Top 10 Best Philippine Rock Bands of All Time

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1 Eraserheads Eraserheads is a Filipino rock band formed in 1989. Consisting of Ely Buendia, Marcus Adoro, Buddy Zabala and Raimund Marasigan, the band became one of the most successful, most influential, critically acclaimed, and significant bands in the Philippine music history.

I can't say more about my all-time favorite, Eheads. From high school until I became a lawyer, I still play their songs. The lyrics and the music are awesome. The '90s was the peak of Pinoy rock bands, and I was a member of a certain band in my high school days. Yes, they are part of my life. Without them, no Pinoy alternative rock would be born. Ely, Marasigan, and the rest of the band should come back and make some albums. I am tired of these Pinoy songs sung by artists and those boring singers who became stars because of revival songs or cover songs. Laugh out loud.

There is no such "Filipino Band" I can compare with this band. Eheads is really great. Genius in songwriting, composing & arranging, and performing. They brought "Filipino Rock" to another level. Yeah, they are really the Pinoy version of the Beatles. Some say it is just only because their songs are for the masses. But for me, that's a big no! The real reason is they created a lot of "great immortal songs". That's what makes them great.

2 Parokya Ni Edgar Parokya ni Edgar is a Filipino band formed in 1993. The band is known for its original rock novelty songs and often satirical covers of popular songs both foreign and local. The band is adept at playing in various musical genres.

I'm not a Filipino but was introduced to Parokya around 2000 when I saw them play live in Manila. This band is highly creative and unpretentious, appearing to make enjoyable music with a slight slant of comedy in many of their songs.

Music should be fun and should be made by people who have fun, and that is definitely Parokya Ni Edgar. The fun they have is even contagious to the people listening to them. That is definitely powerful!

This band was formed 20 years ago and until today, they still capture the people's true feelings. Their music is very unique. They have one characteristic that other bands don't have. The members of this band, Chito, Vinci, Dindin, Buwi, Gab, and Darius, keep rocking! Still loyal to Parokya Ni Edgar since 1997.

3 Juan Dela Cruz

The grandfather of Pinoy rock artists. They started the rock songs in the Filipino language during the time when foreign rock music was dominating our country's radio stations. Juan Dela Cruz Band is truly the number one Pinoy rock band of all time.

They put the Philippines on the rock map and are recognized by other rockers in the world as the epitome of rock & roll in the country.

Juan Dela Cruz Band needs to be number 1. They started Pinoy rock, and the second generation looks up to them.

4 Wolfgang

Wolfgang is the best band OPM has to offer. They have the talent and the creativity to write legendary music for the universe to hear. This band definitely should be ranked higher than many bands above them. They are the best heavy metal band in the Philippines, and even in Asia.

You guys rock. You are the Metallica of the Philippines. Old school rock and roll. One of the best of our time. You would appreciate almost all of their songs on all of their albums.

These guys rock! They are the first Pinoy metal band to release their album in America. Best vocals, wild guitar solo, and feel the beat of the drums and awesome bassline. Truly world-class! This is HEAVY, the story of METAL!

5 Bamboo

I really love Bamboo! They have this unique talent that once you listen to their music, you'll know Bamboo is playing. They are very world-class, and the whole world should listen to their music. The Philippines is very lucky to listen to such heart-melting music from such talented musicians. Bamboo is the best!

Bamboo's unique music can easily rival foreign international artists without losing the Pinoy touch. It's easier to start from the international scene and then be embraced by the locals - but going from local to sold-out international gigs? Bamboo has done it. In terms of vocal performance, Bamboo must be the only one who can sing the phonebook in any music genre and still sound amazing!

Nobody beats the voice of Bamboo, not even the bands that overtop them. Also, the musicality of each member and the lyrics are to be mentioned since their songs are world-class.

6 Slapshock

Slapshock is one of the premier rap metal bands of the Philippines.

Whilst the band entered the business playing rap metal, the members are influenced by a lot of rock sub-genres: Grunge, Metal, and Glam, to name a few. It was upon hearing Rage Against the Machine that all the members of Slapshock connected at the same time and decided that yes, they wanted to do something as prolific as Rage.

It is hard to brush aside a band as talented and hardworking as Slapshock. Never negligent nor lenient, the band continues to grow, experiment, and mature. As such, Slapshock continues to make believers and fans out of regular listeners and casual audiences.

These bands are good, but for me, Slapshock is the best Pinoy rock band and makes the world rock. Not only is their music amazing, but they are also making history in rock music. Slapshock makes every Filipino proud by playing their best and quality rock music.

7 Siakol

Every person has their own preferences when it comes to music. Some want classic songs, rock music, heavy metal, hip hop, and so on, while others prefer country songs, ballads, love songs, and pop music. People choose their favorite songs and/or bands that somehow, at some point, they can relate to in the message brought by their favorite music. And sometimes, it also shows personality. It expresses emotions, life experiences, and things that are truly real in this world.

I prefer Siakol as my favorite OPM band. "Siakol" pertains to being free, happy, and sometimes in a naughty state of mind. What makes Siakol my favorite Pinoy Rock band is that all their songs are originally composed and written by their vocalist, Mr. Manuel "Noel" Rivera Palomo. Another reason is that all their composed masterpieces are very fascinating. They make you realize that they are really true, somehow open your eyes or senses, and make you smile.

God bless Siakol...

8 Rivermaya

This band is great. Their songs are pretty good, and while you're listening to their songs, you can truly understand the lyrics, which is also interesting! Rico Blanco is one of the best songwriters in the Philippines, but the bad news is that Rico Blanco is now like Bamboo. They are now both R&B singers. Ely Buendia is still the best and most loyal Pinoy rock icon in the Philippines!

Seriously? Go back to the '90s and watch the competition between Eheads and Rivermaya. Songs such as 214, Kisapmata, and Hinahanap-Hanap Kita are still sung by the masses until now. Rico Blanco's lyrics are so meaningful. The song You'll Be Safe Here gained popularity in Asia and was selected by MTV 2006 Asia Awards. They were the only Filipino band to perform in the awards show.

One of the greatest bands ever formed. They are very musically gifted. Each song released was a hit and always sounded different. Rico Blanco, Bamboo, and even Perf de Castro will be legends in the industry.

9 Kamikazee

I like the maturity of their lyrics throughout the course of their albums. I do believe that they're the best. These guys were the reason why a lot of kids went out to form bands. Every song was a hit and was embraced by everyone, which proves how big an influence these guys are! More power and rock on!

Kamikazee is not a great band in the way of singing, but the way they perform is very funny and entertaining. That's why I choose Kamikazee as one of the best bands in the Philippines.

Nothing is better than music made by this band (after Eraserheads). Also, unique and powerful riffs and instrumentals are shown in their rock music.

10 Yano

Yano is, like, amazing. I have to mention every good thing about them. Banal Na Aso has the greatest guitar solo ever from a fellow Filipino, and Eric is a guitar god. Anyway, getting incoherent here. I don't have much time. I'll just end this message for now by saying that Yano is a close second to Eraserheads, and would have topped my personal list if they had been more prolific. But in the end, their 1994 self-titled debut is the best album ever made in the Philippines. Not even Cutterpillow can touch it.

Yano was one of the bands that hooked me on music. When I listened to their songs around '94, at 5 years old (along with Nirvana), it inspired me to learn guitar and write my own songs. Fortunately, my brother and his close friend were in a band and they taught me how to play. They are big fans of Yano and Eheads. One thing I loved about Yano is their songwriting, especially the poetry in their lyrics. I'm proud to say that the current bassist of Yano, "JR Madarang," is actually my bandmate. He is also a very talented musician who helped me write and improve my own compositions.

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11 Sponge Cola

From their first album up to the last album, all of their songs are really, really good. For me, Sponge Cola is the number one OPM band. Go Sponge Cola, keep making beautiful songs and inspire people.

A very versatile and sensible band! Not to mention that they are now a certified diamond record awardee!

One of the most popular bands is Sponge Cola, and I like the way they play their music. Rock and roll!

12 The Dawn

I agree with the previous comments. The Dawn should be in the top 2, right after Juan dela Cruz Band (Top 1). In the late '80s and early '90s, two OPM bands dominated the local airwaves. In the New Wave/Rock genre, it was The Dawn, and in the Pop-Rock genre, it was Neocolours. They paved the way for the so-called "early '90s OPM band explosion," opening the door to Side A, Introvoys, Eraserheads, Afterimage, Rivermaya, and the rest is history.

"Enveloped Ideas" was the most popular rock song during its time, and it must be the most poetic Filipino rock song. Their popularity dwindled when their guitarist was murdered. This group should be in the top 5 if you have to consider rock poetry.

This band should be placed higher, ideally in the top 5. The Dawn opened up the gates for local bands, and that includes Eraserheads.

13 Urbandub

Callalily and Sponge Cola shouldn't be in the top ten. I think Urbandub and Franco are more worthy than them. Urbandub has smooth lyrics and most people relate to their songs. The way they mix up their tunes is what you call ROCK.

I agree that Callalily and Sponge Cola shouldn't be in the top ten. Urbandub should be among the top ten. Gabby Alipe, John Dinopol, Lalay Lim, and JanJan Mendoza are the best at what they do. Great guitar solos, heavy drum rolls, and awesome vocalization. Songs like Guillotine, First of Summer, Soul Searching, Call to Arms, Alert the Armory, Face in the Woods, and many more are some of the best OPM songs I have heard in my life. Worthy to be called The Giant Sound of the South.

Great musicianship. Great lyrics and great inspiration to the broken-hearted individuals. Definitely worthy of being called the great band of the south.

14 Asin

Asin initiated songs about our Mother Earth, the war in Mindanao, love, and the innocence of children, using only acoustic guitars accompanied by genuine Tunog Pinoy instruments. Asin should be considered one of the pillars of original Pinoy music.

Legendary Asin, their songs never die.

Shouldn't this be higher?

15 Pupil

A supergroup composed of old-timers but nonetheless a breath of fresh air in the music scene! OPM at its finest. Not riding the pop bandwagon of this day and age, the band continues to make quality music. Not your usual average guitar and drum-wielding quartet.

Having Ely Buendia as the frontman of this band, it's no wonder how they can make new music with new band members and of course, new styles.

These four members are super massive together!

16 Franco

More than being a "super band," Franco has influenced a lot of musicians from the younger generation to pick up an instrument and play music. He didn't even have to do that directly.

This unique Superband should be in the top 10 because it's the best in the industry when it comes to combining two very unique genres, reggae and rock. Jah Love for FRANCO.

The band with more attitude than anyone on this list.

17 Silent Sanctuary

Their music not only touches our ears with its beautiful melody but also touches our heart because we can really relate our own experiences with their songs. They play music as if we are reading our diaries and reliving our memories about love - first love, heartbreak, loving again, true love, etc. Keep it up, Silent Sanctuary!

This band should be at least in the top 10. Considering how amazing, beautiful, and relatable their music is, like Kundiman, Hiling, Maalaala Mo Sana, etc., I love those songs. They never get old. Listen to their songs, and I'm certain you'll agree that they should be in the top 10. They're incredibly amazing in how they compose lyrics, the pattern of the rhythm, the melody, and everything. I just can't believe that they weren't included in the top 10.

I love their songs. Band members are very friendly. They write their songs from their hearts so that the listeners themselves can feel the emotion.

18 Gracenote

At first, I loved the band because of their Paramore-like genre, but then I delved deeper and realized that they have their own unique way of making music. A very talented set of young musicians. I'm always in awe watching their live performances! Well, I hope to be at one of your gigs soon. Bravo, Gracenote! All the best. Can't wait to have a copy of your very own album. Kudos! The songs you've made always make me sing them over and over again, talking about LSS. Well, that's a good thing because that means that your songs are etched in your listeners' hearts. God bless you guys!

They are really an awesome band! The first time I saw them playing their songs, I was easily hooked. It was just like watching Paramore but spiced with their own style and uniqueness. The members are young but yet, skilled and talented individuals. The thing that I liked the most about them was their approachability and appreciation at the same time. That's why soon enough, they could possibly be in the limelight! Don't stop, and keep on rocking', Gracenote!

19 Chicosci

I like Chicosci not because of their good looks, but because I can feel their passion and love for music. It's like I get energized whenever I hear them play. Eto walang halong kaplastikan, but there's really something about their band. Weird, I can't really explain it well, but they're really good at it. And I think that they are really smart.

Fans love them so much. They always get into the crowd and are very energetic. Their songs are aspiring, though it is rock. Genius music and lyrics. They deserve to be on top. Whether you like it or not.

Coolest band ever!

They sing their songs as if they were national anthems.

A band full of energy and is criticized a lot.

Nevertheless, they are a band that reaches out to their fans, having parties or gatherings. Chicosci rocks!

20 Callalily

I'm a 100% Japanese citizen, but I love their songs even though it's difficult to understand. I still love it, just like K-pop songs that people from other countries love. This band is unique, and I hope they release more English songs so that they become well-known not only in the Philippines but also around the world :). Sorry if my English is bad, kekeke.

I hope to see them in person someday.

Callalily rocks!

I really love the band. Their songs are so cool. Yeah, rock on Callalistas!

They deserve to be at the top. They are really cool and they rock everyone who watches them. Their band vocalist, Kean, is so cool. I hope they will reach the first spot.

They are a certified crowd drawer. Everywhere they go, people scream and sing their hearts out with their songs. Those guys are sweethearts!

21 Moonstar 88

I've loved Moonstar 88 since my high school days! I really love their song "Migraine," which became the theme song of the Korean Drama "Witch Yoo Hee" on GMA in the Philippines.

Hey, they should be one of the top 10 rock bands. They've made a lot of songs that are really popular. Also, the way they deliver songs is impressive.

One of the best bands I can remember back in college...

22 Teeth

They had a reunion concert. A lot of people went. How can they not be one of the best?

23 6cyclemind

6cyclemind exudes the aura of a well-intentioned OPM band. I've been loving the band for almost 6 years now. The genre of pop-rock/alternative, which to me should influence the minds of this generation to be inspired and achieve what they aim in life, was given justice by this band. All the songs on their new album Good By Sunday are an inspiration and a comfort. Multi-Intelligent is my description of this band.

The music they have created is not just a song that plays on the radio or elsewhere. It is like the national anthem of all the youth and all the generations who loved and are still loving them. Nothing can beat the EHEADS mania. They are indeed the greatest Filipino band of all time. Long live Eheads.

6cyclemind has generated a new era in pop-rock that instigated the birth of many new acts. They opened doors for new acts in the industry.

24 Razorback

A true Philippine rock icon! Razorback was one of the pioneers that started the rock revolution of the early '90s. They just released a new album. They still ROCK!

The Mighty Boars of Rock! My local band. They're one of the greatest! Enough said!

I'm a 53-year-old rocker and was blown away by this band. Rock and roll forever. Don't stop making music. Long live Pinoy rock.

25 Paraluman

One of the best bands that I know! All of their songs on the In Lab! album are originals, with no remakes. Each song is great and beautiful. Their debut song, Emily, suggests that this band has a very promising future. Indeed, all of their songs are very inspiring! They never let down their fans with new songs like Kapitan. The song Kapitan also imparts a good lesson: being a good person and helping others, regardless of who you are, can make us heroes. I highly recommend this band because they have the best music, vibes, and influence on us. The band members are approachable, very kind, and thoughtful! If you're lucky, the band might approach you as well! Sweet! Keep up the good work, Paraluman!

I love the voice of their vocalist, "Madeline," and the way the band plays their songs. Try listening to their music just once, and you'll get hooked.

They're not the greatest, but I love how their music makes you feel good. You'll know that they're playing with their hearts.

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