Top 10 Best Lead Vocalists of Korean Boy Bands

In every boy band group the members have their own position such as lead vocalist, lead dancer, and rapper. Leads vocalists have a lot more parts in the song so their voice is quite influential in the comfort of our listening to the song.
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1 Yesung - Super Junior Kim Jong-hoon better known by his stage name Yesung, is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior and its subgroups Super Junior-K.R.Y., Super Junior-H and S.M. The Ballad.

Everyone always chooses Kyuhyun but I think its mainly because he has a lot of younger fans who are biased to his good looks. Although he is a good singer, Yesung is overlooked a lot despite having the most alibis. Also, people think he can't sing live when the other members say he is among the top - I think it's because he always sings such high notes that it gets tiresome, and not to mention that his voice is husky so it doesn't blend well with microphones. When he sings on radio shows or just variety shows though, its amazing!

There's practically no reason why he shouldn't be the best lead vocalist... In every song he sings, you can always feel the emotions that he put into singing. Many people compare Kyuhyun's voice to Yesung's and choose Kyuhyun but their way of singing is different. Kyuhyun's voice is smooth and soothing, just like a lullaby that can make you go to sleep. However, as for Yesung's voice, his voice is deep and husky and it just makes the listeners feel as if Yesung himself is suffering from a heartbreak or so because he really puts all his emotions into singing. His voice is just... Simply amazing... His vocals amaze me a lot too and he can hit high notes, unlike many other people who said that he can't...

I believe Yesung as the best voice overall, even though there are other great vocalist out there. But there is something about Yesung that sends shivers down my spine. He has a very souled, dark, deep voice that echoes through my eardrums-truly remarkable. Even though his voice is low it can be very sweet and high. Oh how he hits those high notes. His voice is truly art like because he creates masterpieces every time he sings songs. From ballad, to rock, to alternative, to pop, Yesung can do it all. He is even the King of OST! I hope everyone can see that Yesung is a very powerful, professional vocalist and if not best, one of the best artists alive.

Being a good musician is more than the sum of its parts. Being in tune, knowing how to shape a line, enunciating words clearly, resonance, appropriate vibrato -- all this matters. But sometimes a performer doesn't have all these perfect yet when they sing they connect and make a deep impression on the listener. Yesung is near perfect in in objective criteria as a pop singer (and sometimes he executes perfectly) but what gets my praise is that he's always looking for the way to connect with his audience, which is why his singing is a living thing for me. He's not trying to be true to the sheet music more than he is trying to express. I can think of many 'perfect' singers who are aesthetically pleasing but whose singing sounds sterile, overly stylized, indifferent.

2 Kyuhyun - Super Junior Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. He is one of the first four Korean artists more.

Technically all the KRY is good with well taught skill of singing. I choose him over Yesung and Ryeowook because he has more powerful vocal than the two. A lot of people think Yesung's very powerful but if people listen closely, he tends to lose strength when shouting high notes. I have to admit that Kyuhyun lacks pitch control but maybe it's the effect of bring too much emotion. Yesung and Ryeowook have better pitch control. But still, I love his voice and I think Kyuhyun way of singing is just effortless. Besides, the improvisation he chose to use is often quite hard and vocally, he has bigger range than Yesung and Ryeowook.

No one is on even terms with Kyuhyun! His singing is like a gift from heaven. He made me addicted to him with that smoothing and lovely voice of his and I hope you think the same. In the country I live in, K-pop is very unusual. When I first discovered K-pop I was just checking some youtube-videos when suddenly I caught a glimps on a music video that looked interesting. The video was Super junior's Super girl. As I watched the video, Kyuhyun's face came up, as well as the sound of his voice did. I rewinded over and over again to Kyuhyun's parts and I fell for him instantly. I had never heard of anything like K-pop before and that was the beginning of me becoming a fan of Super junior, and a fan of K-pop. It made me sad to think about how much I had missed in my childhood when I had never heard of K-pop, and I really hope that singers like Kyuhyun and bands like Super junior really became famous ALL around the world. Even in the smallest countries.
Kyuhyun has brought such joy into ...more

Kyuhyun has a natural born talent. His melodius voice can calm and capture anyone's heart. Although I do feel that Yesung is the top singer when it comes to singing skills, Kyuhyun's techinque and voice range is spectacular and all in all pleasing to the ear. If he sharpens his skills and works on his stage presence I think he will be the best singer in the world (overexaggerated). Personally I love his voice at its lowest (gives me chills), but he can sing the heck out of a high note. For those who say that he is a lazy singer, I think they're just jealous that they have to try so hard to sound even close to as good as he is.

Kyuhyun has that kind of voice which automatically makes anyone admit that he sings really well. Not just his fans or bandmates but Kyuhyun has also been praised by composers and other artists. Whenever SJ is on a show and they need someone to dance, they pick Hyuk and if they need someone to sing, they pick Kyu. He also sings so effortlessly that some people say that he makes it look too easy and confuse it with being lazy when he really just makes it effortless.

3 Ryeowook - Super Junior Kim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.

He's got one of the most unique vocals in K-pop. And despite what most people think, he isn't all high notes. His collaboration song with Beige shows that he can hit low notes as well, and after many years, the emotion in his singing has greatly improved. He has great technique and powerful, sharp vocals that can either give you energy, or help you relax. His technique is better than Yesung's, and his unique sound puts Kyuhyun and his generic (but still beautiful) voice out of the way. He is Super Junior's secret and rare gem. Very underrated but very talented.

Ryeowook's voice is my personal favourite out of all the Super Junior boys'. It's so clear and chiming, but it's got a certain sort of edge to it at the same time, a sweet kind of iciness. If crystals could be heard, they would probably sound like his voice. He may not be the most versatile vocalist - on some songs he is easily outshined by fellow bandmates Kyuhyun and Yesung, and his strong points aren't brought out as well; but in the songs that suit him, I swear his voice glimmers. He's got a lovely voice, and he's got lungs of steel to boot.

His voice is very pretty and soothing, and he has great technique. I've never seen a boy who could sing as high as he can. Listen to any of his solos, they'll amaze you. He should be number one.

I love Ryeowook's voice. I find his voice the best in Super Junior. His voice is very soothing. He has such an angelic voice. Others may not recognize it because he is always being overshadowed by other members. Just try listening his Smile Again! Eternal maknae FIGHTING! :D

4 Jung Yong Hwa - CN Blue

Yong Hwa has a very versatile voice with so much power, you need to hear it live to truly appreciate what a strong vocalist he is. His voice is able to carry above the instruments when he does his rock numbers with clarity, nuance and emotion - I've heard him sing live in a concert with other singers and you can tell the difference. His is a true rock voice, it's not about shouting but projecting his powerful voice above the music. I love how he can go from sexy and raspy, emotional and rock, to smooth and jazzy and his transition to falsetto is so natural. And when he raps, you feel that he's telling you a story... I now love everything about Yong Hwa, but it was his voice that first got me to truly notice him.

Jung Yong Hwa should definitely top this list. He has a uniqueness in his voice- be it texture of his voice or his singing style. Emotions displayed effortlessly in a strong way but never overdone it. The versatility of his voice allows him to sing vast range and genres. I think with his vocals he can pull any kind of song from any genre without much difficulty. For me after listening to many korean artists I have always revisited only jung yong hwa's song and kept them in my playlist. Not a single other song has yet made me feel the same emotion besides jung yonghwa's song.
If he tops this list it is totally deservering. My Bias Forever - JUNG YONG HWA!

Since the day I heard the voice of Yonghwa, I have formed a habit of listening to CNBLUE's songs every day! Yonghwa's voice is amazing! It's so powerful that it can make you inspired! It's so gentle that it can keep you warm. I love this guy and his band so much! CNBLUE is unique! Though they are handsome, but they work so hard that you can not refuse to notice their talent and the real soul of CNBLUE! Thank you CNBLUE! Thank you for your music and the way you teach us to protect dreams!

If any one think this man is not THE top vocalist just watch The Blue Storm Concert and you will be shocked at how good he is. Lots of singers can sing behind the vocal booth but very few can sing well live. Yonghwa's voice live is even better because he is so full of passion and power. Listen to him singing One Time at that concert and also Because I Miss You,...beautiful man with a class A voice. He is a rock star with a wide vocal range..not a lot of those around.. Keep up the good work Yonghwa, we love you..Fighting

5 Ken - VIXX

Ken's voice is actually better than Leo's, and he's more consistent live. Ken really deserves more recognition. The songs VIXX sings are crazily choreographed and crazily composed, and Ken is good enough to handle it all.

A voice that mesmerizes and captivates audiences due to his flawless execution and consistency. Some may even be bothered by this perfection but no one can deny his raw gift.

Ken's voice is slightly better than Leo in my opinion. He can belt effortlessly. His voice is thick and versatile which is matching my personal taste.

Ken's voice, in my opinion, is one of the most heartwarming, gentle, beautiful and healing voice <3 His live is consistent, and his head tone can be really pretty!

6 Jonghyun - Shinee

His voice is the reason I got into Kpop. The moment I heard his first lines in "ring ding dong" I was totally captivated. I thought his voice was so incredible, despite the fact that I was kinda weirded out by the dancing and the song and the video and plus he looked kinda scary (his eyebrows you know, but now he's my ultimate bias and I can't get enough of him now). I know there are other great Kpop vocalists but jonghyuns voice never fails to amaze me. He has complete voice control and the right emotion put into his singing.

He's pretty much consistent in all the registers, lower chest, mix voice and falsetto/head voice. His musicianship and musicality are also impressive, not to mention his ability in song composing and lyric writing. Definitely one of the best amongst the best.

The way he sings each line with so much emotion is just one of the things that make him amazing. Add his superb song writing skills and great stage presence to the mix and you get the perfect idol

He is the singer that has the ability to sing any song! His beautiful voice is very soothing to hear it brights my day! Please vote for him!

7 Leo - VIXX

Leo voice melts my heart and his high note is really amazing and he does it so easily. His voice contains so much power. He is an amazing vocalist and I believe he will be well received if he goes solo.

Leo has an angelic voice and his voice is consistent (no cracking during live performance). He has the skill and his voice can really melt your heart, especially his high note.

Leo's voice is just heavenly. And there's power to it that one couldn't expect from a shy and almost-whisper voice kind of guy.

I just love his voice. His speaking voice is so soft and gentle, but his live vocals are just perfect - powerful, emotional and he can hit high notes

8 Chen - EXO

High notes and low notes aside, Chen's technique is incredible. He's a dedicated vocalist who wants to sing more than anything (he didn't even want to be an idol at first, because he thought it wasn't really singing). He debuted with an already impressive voice, but has continued to work hard to improve his voice since then. Just listen to "Best Luck" (an incredible OST) compared to his recent OST, "I'm Not Okay" - the difference is just astounding. He's really grown into what was an already amazing voice, and if he continues, I honestly think he might be one of the top vocalists in Korea. For further evidence, just look up an analysis of his voice. He's not only truly gifted, but works hard to use that gift to the best of his abilities.

I was literally in shock when I first heard his voice, then I deeply fell in love with him. His voice is amazing. He have a really good control of his voice and his high notes.

There is no possible way to explain how good Chen's voice is. My mom hates it when I listen to Kpop. When she heard me listening to Chen "Best Luck", she was okay with it. Because Chen got her to realize that Kpop is talented.

It's such a pity that Baekhyun is not in this list. Chen, D. O, and Luhan are really good vocals but I think Baekhyun deserves to be one of them.

9 Onew - Shinee

When you once hear his voice, and you hear it again, you'll never forget. And you'll never wrong in guessing his voice. It's really awesome. But, maybe some people think his voice is not as god as other voice, but I really like it.

Go hear him sing "Friend" at SHINee World II and be amazing. He flipping held a note for over 48 seconds straight. And it never wavered, was perfectly clear the whole time.

He really has got the voice of the angels.. It's like a blend of honey and chocolate.. Swee5 and Soft. This voice is kinda deeper which makes it much more unique

I love Onew's voice the most because it is o gentle.

10 Kim Hyun-joong - SS501 Kim Hyun-Joong is a South Korean entertainer, actor, singer, dancer, and the leader and main rapper of boyband SS501.

He is the best

The Contenders
11 Daesung - Big Bang

He can sing so many genres really-really well from hip hop, trot, to even heavy metal. You've got to listen to his version of this is the moment. It's gonna blow your socks off! His voice is really powerful and can be sweet too just like in the song when he did a featuring in gummy's japanese song. Can't understand why he's not in top 10

He should have been in the Top 5, not bragging but he can sing different genres maybe all of them in fact, from slow to hip hop and so many more. His voice is very unique, it can fit many languages when he sings different languages. Even if he is not singing seriously, his voice is very soothing, relaxing and etcetera

He should be at least in the top 3. He has a beautiful voice and is very stable. For me he should be number 1. If you don't belive me try hearing him singing wings and his cover of 2ne1 s ugly, it was AMAZING, it would blow your mind away! Why would people even dislike him. He is a great person inside and out.

He get the voice which is treat for ears. His singing is improving day by day.

12 Taeyang - Big Bang

Taeyang is a very good singer with a powerful voice.

The best male vocalist in the Korea so far!

Best male vocalist!

13 Junsu - JYJ/TVXQ

Probably one of the most expressive & talented vocalists in South Korea, if not all of Asia. He's been acknowledged by COUNTLESS music experts as being the best male idol vocalist and also been heavily praised by one of the most famous singers in South Korea: Patti Kim. Several musicians known for condescending idols have actually admitted that Junsu would make a really good musician, & that including dances in his performances is a waste of his vocal talent, which they believe he should focus more on. Many of the people on this list actually admire Junsu, & more than one of them entered the K-Pop industry because of him.

His voice is known as "Asia's treasure." If that doesn't speak for itself, I don't know what will.

Junsu has been consistently voted by vocal experts as being best vocalist among idol singers in Korea. Even non-fans acknowledge his amazing vocal talent. Watch him perform live and be awed by his stage presence, his powerful and emotional interpretaion of his songs will leave you wanting more!

Junsu has a fantastic voice! It's the time of voice that really melts you every time you hear it! He sings amazing live as well and his new album tarantallegra reached the highest-selling solo album in the national music chart and top 10 billboard world chart! I find that to be very impressive, don't you think?

Junsu has a unique powerful voice that makes me stop and listen. He brings a lot of emotion to any song he sings that even though I don't understand the lyrics, I could feel the message that he wants to convey. That I believe is the true mark of a great singer.

14 D.O. - Exo-K

I think there's no need to have a very great voice and great technique in singing to create beautiful song. It just needs 'something'. And He got that one thing. (Doesn't mean that his technique is bad, it's good for sure). I don't know, somehow he gives the soul to the song and he always seems to sing from the heart. When he sings 'sorry', you just want to forgive him. And when he sings 'I love you', you can't help your self to love him back. Ballad songs are destined to be sung by him

I just love D.O's smooth vocals, he is one of the main reasons I started stanning Exo. Those runs he can do and the way he can hold note live wow that's hard to do. Even when he's singing backup music experts still pick out his backup vocals. He needs to drop an RnB album

His voice is magical and he clearly knows how to sing.D. O's live solo performance of 'Tell Me What Is Love' was amazing. I feel like his voice suits RnB music the best.

There is just a little problem... D.O. is a MAIN vocalist not a lead vocalist! such as chen!
The both are a part of the best MAIN vocalist today not lead vocalist.

15 T.O.P. - Big Bang Choi Seung-hyun, better known by his stage name T.O.P, is a South Korean rapper, singer-songwriter and actor.
16 G Dragon - Big Bang

G-dragon totally have a wicked voice to everyone who hears him. I mean who can have the best rap from classy to deep husky voice, while can pulls off full wide range of singing genres. He's a truly powerful and great performer.

G-D is the best rapper! His original voice is quite different from his singing voice. That explains how much effort he puts in his singing. He raps and sings wonderfully. Unique voice. All his songs are catchy!

I love him. His awesome

17 Daehyun - B.A.P

To be honest, Daehyun is one of the very few vocalists in the K-Pop industry who managed to leave a remarkable first impression on me. The first time I heard Warrior, I wasn't that interested until I heard his part - and his powerful vocals blew me away! I was even more impressed when I found out that those powerful vocals actually belonged to the handsome member of B.A. P, Daehyun! Up to this day, I still keep repeating his parts in Warrior because his voice is just too good. Personally, I love Daehyun best.

Daehyun's voice is clear and beautifully emotional. It gives me shivers whenever I hear him conquering his high notes so effortlessly. He has wonderful control over his voice, it's a joy to listen to. His voice just adds another level of dynamics, whether it's layered over one of B.A. P's powerful choruses, or crooned in songs like "Secret Love" (which, if you haven't listened to yet -- it's time to hit that YouTube button! )

Daehyun possesses not only an incredible voice, but also an incredible way of using it. He's versatile, has an unbelievable range and has such a rawness to his voice that leaves me with goosebumps every time I hear him sing. The emotion he puts into whatever it is that he's singing is also terribly beautiful, and his control is remarkable. He's truly a fantastic vocalist in my opinion.

Just WOW! His voice is real and it's definitively something you must hear in live. He has such a control over his voice. It's amazing! He gives me shivers every time I hear him and in live it's even more better and beautiful. He can clearly provide emotion effortlessly with his well-known high notes. Just listen to him you will surely be overwhelm by emotion.

18 Lee Hongki - F.T. Island

Hongki deserves to be better known, the fact that it is less known than most other candidates explain such a low ranking. This is the only singer who makes me feel the songs, her voice husky is incredibly powerful and full of emotion.

Furthermore, compared to most other singers, it does not use the micro effects or soundtracks. He always sings in lives, really impressive lives by their intensities.

Hongki's voice is pure talent, he is born with and did not need to have years of trainee like most idols.

I hope Hongki and other FTISLAND attract more interest they really deserve whatever talent level, or level personality. &

In my world Hongki is the best! He is the whole package - his voice is so amazing no matter what he sings, his personality is bigger then life, he is not fake, he is good looking, he is so much fun, and his eyes - they are like a ray of sunshine. His voice is simpy pearcing through you and finding the most hidden emotions and bringing them out. Sometimes it feels like being taken apart and then put back together. Someone wrote somewhere his singing is making her love better and someone else wrote that his singing cures her depressiion. Yes, his voice is healing. Please keep singing Hongki!

Lee Hongki doesn't sound fake and that's what makes him the best. He is one of the only people to not use any sort of auto tune. The way you can tell is that his recordings sound just like his actual live voice, which is pretty rare these days. Over all I think Lee Hongki and FT Island are so not noticed in our world today. They are my favorite Kpop band because they have the most sincerity and seem to work so hard! They may not be part of the standard idols of Kpop but they don't need to be because they are above that! Lee Hongki puts everything into every song he sings and deserves to be number 1. He was born with his voice it wasn't put through a machine and changed so that it would be pleasant to hear it was naturally made that way. He is a lucky one! I wish him and FT Island the best for they are and always will be number 1!

Sofia L.

Is he an Idol? , I Mean, he's so ROCK!, his voice, his stage act, his style. Rock band always have their own place no matter how old they are, they don't have to be damn popular to be charismatic. I mean FTI music just huge, they grew well and mature, of course Hongki's voice made them completely outstanding. I'm the one who loves to see immortal song than music bank, I like Mr. Big, bon jovi, Aerosmith, hyde, Yim Jae Bum, kyungho more then Idol. But I'm LOVE HONGKI'S voice, and I'd love to hear his singing live, in a concert maybe. Hongki FIGHTING!

19 Changmin - TVXQ

Changmin is indeed a powerful singer who possesses both Range and technique when it comes to singing those broad high notes that he's famous for. He is well known for being able to execute them live and he's has been mentioned numerous times over the years for his extreme talent, therefore I believe that he should be number 1.

Changmin can hit notes that I haven't heard from anyone else! EVER! It's like a talent from the heavens! His voice is really beautiful!

Changmin deserves to be in the top 10. His vocal range is unbelievable and hus high notes are incredible.. SM has these amazing vocals. JYH is an awesome singer so no comments about his place but still according to me, 1.Kyuhyun, 2.Changmin, 3.Ryowook, 4.Yesung, 5.Onew, 6.Jung yong hwa 7.Jonghyun, 8.DO, 9.Chen, 10.Baekhyun, 11.Sangmin...
It should be in this order.

He is a really really good singer! He has an amazing voice! He can reach high notes. I think he is the best!

20 G.O - MBLAQ

His voice amazes everyone who listens to it because at moments it can be sweet and at another it can be really manly, which turns out to be very impressive since due to that ability he can please different kinds of tastes.

If you haven't heard it yet, please, go ahead and try it, I bet you'll be amazed too!

When he starts to sing, everything stops. His voice is marvelously flexible and his high notes are wonderful.

His part in "Mona Lisa" is amazing and he even sings English covers well, so I know for sure that he's great at pronouncing vowels and mimicry, since he doesn't speak it fluently.

He has this soulful, amazing voice that melts everyone's hearts. Very sweet, warm and AMAZING! His live version is always amazing and/or sounds exactly the same as the recorded one.

G.O's voice is really perfect! Looking forward to listening to his solo album! And a great number of Chinese fans hope to see MBLAQ in China for more times!

21 Yoseob - BEAST

Recently BEAST songs are having a very high pitched note and yet their choreo are quite complex.. And yet Yoseob still can reach the note even when he have a complex dance routine and always give a real singing live performance..

His voice was powerful and can touch everybody heart. The feeling and heart that he put when he sing was great. He have incredible voice when he sing just like angel voice.

Yang Yoseob, his singing got more much better these days! This is already proved that he can sing Live with those kinds of dancing steps which was totally exhausting without making mistakes. He is the best among the best. he can sing a rock song and ballad song very well. he also can dance well. Indeed he is main vocal. no hesitation. proud to be b2uty! B2st forever!

Yoseob can sing anything, from ballads to pop to rock. The emotion he puts into his songs and the simple range with which he sings is incredible.

22 U-Know Yunho - TVXQ

I love his voice so much... He improves so quickly... He can sing and dance so perfectly! True God of the East!

He has different voices and he has only improved since the split:) You should listen to his new song November with love... I was amazed at his voice and also his voice from Purple Line

23 Jin - BTS

He has a great 5 octave vocal range. After listening to Dionysus, no one can deny how impressive his singing talent actually is.

Jin I Love You... You are the best

24 Sunggyu - INFINITE

Sunggyu is perfection. His voice itself is perfection. It's so unique and different from other kpop idols' voices because his voice really suits any genre of music - be it ballad or rock. He really pulled off his solo album works really well, bringing out the very rock-ish mood of the songs. If you watch his Immortal Song 2 performances, you could really feel how much passion he puts into his performances. All his performances only leave me stunned at the end. I hope more people would recognise his talent and Infinite's talent as a whole. Woohyun is as good.

I seriously love Kim Sunggyu. To be honest, I always liked Baekhyun's, Leo's, Ken's, and even Chen's voice... but Sunggyu's voice just hits my feels the most. I honestly view the best of the best. No matter the genre, he sings beautifully and delicately. His voice makes me want to curl up and think about everything. It fits my moods and his songs are just perfection. He doesn't get the recognition he deserves, but I know the ones who do recognize him, love him dearly. I seriously don't want him getting too popular because of seasangs LOL but I seriously love him. He is also very friendly. He knows how to keep the audience addicted. Not just him, but all of Infinite. They are just purely amazing and their brotherhood is seriously amazing. Their hard work and companionship warms my heart. Overall I love him a lot

This man has a really beautiful and emotional voice. He' also got the power to back it all up. Sunggyu definitely deserves to be in the top 10. It's only a shame people don't realize it yet. What a hidden Jewel.

He is so perfect! His singing skill is one of the top.. his voice really touch my soul. He put his heart and soul into the song. So passionate in singing. His talents together With his unique and cute character, make him a perfect combination of kpop idol. Really admire him.. why he is so adorable? Because.. he is Sunggyu..

25 Jimin - BTS

He can hit all the high notes and can sing with a very stable voice. Love you

His voice so beautiful

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