Top 10 Best Jay-Z Songs

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1 99 Problems

Love Jay-Z! This song is just too dope, I love it. Jay-Z is no doubt a king of rap. Eminem is as well, but I won't compare them because they have their own styles. But this song has a dope beat and dope lyrics. "If you don't like my lyrics, you can press fast forward" - love that line. Haters can shut up because Jay-Z doesn't care. Great song.

Jay-Z is by far the best rapper alive. 99 Problems deserves this spot because Jay-Z is awesome. This song has rekindled my love for hip-hop and music.

It's really good. I recommend it a lot. It has very cool lyrics. A must-hear song from Jay-Z. The music is very epic too. Don't miss this one, people.

2 Empire State of Mind

Only in 'Murica could the chorus be interpreted as "Concrete Jungle Wet Dream Tomato..." This is in the top 5 of any collaborations between rappers and singers. "California Gurls" is catchy, but it's a joke, especially compared to this. Jay-Z has better lyricism on other songs, but this song is so easy to love with the great chorus.

Love this song so much. It might be because I didn't listen much to Jay-Z before this, but every part of this song, from the rap to the hook, is perfect. Love how much thought Jay-Z put into this song. Each line has meaning. It's just perfect.

3 Dead Presidents II

Dead Presidents II is arguably Jay-Z's best song. This song has amazing lyricism, a mellow beat, and one of the best hooks of any rap song. Dead Presidents II will always be remembered as a classic and will always be the song that launched Jay-Z to be one of rap's biggest superstars.

When you compare this to anything he recently made, you'll notice how good his rhymes were back then. But now, since he got his fortune, he doesn't have to rap for money, and his rhymes have become worse. Perhaps it's because he doesn't write some of them anymore.

4 Renegade

I think this might be the best rap collaboration ever! It's arguable who has the better verse (in my opinion, Eminem, because of his insane rhyming, but that's my opinion and I wouldn't say you're wrong if you say Jay's part is better) because they're all incredible. Plus, this song has meaning and is real.

It might not even be his best track. I just like it the most.

Yeah, it's pretty high up on this list, but I honestly think it deserves top 3, easily. The chorus is amazing, and the lyrics are just unbelievably good. Call me dumb, but I think 99 Problems is overplayed and overrated. The same with Dirt Off Your Shoulder, but not as much. All I know is that I'm a renegade!

5 Dirt Off Your Shoulder

The beat on this just gets you moving as soon as the song starts. It's pretty amazing. And Jay's lyrics are at the top of his game. No doubt one of his best songs of all time. So much better than Empire State of Mind.

This is such a tune! The beat is so damn sick! You gotta get that dirt off your shoulder!

Old school gotta have the ups over the new stuff. Show some respect, guys... Dirt off

6 Hard Knock Life

The most popular Jay-Z song of all time. It solidified his status as a popular artist and put him on the list as one of the greatest emcees of all time.

Talks about Jay-Z's struggle and suggests that he killed Tupac. Etched your name out, put Jigga on top. One of his most creative songs.

The first Jay-Z song with meaning to it. He had some successful songs, but this is what got him up there. Amazing rap with an even better chorus. Nothing tops this one.

7 N***** In Paris

The tune is awesome and can make you dance right away. I think this song should be at least in the top ten! Very mesmerizing tune! And Kanye West is good in the song as well. I started to listen to Jay-Z only after this song!

My favorite Jay song since The Black Album. Both rappers did amazing, surely no one else could have done that well. Amazing verses with a killer beat and a catchy outro - what else could you ask for?

Best songs by Jay-Z. Not the best song but should stay in the top five. It goes well with Kanye West. If he wasn't in the song, then it would sound as bad as the song "Lifestyle." P.S. "Lifestyle" is by Young Thug featuring Rich Homie Quan.

8 D'evils

"D'Evils" is truly one of the best hip-hop songs of all time. The subject matter, contrary to what the previous comment suggested, is about materialism and how money can change a person and everything around them. The beat by Premo, as always, is perfect along with the samples. Jay-Z's flow is on point, and he makes it look effortless.

What amazed me are the lyrics, which are some of the best I've heard. Almost all lines have multiple meanings. There's even a quadruple entendre. There are a lot of biblical references, which showcase Hova's cultural knowledge.

P.S. "It's one of the best songs here. Jay talks about Illuminati and he is possessed by Illuminati in the chorus. Nas and Snoop Dogg are really cool. It helps the song too to be one of the best." It's not Nas, it's Prodigy from the duo Mobb Deep.

9 Izzo (H.O.V.A.)

Man, this is a good song. It's probably:

1. Run This Town/Izzo (tie)
2. Heart of the City
3. Empire State

10 Big Pimpin'

This song featured the best duo in the underground, UGK. They killed this song, especially Pimp C with 8 bars. Jay-Z had to record a second verse because he knew UGK killed this song. Not only did this song make NY stop hating the South, but it made Jay-Z accepted in the South. This is history in the making because everybody hated the South.

And shout out to Timbaland for making a catchy beat, sampling an old Egyptian song.

R.I.P. Pimp C
UGK 4 life
And thank you, Jay-Z, for collaborating with UGK.

Still going 20 years strong, we be Big Pimpin for life!

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11 Run This Town

So when three of the greatest all-time artists as named by Billboard come to make a song, it should make it to the top 10.

Oh sorry, I can't find Run This Town because it isn't in the top 10.

I know this is not as good as his older work, but it is so hard-hitting.

12 Numb / Encore

Numb / Encore is really great! I think this song is the best rap song ever. I love it! Linkin Park is playing well. Eminem, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre - it's an almost amazing song! I think this song must be the first best song.

Amazing song! The best collaboration of two songs I have ever heard. Jay-Z was just fabulous, and Linkin Park enhanced the song. Love Numb/Encore!

I guess this is one reason why Jay-Z got famous? He is one of the few famous rappers to rap into the rock/alternative rock culture.

13 Takeover

The only diss song against Nas that is worth listening to.

Only verse 3 on "Takeover" is better than all of "Ether." "Ether" is overrated. It was just some school insults like "fat lip." Come on, man. But "Takeover" had many great facts, and facts hurt more than insults.

A true rival to Ether.

Ether vs. Takeover, which do you think is better?

14 Brooklyn's Finest

Many people don't know this song even exists, but it is a seriously good collaboration between Jay-Z and his idol. It was off his first album when Biggie was still alive, and it's one of the best lost tracks out there. I highly recommend giving it a listen.

How is this not number one? Jay and Biggie going back and forth on Reasonable Doubt like that was just incredible. The lyrical content was incredible, not to mention it actually has a great beat too. I can't believe that Empire State of Mind is #2 ahead of this.

15 Heart of the City (Ain't No Love)

WHAT! You people are nuts. N in Paris 20 spots ahead of this? Probably the most beautiful, upbeat but at the same time mellow beat ever. Great sample by Kanye, great lyrics by Jay. I listened to this song for hours on end as my niece was being born. It's just... The best. The only one I'd maybe put above it is Dead Presidents.

Everything from the lyrics to the instruments is dope. You've got to really feel the music for this one! Out of all 10, this is my number one, then Renegade!

Great rhythm with amazing rapping. Why is this at number 13?

16 Where I'm From

Jay-Z has many different types of songs, but he is arguably at his best when he reflects on his past life. In this song, he does just that with stunning ability. Not a single line in this song is filler. "I'm from where the church is the flakiest, and people have been praying to God so long that they atheist."

Jay-Z has the artistic ability to create many types of songs. But in this song, he refers to his past life with such tremendous truth and skill that I cannot say any other song beats it.

P.S. Do not vote unless you've listened to his older songs.

17 Young Forever

I'm not a huge fan of this album, but this song brings people back to a time in their life when they didn't worry about finances, drama, or the troubles to come, but rather enjoyed the moment. The song puts into perspective the shortness of life and how we should enjoy it before it's over. Jay-Z doesn't have much flow, but the remix is enough to draw me in.

In my opinion, this is the best emotional song of Jay-Z's to date. Whenever I hear this song, it makes me cry. You should put your hands up for this song.

In my opinion, along with Song Cry, this is one of Jay-Z's most emotional songs. Sick verses and chorus from Mr. Hudson. One of the best reflective rap songs.

18 On to the Next One

"Don't be mad at me, but I'm on to the next one!"

I listen to this song when I work out. It really pumps me up.

How is this so low? The world is crazy.

19 Otis

Are people out there crazy? This song has won a Grammy, and you aren't voting for it? Man, it should be at No. 1. It has won a Grammy. Vote for it, or you are not human beings!

This song is so underrated! This song is excellent. How could this song be here? Come on, guys! Wake up!

Agreed, underrated. Amazing song, amazing clip. Number one for me!

20 Can't Knock the Hustle

Way too much of his new music is at the top of the list. People need to go back and listen to Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint.

Really? This is Jay's top song from his best album, and it's at 51.

21 I Just Wanna Love U
22 Can I Get A...

This song is just amazing. From start to end, you just want to keep moving. This song is definitely one of my favorites now, along with 99 Problems and Dirt Off Your Shoulder.

In my opinion, the best Jay-Z song.

23 Lost One

This song is so REAL, just JAY speaking from the heart. You can't beat it.

24 Can I Live

This song symbolizes Jay-Z's most lyrically competent album, Reasonable Doubt. Reasonable Doubt is arguably the best hip-hop album of all time. Can I Live captures the themes of this album.

No doubt his best song. I listened to it every day for two months and still enjoy it. It shows the hustler with class that Jay-Z is.

Best song off Jay's best album. The verses are possibly the best in hip-hop, and the beat is addicting.

25 The Story of O.J.

It's well-animated since it perfectly resembles how dark-skinned people look in old cartoons.

Better than the whole of Damn, should have won the Grammy. Proves HOV is a GOAT, with over 20 years of dope music. Deserves top 20 at least.

This is one of the songs from Jay-Z I've listened to. I thought it was good.

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