Top 10 Worst Band and Music Artist Feuds

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1 Guns N Roses vs. Nirvana

Nirvana, by far! Guns N' Roses are okay, but the only thing that should be changed is the lead singer, Axl. He's a dickhead, and he could never sing in the first place. They made the guitars lower to make his voice sound higher!

2 Metallica vs. Megadeth

A really awesome fight between the two best thrash metal bands and their fans. However, Metallica is a bit better because of the depth in their music. Sadly, Megadeth's fans live under the illusion that Megadeth is superior.

Dave Mustaine admitted in a documentary that he always tried to get close to Metallica in the early days, but he couldn't.

Metallica is the reason Megadeth has Dave Mustaine. So, you people need to get your facts straight before you come on here and run your mouths about things you don't know anything about. Metallica wins. Bottom line. Thank you, and have a nice day.

3 Dave Grohl vs. Courtney Love
4 Slash vs. Axl Rose
5 Eminem vs. Michael Jackson

I never liked Eminem, but when he went against the King of Pop, that was it. I don't respect a man who decides to keep pushing someone already down, and that's what he did to Michael. He did the same to Mariah Carey during her breakdown era. You don't push people down when they're already struggling.

Eminem can only wish to be a legend like those two, but his legacy will likely just be for feuding with pop singers and making songs with Rihanna.

Eminem was high and crazy at this time. Encore was definitely his greatest letdown (he admitted it himself). Before, he attacked those who deserved it (critics, pop stars with fake images). Michael Jackson got it for nothing.

Thankfully, the King of Hip-Hop came back right after the King of Pop left us. But Eminem still isn't the same Shady.

6 Notorious B.I.G. vs. 2Pac

A rap feud fueled by violence and angry words exchanged in songs (e.g., "Hit 'Em Up" by 2Pac). Both rappers ended up dead, and the bittersweet end to this feud made the '90s West Coast-East Coast rap rivalry one of the most defining moments in modern music history, for better or worse.

7 John Lennon vs. Paul McCartney

I like John and Paul equally. I personally find the whole John vs. Paul thing to be annoying and stupid. Both John and Paul are talented. If both of them saw us fans fighting like cats and dogs, they would be so ashamed and angry. Both John and Paul make good music.

8 Marilyn Manson vs. Trent Reznor
9 Lynyrd Skynyrd vs. Neil Young
10 Metallica vs. Pantera
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11 Oasis vs. Blur

How is this not in the top 10? If it weren't for the press, it would have never gotten so out of hand. Both bands' music owners decided to release the "Roll with It" and "Country House" singles on the same day, which caused a media uproar.

At that point, you had to side with either Oasis or Blur (you couldn't choose both, by the way). It even caused Noel Gallagher to tell Damon Albarn and Alex James to "catch AIDS and die." Luckily, Noel later wrote an apology letter to the press for this remark. Oasis vs. Blur was the biggest music debate since The Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones, and both debates continue to this day.

12 Marilyn Manson vs. My Chemical Romance
13 Joey Ramone vs. Johnny Ramone
14 Guns N Roses vs. Motley Crue
15 Jerry Lee Lewis vs. Chuck Berry
16 Nirvana vs. Pearl Jam
17 Pink vs. Christina Aguilera
18 Guns N Roses vs. Bon Jovi
19 Ronnie Radke vs. Craig Mabbitt & Max Green
20 Guns N Roses vs. AC/DC
21 The Kooks vs. Arctic Monkeys

In 2008, The Kooks revealed an ongoing dispute with the Arctic Monkeys. The feud arose when Pritchard kicked Alex Turner, lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys, in the face while onstage. Pritchard claimed Turner had been attempting to disrupt his performance.

"I had to kick Alex in the face after he tried to pull the leads out of my guitar pedals while we were on stage," Pritchard told The Daily Mail. He also mentioned his efforts to apologize for the incident later on. "I saw them recently in a studio and tried to patch things up. I asked Alex if he wanted to have a bit of a jam in the studio, but he just turned his back and walked away."

Pritchard went on to describe the Arctic Monkeys as "arrogant," but conceded that Turner is "a genius musician and a really talented songwriter." He added, "Now we've got this beef, but he shouldn't have touched my guitar."

22 Red Hot Chili Peppers vs. Mr. Bungle

Two of my favorite bands, but Anthony constantly screwed them over by accusing Mike Patton of copying his style. This eventually resulted in the best Halloween special of all time.

23 Axl Rose vs. Velvet Revolver
24 Robbie Williams vs. Liam Gallagher
25 Dandy Warhols vs. Brian Jonestown Massacre
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