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1 Need You Now

Need You Now is one of those personal favorites. This song relates to me so much! We all been there especially with falling in love and falling out. Sometimes it could even be missing that certain loved one. Man! This song is classy and so true! Honestly, this is Lady A's best song they have ever written and releashed out. Just look how this song changed their lives! It also, changed my life too! This band is amazing! There hasn't been a band out there for awhile that's this good! I honestly, fell for them instantly when I heard this song and became a die hard fan! They are so talented!

For me, "Need you now" is the best of lady antebellum it is certainly catchy with a very deep meaning. The very first time you heard it, it was instantly stuck into my brain and my phone, and until now I can't stop listening to it.

This song has won so many awards and everyone knows it. Definitely number 1 as it is very catchy you can sing to it easy and has a great meaning.

It expresses how many of us feel late at night when we are alone and needing that special person in our lives to be with us.

2 Just a Kiss

There's just something about this song that makes me want to listen to it over and over again. And the video is haunting! Need You Now is good, but this one is simply better!

Way better than Need You Know its more catchier and is just awesome! Vote for this and not Need You Know because it's better so VOTE NOW!

I love you way better than the other songs please vote now! They rock. The song is so smooth and peaceful. I love the song I want to make a song like that!

A song so soulful that it drives me to tears with the passion in it. Just another masterpiece from lady antebellum... Hope they just keep it coming

3 I Run to You
4 Bartender

I was the one that made the last comment, and just want to say this will always be my favorite Lady Antebellum song, I Need You Now is a VERY close second for me, but this will always be the best!

Not in the top ten! Really! This is one of the catchiest country songs ever! Not just of Lady Antebellum, but of country in general!

I think this song is on 22 because its more recent. Much better than some of the songs in top 10

Why is this not in the top ten? It's one of their best songs ever!

5 Lookin' for a Good Time
6 Compass

I love this song, it's so meaningful. I've never get tired listening to this

Great fun catchy song, but sweet and meaningful.

7 Dancin' Away with My Heart

This is the song which made me an Instant fan of Lady Antebellum! It's so good & brings back high school memories. Best Song of this band!

Awesome, awesome song. Brings back memories for all of us!

Great song... Never heard anything better...

This one should be at the top!

8 Love Don't Live Here
9 American Honey

Such a very beautiful song from Lady Antebellum. Easy listening, has a lot of positive energy to face the world!

10 Downtown

The way music should be played and heard, Thanks keep it up!

I swear I listen to this song like fifty times a day.

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11 Ready to Love Again
12 Hello World

This song calls out to the deeper and more meaningful things in my heart and life

13 Wanted You More

Brilliant song. Its meaning as well as melody put you in a conversation you should've had with someone that got away and you wish to cross paths with 'em again.. And you say to yourself "I guess I wanted you more" than to let you go. #3-5 for me. Rate this please. At least try it then click.

This song just expresses most break ups. How is this not in the top 5? By far the best Lady Antebellum song in my opinion

Are you kidding! It's the best of lady antebellum!
Hello good morning! It should be on either frst or second! Its awesome with awesome lyrics!

Thanks lady antebellum and this song is so nice to hear..

14 Out of Goodbyes
15 Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Watched a dance instructor with a student dance a waltz to this song. They were in perfect step as their eyes locked. As you listen to the words, this song paints a lasting picture of a love that endures all things and all time.

Should be in the top 5

16 I Did With You

This is the best

17 Our Kind of Love
18 We Owned the Night

Seriously people? This MASTERPIECE qt 12th? Listen to this, I'm sure this song would be loved by one and all, a perfect song!

This song should definitely be in the top 10!

19 The First Noel
20 You Look Good
21 Love This Pain
22 As You Turn Away
23 When You Got a Good Thing
24 I Was Here
25 One Day You Will

Saved my life. Literally. That's all I can say about it because any other words would not do it justice.

Gives me courage to move on when I break down... This song is a savior

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