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1 When I'm with You

Faber drive is the best band ever... PROMISE! If you are reading this then please check out their video on youtube... I fell in love with this song only after I saw their video... its freakin awesome guys...

This Is a very romantic songs, I love it... it really really reltes with my love life, whenever I listen this song I just remember my love and then just recall back the memories that I had with her

I absolutely just love this song! It fits me and my boys situation! He's been gone for two years and this song just makes me feel all the better! *happiness*

2 Tounge Tied

An extremely catchy song. I found myself hitting the repeat button again and again!

One of my favorite song and band! All of the of faber drive is so very beautiful!

This explains my situation perfectly; being stuck btween a rock and a pretty face.

3 You and I Tonight

This is Faber Drive's newest music video in the highest quality you will find on youtube... EVER!

The song was very related on me.. it is the best.. I love this song much ever! Go faber drive, make more inspiring songs!

This song always feels me that I wanna cry because the content of the song is so emotional and you can communicate your feelings between the lines of the song! Best song ever! I'll never get tired on hearing this song

4 By Your Side

It is a very sweet song. Though the statement I LOVE YOU was not mentioned in this song, each line in this line let the listener know that the presence of LOVE is there. It's really sweet! The melody's so good. Last March, I used this song as a background song when I made an extraordianry surprise for the person who really meant a lot to me. I can't explain why but the song sounds lonely but it's so sweet. Haha! Naps, remember this song? I'm by your side.

This one should've made the top 5 a long time ago! It's like the "When I'm with you" from Can't Keep a Secret!

It's a damn sweet song. The lyrics though... Ugh!

5 Candy Store

It is a Sweet Love!
I love this song so much!

The best song I've ever heard...

They compose cool songs!

6 Sleepless Nights

This song reminds me of the girl that I loved & still loving so much that is being played fool by the guy he is loving now.. If only he could treat her right & make her happy.. I would be at least contented by that.. I love this song..

7 Give Him Up
8 Second Chance

One of the Best Chorus I've ever heard!

Agree best chorus ever.

9 It Ends
10 Too Little Too Late

One of the best songs for me. Giving the courage to continue fighting despite of how hard it is to be on top!

This song is great!
Try listening to it

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11 G-Get Up and Dance!
12 The Payoff

Please vote for this song!
It's a good song.
It deserves to be in the top ten...
Well get up and dance sucks!

Awesome! Its very upbeat. Needs to be on top 10...

13 24 Story Love Affair
14 I'll Be There
15 Never Coming Down
16 Again
17 Killin' Me
18 Summer Fades to Fall

Hey Guys clean your Ears listen to Summer Fades To Fall.. And decide whos be in top 1

19 Do It In Hollywood
20 Obvious
21 Forever
22 Life Is Waiting
23 Our Last Goodbye
24 Time Bomb
25 Lucky Ones
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