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1 Reita - the GazettE

I really like the tremendous amount of energy Reita puts into each and every live performance. He gets the fans going and seems to me to become one with his bass. I miss the sound from the older albums though but his bass lines have always been creative and never just a boring"thud, thud" sound. His stage presence is awesome too. The yells during Ride With the Rockers, the noseband that we all want to sneak a peek behind and his boundless energy on stage make him a sure bet for a top notch slot.

The way he's so into the music when he plays the bass, not taking his eyes off for most of the time, concentrating on the strings which brings out the amazing sound, I think is really commendable. Also, his solos, are very unique and if you watch him play live, it actually is very interesting and fun and passionate, I'd say. He's always having so much fun with the bass that you have to love him.

I've always had an interest with the bass guitar and the more bands I listened to, the more I wanted to play it.

But this guy right here. He gave me the most motivation to play it and now, I haven't regretted my decision. I know that I'm always going to look up to this awesome person.

Don't get me wrong, though. I really like most of the other bassists in this list too!

I'm not voting for Reita only because I'm a big fan of the GazettE. I like Dir en Grey really much, but for me Reita is better then Toshiya. I respect him. I proud to be a fan of the GazettE, There wouldn't be the GazettE if there wouldn't be Reita.

2 Toshiya - Dir en grey

Toshiya is an absolutely amazing bassist! I have seen Diru twice in concert and Toshiya can always get the crowd riled up and excited. His bass solos are to die. For I cannot wait until I hear the song "Amon". I did such a fantastic job with that song I get shivers every time I listen to it. The previous songs he has written like "Bottom of Death Valley" is still one of my all time favorites. Vote Toshiya! He really is an amazing bassist.

Are you kidding me? He's the best bassist! Not just in dir en grey! Check D+L out! It was his former band before Dir En Grey And the way the bass notes sound It's absolutely amazing! Those beautiful notes are noticed by all Good* music lovers because he makes them very, quite, notable.

Toshiya! Yeah one of the best bassist I've know cause he isn't the type to stay in the back ground he takes his place on the stage and rules it. Though I wish that Jasmine You would be a higher rank due to illness the reason for his death.

Totally deserved it. He was the first reason I started to play bass. (Reita was the second) I saw him live, I'll never forget how I felt standing almost in front of him. There are no words that could describe how much he inspires me.

3 Tomomi Ogawa - SCANDAL

Listen to Yoake no Ryuuseigun (her best), Departure, Graduation, AMKDJ, Queens are Trumps, and Hi Hi Hi. Then you'll know she's the best female bassist in Japan. Why? Because she does all of these sick basslines while singing!

You know what makes this girl great as a bass-player? She can sing well while playing something totally different. That is a HUGE skill people don't perhaps realise, unless they try it themselves. Colourful player yet never overplays to show off (a thing most guys can't resist haha). Good feel, good tone and timing, she moves great around the stage with an amazing upbeat vibe. What more can you ask for? There is only Koga and her up to this standard in bands (different for session players like girls in Buono band who are highly trained), and Koga though an amazing player doesn't sing. So, Tomomi gets my vote for sure... Oh and she is adorable beyond belief, which doesn't hurt her cause either laugh out loud

She has become a very adept player in a short time. She writes well and also shares a large amount of the vocals while playing. Tomomi appears to be a genuinely kind, happy, giant ball of sunshine that makes everything better with her presence. The one time I was able to see her play live, she tripped and fell forward. Everyone in the crowd seemed shocked and worried because she fell forward hard, but she quickly got up still playing and laughing. She is truly a precious sparkling gem.

Despite her cute looks and small frame, Tomomi is practically awesome with her bass skills! She's not to be underestimated! In lives, she's always graceful and it's amazing how she moves around, dancing with her bass guitar, which is heavier than the average electric guitar. Her energy level's so high, it makes you wonder what her blood's made of. Personality wise, she is always cheerful and bright, lightening up your day.

4 Masashi - Versailles

I've been a Masashi fan for many, many years and always thought that, even though it was difficult to hear about Jasmine, I feel he has held his place as a friend and fellow bassist to Jasmine extremely well. He is an absolutely amazing bassist. The way his fingers fly across the strings amaze me beyond comprehension. His masculine and strong form leaves me breathless and I feel like I have died and was resurrected just from his amazing playing. He is confident and respectable and with that, I would definitely say that Masashi is the most amazing bassist.

I saw Masashi at their Holy Grail London gig not too long ago, and I was amazed at how he played the bass. He had a certain aura around him, that made him powerful-looking, as well talented with the bass. His riffs, as heard in Vampire and MASQUERADE, are also shine-chilling and inspiring. From this, he has made me take bass up again, and it was a pleasure meeting him.

Masashi is the reason I play bass. He's amazing, holds the same sense of elegance that the rest of the band holds and is so talented. The bass riff at the beginning of Vampire is just one of the many excellent examples of his talent. This doesn't mean that I don't like Jasmine You and Masashi is most definitely not Jasmine's replacement

He is amazing! Unlike Jasmine, he has a strong bass, very remarkable, that impacts the song. In the very different style, he is a perfect Black Knight while a Vampire. When I saw him live in Brazil, I could see how Versailles moved with his presence, he gave more life to the band, I feel very lack of Jasmine, but Masashi consegueiu bring back the true glory of Versailles.

5 Taiji Sawada - X Japan

Pfff... 6th place... Taiji Sawada? Seriously?! Most young Jrock fans just think of bassists from newer Jrock bands or ones who are more well-known, not considering the actual talent they have. Taiji Sawada was one of the best bassists from Japan, if not the best. For all of you fans of exclusively newer Vkei, I'd suggest next time not saying someone is extremely skilled just because of their popularity, as Taiji was incredibly talented. I mean, hate to say this, but look at Toshi, his voice sounds like dying farm animals, and yet he's considered by Japanese people to be the best vocalist in Japan, all because he's the vocalist of X Japan. Don't believe me? Good. Taiji's talent only deserves to be shared with people who appreciate him anyway.

P.S. Taiji has done a lot for Vkei and Jrock in general as he was in X when they started to get quite popular. I'm sure he's influenced many bassists. Though, 6th place is a huge understatement for Taiji; saying that he was simply a ...more

What? Taiji in 6th place? Really? What a joke. This guy can eat all these bassists skill in this list for breakfast, remember Taiji has doing it since 1986 he can do any technique & style of bass. He's the first of all. These voters is dominated by kids who had no idea from where Jrock scene started.

Oh, come on, 6th place? Taiji could play bass like nobody else, the ones above him could only dream of having his skill, in fact, he should be an inspiration to every bassist. Some people have never heard him play and it shows.

I don't understand why in the world Taiji-sama got this place. 5th place? THIS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT FOR HIM. Maybe everyone hadn't notice, but have you forgotten about the bassist who had played great bass solos? Who was the one called "hippie cowboy punkster"? Had everyone forgotten who Taiji Sawada is? I'll tell you this- TAIJI-SAMA CHANGED MY LIFE. He made me want to learn bass. He was and always will be my inspiration. Respect to this dear bassist. I really want to meet him. Sadly, God loves him more.

6 Tetsuya Ogawa - L'Arc~en~Ciel Tetsuya is a Japanese musician, best known as the leader and bassist of the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel. Formerly known by the stage name tetsu, on December 1, 2009 he started to use his birth name.

Listen to Blurry Eyes, Blame, Wind of Gold, New World, and As If In A Dream. Then you'll know he's the best bassist in Japan and set the standard for Visual Kei bassists on this list.

How can he plays bass melody like guitar melody? First time I heard "stay away" I think that was ken playing guitar melody but when I watched the PV that was tetsu part... And I like his style of wears... And his blonde hair in grand cross tour...

Japan's very own flea... Honestly, no other bassist from Japan could even come close to be juxtaposed against him... No idea why people who read the list allow that joker from Dir en Grey to be ranked above him

The best bassist in the world, even in his solo project, he still look cool and made a good song, thank you, Tetsuya Ogawa, we Love YOU!

7 Ue-chan - Maximum the Hormone

People like Ni-Ya and Saga above Ue-chan is just sickening. They are great bassists, but compared to Ue-Chan... There is just no qeustion. Futoshi Uehara is the GOD of bass! People like Flea could be compared with him! I'm not kidding! Listen to this guy he is incredible! Rokkinpo Goroshi, Buikkikaesu, Futhoshi Uehhara, Minoreba Rock, etc. The list goes on and on! Toshiya was my favorite, but even a bass monster like Toshiya is no match with Ue-chan!

For Ue chan to be so low, these people have to be joking! Anyone who has listened to this guy play bass know that he is OUT OF THIS WORLD. No one can beat him at bass, no one! I do like Nightmare and Gazette more than MTH but come on! Niya is great but not as much as Ue... And compared to Ue, Reita is a JOKE! Ue is the bass master!

Takes a lot of inspiration from flea but adds a bit more funkiness and twang. His singing's not too bad either.

I love Toshiya, but compared to Ue-Chan... Ha... Not a chance. This man, Futoshi, is the Japanese Flea! Only Flea can compare to him!

8 Saga - Alice Nine

Saga is an incredible bassist! He has great skills at the bass along with an amazing overall musical mind composing most of Alice Nine's music. He writes music with such passion and precision and it shows in not just every single note of a song he composes but in every single note he plays on the bass. He is not afraid to tackle any genre or incorporate different musical instruments in his pieces and helps them to mold the overall structure of the composition. His depth of knowledge of music and how to put it together along with his great ability to play the bass makes him a strong well rounded bassist from Japan!

Saga is definitely a fabulous bassist and better. He has excellent technical skill, yes, but it's more than that. He absolutely optimizes his position in the band to the point of overshadowing any other bassist I've come across. Often, bassists get pushed into the background by virtue of the nature of their part, but not him. Also, not only bassists, but other musicians as well, write music and give the most dynamic parts to their own part, or leave the composing up to others. Saga is a fantastic composer, and he knows his band inside and out; he probably knows the rest of the members better than they do- his pieces place emphasis on all of the other members of Alice Nine and their skill areas as much as they emphasize his own ability in a signature, barely understated fashion. His stage presence could hardly be improved upon, nor his musical sensitivity, nor his inherent talent. In addition to playing the bass, he has elective skills in guitar, piano, vocals and drumming that only ...more

Saga is an awesome bassist. He plays the bass really great and he creates great songs and he just makes music regardless of what genre will it be. His bass plays are amazing and he truly understands the importance and the role of being a bassist on a band. His compositions are worth listening too. His bass plays, personally, improves from time to time. I love him. He's an inspiration, an awesome musician, and I respect him a lot. I love him dearly.

Saga enjoys music. You see it in his lives you hear it in his songs. His bass stands out by blending in seamlessly. He should be way up the top. He breathes melodies and his bass translates it. I've always been a guitar person, the only other bassists who ever caught my ear are Cliff (R.I. P) and Jason of Metallica. But Saga's bass is attractive. It demands attention and I've been hooked eversince. Keep making music Saga! We're here to listen.

9 BOH - Babymetal

He is truly worthy to be called a GOD of Bass. If you have not done so, look for Kami Band Solo's on YouTube or look up the BABYMETAL world trailer to see him jam.

You can even look up BOH nico nico to see him just mess around with his bass and make godly sounds m/

His technique in bass is awesome.. Its rare to see a bassist who handles a 6 strings bass like a God..

I like his style for playing bass, very exciting.

All awesome! Especially his passion and humanity!

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11 Crazy Cool Joe - DEAD END

toshiya of dir en grey = false no. 1 bassist in japan. crazy cool joe was with KYO isono hiroshi's solo and also their band that reunite influenced many bands musically and in fashion.

13 Aki - Sid

Aki's the best bassist ever in Japan, in my opinion. Not only as bassist, but as musician. He composed most of the songs in SID, he can play piano and guitar. He's a perfect musician, and every bass line he created is very detail and difficult. You can hear every beats he played in every songs clearly. No bassist ever this good before.

Surely he's one of the best bassists! Though he plays bass in the band, he catches attention. He have the talent and the looks. He is not only a bassist but a composer too! He has composed songs that has been used in anime and movies! He's also friendly with other rockers! M/

A man who believed in his dreams against all odds. He came up from zero to hero and has been an inspiration to many, including me. Everything he is he puts in the songs he writes and those songs really touch hearts.

He is the best bassist ever! He may seem crazy and energetic on stage, but turns out he is a very shy person and hardly talks! Yes, he can play with both hands, and he composes a lot of songs in SID!

14 Yukke - MUCC

YUKKE! His performances are superb! He can play even the contrabass. His way of playing is powerful and amazing! He also keeps his fans entertained and is aware of his fanbase.

He should get more attention!

YUKKE is a great bassist! His skills are just amazing and he deserves to be called one of the best bassist out there! YUKKE is such a wonderful bassist!

Yukke is definitely my favorite bassist in Japanese rock. Especially when he plays slap or contrabass!

15 Koga - Gacharic Spin/Doll $ Boxx

I though slap bass just for showing off and have become old. And here she play like it's mainly how she play and doesn't looks like an old style.

F chopper Koga is an amazing bassist. She is definitely the Queen of slap bass.

16 Ni~Ya - Nightmare

The best Skill for every style and songs of Nightmare!
His passion for the music and his role in the group make him my favorite Bassist Ever!

He has the sexiest bass lines ever! Too bad he kinda gets drowned out by the guitarists

Sexiest and most talented bassist I have heard in a long time!

17 Ryota - One Ok Rock

"From zero to hero" will be the best line to describe Ryota. Coming from such an inexperienced bass player, he became one of many great bassists out there, along with his great friends that made up ONE OK ROCK today. He is (for sure) a hard-working man, and not to mention his kindness towards his niece; he is such a great uncle. I never knew someone who (sometimes) looks fierce outside, but actually sweet inside; DO NOT let his appearance fool you, as he actually is a hard-working and kind-hearted person (and sometimes he can be silly too! But I think that's why people fall for him in one way or another lol).

Bassist is my dream and I always want to be like Ryota: his bass skills (techniques) are just so cool like slapping! And I know he puts a lot of efforts to the band and the instrument that he's playing. He stared to play bass when he was in teenage, and then, now he's a well-known bassist in the Rock world. He's a momentous person to me. Watching his bass solo, the only thing that I express is,"WHOA! "

Come on! He is such an amazing and very talented bassist! He mixed up his dancing prowess to slaying the bass and gives the audience a wonderful show! He is a total performer who gives not only his 100% but 1000% that's why watching him perform with the band is so great that you'd wish to touch his abs out of eargasmic pleasure!

Common, he is such and amazing and very talented bassist! He mixed up his dancing prowess to slaying the bass to give the audience a wonderful show! He is a total performer who gives not only his 100% but 1000% that's why watching him perform with the band is so great that you'd wish to touch his abs out of eargasmic pleasure!

18 Jun Onose - LUNA SEA

This man packs the groove, style and knows his music. Arguably a genius composer, if you will look into his composing history in Luna Sea & also in his solo works. Instead of focusing on showcasing insane amount of technicalities, he like to challenge the opposite - making music sound great in their simplest form. His beliefs as a musician and in life has inspired and earned him many respects, both fans and musicians alike.

He's just way too tight when playing together with Shinya... Seriously. And the bass lines really get the combination between memorable and still having energy (unlike many Japanese bassists who play an obscene amount of flourishes in their lines while forgetting that there are root notes too... ). Of course his solo work is simple as hell, but hey, he's singing there :D
Oh - and he's a good songwriter too...

J is Zeus in the Bass Olympus! Taiji is very good, but my fave is Jun Onose. I can't let him here down...

His bass line is awesome

19 Ikuo - BULL ZEICHEN 88
20 Yutaka Higuchi - BUCK TICK

He's so creative, his music Is sensous, precise and intense. Uta's sound is wall rounded, robust, and strong. Buck-Tick Is an amazing gestalt and its power comes directly from the man playing the bass...

How can Yuuta be down to the 8th position? He at least deserves a few positions up to this. Deeply stilish bass lines, not only for his tecnique but also for the way he can use them, and an amazing consideration of what he do.
Prick up your ears a little more, to our cute man!

U-ta is a very talented bassist. He has a lot of experience and I think new Jrockers have to learn from him.
Even if I love theGazette, and also Reita, I can certainly say that U-ta is one of Jrock's fathers.

U-ta is the fairy goth father of Jrock bass and he deserves so much more recognition for his talent!

21 Kazuyuki Matsumoto - Janne Da Arc

I've started to be in love with bass solos because of Janne Da Arc, in special Ka-yu! He is the best for me!

So handsome and talented bassist!

He is a great singer & composer too!

22 Jasmine You - Versailles

Each time I hear him playing the bass in Versailles, Jakura or Hizaki Grace Project songs, I only can think 'Perfect'. Amazing bassist. His bass lines are beautiful, powerful and always the right in each melody. His grace when playing live has to be one of the most beautiful things. So much talent.
He will be missed forever.

Thinking about him kills me, and makes me very emotional.. he was so beautiful, talented, and he was absolutely perfect! he didn't deserve to have his life taken away so early.. I don't even care what people say when I talk about his appearance, he was so beautiful and I wont be embarrassed to talk about how I feel about him

Whenever I see him play the bass guitar, all I can think about is "Perfect". For me, he will always be the best. He was very elegant on stage. The way he played is very beautiful. A very talented bassist. I miss him so much.

Jasmine... Is an amazing bassist, it's so unique and completes every song, because of his skill I've wished to learn to play bass, and hopefully I can overcome my concentration laspe to prove some worth!

23 Hitoki - Kuroyume
24 Lay - Fatima / obscure

In the beginnings of the band he had to lead the rhythm section for less experienced drummer and also the melody section for less talented guitarist. He was good enough to manage. I like his style of playing: hard and agressive, but also surprisingly soft sometimes. I wish he could get more recognition, as in my opinion he's truly one of the best bassists in his generation.

25 Tsunehito - D

I saw Tsunehito live both times D played in America. He is so incredible live that really shows how superior he is compared to a lot of other bassists. He has fantastical style and personality and he is just an all around incredible force to be around.

He has a great affinity with the bass, every sound He does it with passion and dedication, that are also very characteristic of things himself.
He is a musician very young but very talented, also has a big musical projection with D. I sincerely hope that he can win this poll.

Tsunehito is a not only a versatile bassist but he's also a wonderful Jewelry designer and human being. He's as talented as he is sweet and you can tell just by looking that he loves what he does. True facts. Just saying'.

He is truly an amazing bassist! He masters different playing techniques and I really enjoy listening to him playing! I like watching too, then you can see it as well as hear it...

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