly, I don't see the fame for The World is Mine. Romeo and Cinderella makes a nice genre, and the music is amazing. Love it.

Wow. Number eighteen is extremely low... I don't get the meaning of this songs name (duh, I don't know Japanese) but it doesn't change the fact that this song gives you a special romantic feel to it, and it feels very... DISNEY.

I seriously don't understand why something like po pi po is at the top of the list.. Anyway, it's a beautiful song which illustrates a love story from the point of view from Miku.

17 Senbonzakura

It's the first song of Hatsune Miku I have ever heard. This song is what makes me interested in her albums in the first place. I am truely amazed by what the vocaloid can created and it was astonishing. I loved Senbonzakura because I have also played it on Jubeat Plus and the experience was AMAZING! That's why I think this song should be ranked higher!

I love the story to this AWESOME song! It's also the first song I have ever heard from Hatsune Miku. It is also a very good song to play on piano. This is personally my favorite due to its super fast tempo and its great/sad story behind it. You could really tell what's going on!

Yes! A great patriotic and catchy song! Finally! This should totally be first place. This song is amazing because it's a wake up call to Japan. Say no to America, stand up to China's lies and Korea's trickery! Return to the great days of old! I love this song!

... It's not in the top ten? Senbonzakura is one of the best Hatsune Miku songs in my opinion. I mean... It doesn't only sound great it also has got a great meaning behind it, not like these typical boring love songs...

18 Love Is War

Miku's best song by far. It sounds so realistic, and not annoyingly high pitched like a lot of her other songs. She sounds extremely strong as she sings how she would fight for her love no matter what, even it doing so results in war.

This did not make top ten? I understand if it doesn't make first, That would be asking too much for everyone to think as I do... But can't it at least be in the top ten?

I love this song because (if you know the English lyrics or you know Japanese fluently) it's about her being able to fight for her love even if it means war.

The best! No matter how many times I listen to it I never get bored of it.
Also everyone can relate that fighting for love really means war!

19 Hello, How Are You

Angel voice of Hatsune Miku. I think that this song should be first...Kawaii!

This song just has an amazing emotional charge.

This is my very favorite

I love this song!

20 Electric Angel

When I heard this song I had to burn its name into my memory because I really enjoyed it. I really love the lyrics and the how real it was. It is outstanding and show you how unique she is.
This song deserves a top ranking for what it represents!

This some is very nice and so energetic. I don't know why it is ranked 26 when it's so catchy. Although even the rin and len ones are better, this song is awesome and you should really hear it and find out.

This was the first Vocaloid song I've ever listened to, and after I listened to it, I immediately knew that I liked Vocaloid.

Electric Angel is my favourite just simply because it was the first song I heard done by a vocaloid and first impression have a effect on me. Still this should at least be in the top ten and just the lyrics and singing beautifull"

21 Delusion Tax

I don't know what it is with this song. Maybe it's the style? The tuning? Maybe it's everything. Definitely a great song by Deco*27.

22 Po Pi Po

This song is awesome, very cute! It's just like an advertisement. In this one, Miku sings about vegetable juice, and how you should drink it!
I absolutely LOVE this song and I hope that everyone else does too.. Even if it IS in 4th place, haha!

Tell you what, this song is the most amazing song I've ever heard. The voice of hatsune miku is totallty cute and high. The beat of the music is awesome and amazing.

This song is not only GREAT song, its has a simple dance for beginners who enjoys minicing the dance movements. This was my first Hatusne Miku Song I heard and is still my top 5.

I love this song, it's my favourite! Po pi po po pi po! Go miku and this song should definitely be in the top 5 at least

23 Electric Love

Good but very repetitive

24 Ura Omote Lovers (Two-Faced Lovers)

I don't know why but all the songs are good, but personally I love this for the insanity and the upbeat. I just highly recommend this song, it may not be your type but especially to pump you up this is what you need to listen to.

"Ura Omote Lovers" was my first Hatsune Miku song, and I was captured! Wowaka utilized Miku's ability to sing inhumanly quickly and was among the first to do so, resulting in a catchy and meaningly rap about a struggling girl's love life!

This song is extremely catchy, and I just love singing to it. It's upbeat, fast, and just so AWESOME. I also love when other vocaloids sing this. Everyone sounds so good singing to it!

When you fall in love, you always have to understand does your subject of love really loves you. Do YOU really loves him? Miku doesn't know and tries to find that out in this song

25 Viva Happy

This is my favorite Miku song! The best, really cute, and the music video is so awesome!

Adorable! I love this song!

Amazingly cute and good!

Very cute and good

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