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1 Earthquake

Earthquake is absolute king. The beast of the music world (except Pass Out) this is by far the most epic of labrinth songs. It is also British and like all British stuff, epic. It should have been nuber one for at least 50 weeks, should have tons more rapping in it, has an amazing video though would have been better if he left the studio, needs a more swearing at simon cowell, needs more epic stuff to it. Labrinth decided to ignore this advice and goes and make Beneath Your Beautiful which is good and all that though doesn't have such an epic beat, it also is more technical than Earthquake though is not the same Labrinth that I saw and loved being featured in the epic Pass Out. If Labrinth makes another one like this he would get more respect. There are some people who would like him to make more technical peices of music such as Beneath Your Beautiful though the majority of us want him to ditch his new found style of precision and go back his tradition and best song style... With songs like Earthquake.

2 Let It Go

Amazing song, can't stress it enough. What a jam so talented it is crazy and hard to believe that such talents exist today.

3 Let The Sun Shine
4 Frisky
5 Jealous

This is one of my MOST favourite songs of all time! Not only because of the music and the lyrics. There's so much emotion in his voice that this song just makes me want to cry every time I listen to it...God bless him. He's so talented and he definitely deserves to be recognised and appreciated more.

Wow... This song is one of THE BEST songs I've ever heard. And the emotion Labrinth puts into it... Hard to believe that a talent such as Labrinth exists... He deserves to be known worldwide, there are few, if any, as talented and emotionally invested in music as Labrinth. Leaves me speechless.

Unreal song...hit me right to the soul. Such meaning and emotion. A song that all people who have loved and lost can relate to. Thanks to Labrinth for opening up and sharing such a beautiful song.

6 Beneath Your Beautiful

This songs deserves to be on the top of the charts. It's the most beautiful I've ever heard. Vote up guys!

Just love this track, can't get the Duet, they are just on top of the world and in the best yet element.

I really love this song, it illuminate my days.

7 Last Time
8 Express Yourself
9 Treatment

It's absolutely the best Labrinth song!

10 Let It Be
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11 Climb On Board
12 T.O.P.
13 Meanest Man
14 Vultures
15 Sweet Riot
16 Thunderclouds

That chorus is just something that does not leave. You know those chorus from songs that stay with you forever. This is one of the them. This is the best Labrinth. The best

17 Genius - LSD
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