Best Victorious Cast Songs

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1 Take a Hint

1. Bad Boys
2. Freak the Freak Out
3. Take a Hint
4. Give it Up
5. L.A. Boyz
6. You Don't Know Me
7. 365 Days
8. Best Friends Brother
9. Finally Falling
10. Leave it All to Shine

Victorious is better than ipoopy. This isn't an opinion, it's a straight up fact. If you disagree, your a big blob of poopy crap. Thanks.

Take a Hint is the best song ever! I loved it how Jade and Tori performed together! Liz Gillies and Victoria Justice are such an underrated duo! Two powerhouse queens singing the definition of girl power!

Best victorious song ever! Me and my BFF know all of the words, I sing Jade's part and she sings Tori's part.

2 Beggin' on Your Knees

I like how they destroyed Ryan or Ryder or whatever his name is but that was cool and I liked the song.

I love this song! The voice is awesome, the lyrics are amazing, the music is incredible!

One day,I'll have you beggin' on your knees for me. This is such a good song. I got it on my iPod and I listened to it over and over again,for 7 times! That is how great this song is.

3 Freak the Freak Out

YASS! ::

1. Freak the Freak Out (episode is awesome too)
2. Here's 2 Us
3. Give it Up
4. You Don't Know Me
5. Bad Boyz
6. Make it Shine
7. Finally Fallin
8. Song 2 You
9. Best Friends Brother
10. 365 Days

Outstanding song! This, You Don't Know Me, 365 Days, and Beggin' On Your Knees are my favorite songs on VicTORious!

I like that song and Victoria looks funny in that costume.

4 Give It Up

BEST SONG EVER! It's so catchy, and every time I think I've gotten over it, I listen to it and then get even more obsessed. Ariana and Liz are the best singers on Victorious, and I'm sooooooo glad that they put both of them in a duet together. I was like, Yasssss, about time! Why isn't this #1?!

Give It Up is by far the best VicTORious song in my opinion! I love the lyrics, I love Ariana and Liz's voices, and I love how they blew Hayley and Tara out of the water! Liz and Ari are such good singers I can't even- just yess! These are my top 5 songs:

1. Give It Up
2. You Don't Know Me
3. Beggin' On Your Knees
4. Here's 2 Us
5. Take A Hint

5 All I Want Is Everything

The coolest song invented. I love the beat at the begging and the slow-mo they do in the music video. If you hadn't heard it yet look it up and vote.

All I want is everything yes everything too much is not enough! I'm sick of settling for in between, and I'm not givin up!

This one is just different from the others. Its more "mature".

6 You Don't Know Me

I can't believe this song isn't in the top 10! Liz Gillies is such an amazing singer and I'm really happy that they let her sing solo. I absolutely love this song because it perfectly describes Jade and Beck's relationship and their undeniable chemistry together.

You Don't Know Me is the best and most relatable song in VicTORious! You don't know me is literally my theme song! Liz Gillies slayed this song and just yess!

After the song It's romantic how Beck and Jade kiss and I love the song.

7 Make It Shine

This is by far one of the most underrated songs on Victorious, the harmonies were so beautiful along with Andre and Tori nailing their parts.

Are you kidding me? Really? This song should be in top 3!

8 Song 2 You

Fantastic song! Best song Andre has ever invented. Laugh out loud!

This should be higher. This song is amazing!

Fun and addicting but needs to be longer.

9 Best Friend's Brother

As much as Give it Up is the best song, BFB is just so catchy. I personally feel half and half about Tori's voice, but she sounds really good in this song!

I love all the songs but this one gets stuck in my head and I find this one kind of catchy by the way I love Victorious so much!

My best friends brother is the one for me. B.F.B.

10 L.A. Boyz

The reason why I like this song is bc of Ariana. I don't think that Ariana and Victoria soumd great together, but I love how unique Ariana sounds in this song. I think the sound would be better without Tori though...

I don think that Ariana and Victoria sounded good together when they were singing on the show because Ariana was screaming over Victoria. When they edited her voice a little in the music video it sounded good.

The beat and lyrics make the song so upbeat and catchy. Kinda sad that this is the only song Victoria and Ariana performed together. They both did great!

The Contenders
11 Finally Falling

I really enjoyed listening to finally falling by Victoria Justice from Victorious Tori The Zombie, the episode was also enjoyable. I also don't mind: Take A Hint and Beggin' On Your Knees.

I love this song! it is so catchy and I think it's great how tori and beck sang together! I love the chorus

I hate the song so much I want to fall off a roof.

12 365 Days

Catchy and heartfelt song! In my opinion here is the top 10 ranking of Victorious songs:
1. 365 Days
2. Here's 2 Us
3. Give It Up
4. You're The Reason (Acoustic)
5. Freak The Freak Out
6. Take A Hint
7. Leave It All To Shine
8. You Don't Know Me
9. Tell Me That You Love Me
10. Make It In America

Best soon on Victorious ever and I love her and Andre singing together they sound perfect and this song I feel the most connected to.

I like this song, it should be at Number #1 don't know why it's not even on this list.

13 Tell Me That You Love Me
14 Shut Up And Dance

Tori's voice is.. Just beautiful. And the backup singers A.K. A Cat, Trina, Robbie, and Jade, make the song sound great! The meaning of this song is also really.. Meaningful. "It's nine on the dot and we just talk and we talk,

And I just want it to stop,

'Cause aren't we here for the music." Meaning... Just get up and dance! Come on! Haha. Well, the song itself, is actually very catchy and great.

Tori, along with Jade, Trina, Robbie, and Cat's voices, sound absolutely amazing. It's catchy and it should AT LEAST be in the top 5! Take a listen to "Shut Up And Dance." See what you think!

15 You're the Reason

Please someone listen to this song. It is in the episode "Birthweek song" and is amazing. The lyrics fit Trina EXACTY and once you hear the song, you will LOVE it!

I feel bad for Tori because Trina sells the song.

This is by far the best Victorious song ever!

16 Make It in America

Victoria Justice should re-release this song as a single! It would make a great song of the summer

I really love how Tori sings it so good she's the best singer in the show.

17 Leave It All to Shine

I love it and I was surprised when Carly people showed up.

This song is buy ICarly and Victorious.

Carly and Sam's voices blended with Tori and Andre's (by the way he deserves a solo

18 Here's 2 Us

The only song on this list that is genuinely a good song with some sort of nice meaning outside of the Victorious 'musical bubble'. Excluding, of course, I Want You Back which is not a Victorious original song.

This song is so underrated! I can't believe it's only number 20! I love Here's 2 Us and it is relatable, real, and vocals by Tori and Andre were top notch!

I love the song, my favorite part is not a dollar in my pocket but a rock ain't broke you know?

19 Countdown

This song is the best it combines 2 of the 4 best singers in victorious.P. S tori and the boy have great harmony.

This song is the best! I bet if it was not a nickelodeon song, it would be a huge hit!

Loved andres voice' if this was not in victorious it would make a lot of money!

20 Broken Glass

Oh broken glass is not a food, so don't you listen to some dude who says put cheese on broken glass and make a sandwich out of broken glass

I love Robbie said broken glass Robbie your my best friend and cool

21 I Want You Back

I absolutely ADORE this song. It might already be a song, but I prefer the Victorious version, it's so good!

I love the Victorious cast. Just finished listening to this one of my favourite song this one is have to be the top 10

22 5 Fingaz to the Face
23 It's Not Christmas Without You

I'm going to be honest, this is my new favorite Christmas song.

24 Don't You (Forget About Me)

Really nice song. Doesn't match up to the original by Simple Minds at all.

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